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Happy Mother's Day! If you buy her a Chicago Town Takeaway Pizza you'll finally be her favourite.
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Want to win some free pizza? Of course you do! All you've got to do is put a pizza spin on the famous "Roses are red" poem! The funnier it is, the more chance you'll have of winning.

T&Cs apply.
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Questions we all ask ourselves at some point in life.
Tag 2 friends who love pizza for the chance to win some Chicago Town pizza vouchers! T&Cs apply. #CheesyFridayGiveaway
7 days without pizza makes one weak…
The one time our auto-correct is actually right…
Love our Takeaway pizzas? Let us know why you think they're better than high street takeaways for the chance to win!
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It's nearly the weekend! Who else is excited?! Tag a friend you've made pizza plans with to celebrate.
Drum roll please… This is the final winner of our #notjustfordinner challenge. Thanks to everyone who entered, your pics were awesome! This competition may be over but next week will mark the return of our #CheesyFridayGiveaway so keep your eyes peeled to win more fab prizes.
We're going to eat our Deep Dish Pizza for:
Afternoon Tea
Midnight Snack

It's your last chance to enter... Only 1 Go Pro left to give away so make sure you share your #notjustfordinner picture now to WIN!
The smell of a Deep Dish pizza that's just come out of the oven…
If you're happy and you know it cook a pizza.
Which do you need in your life?
A) The latest Go Pro
B) A year's supply of pizza
C) A #notjustfordinner t-shirt
D) All of them obvs!!

To WIN all of the above, all you have to do is share your #notjustfordinner picture with us! It's as simple as that.
Pancake or Deep Dish…
Any time, any place, anywhere... This week's winner proves that our Deep Dish pizzas can be enjoyed #notjustfordinner!

Don't forget that this is the last week you can enter into our competition, so share your picture with us soon so that your entry counts.
"We're all out of Deep Dish pizza…"
2 more Go Pros to give away! Which means only 2 more weeks to enter into our #notjustfordinner competition. What are you waiting for? Share a picture of you enjoying one of our Deep Dish pizzas #notjustfordinner to WIN!
Guaranteed lunch envy. #notjustfordinner