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When you offer any food to your baby during weaning, make sure you know about its origin. It should have been grown without pesticides or other chemicals, and washed and peeled with care.
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Chicco's Farm Animals set has 40 pieces. The magic 2D animations, 3D tablet and special app blocks help your little one explore augmented reality.
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Obstetricians advise that the baby should nurse on both the breasts during every feeding session. It helps in avoiding irritated nipples and sucking without milk intake.
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Chicco's U-Go Trike is a 2-in-1 tricycle with a sporty and modern design, and 2 modes of use - Push 'n' go and Free pedalling. For optimum comfort and safety, it comes with soft wheels, steering lock and a safety belt.
Soft & Dream from Chicco is a 3-position baby carrier, which adjusts as per your baby's growth. It provides upper protection, padded support and comfort for you as well as your little one, while going out.
Polly 2-in-1 is designed for baby's early growth years. It can be used as a highchair as well as the first chair. The adjustable footrest, height and backrest make it a comfortable pick while the vibrant Happy Land design makes it catchy for the baby.
Chicco's Farm Animals set has 40 pieces, which your child can use to build different animals. The 10 magic 2D animations, 3D tablet and special app blocks help your little one explore the magical world of augmented reality.
Your child can now create his favourite vehicle with this 40-piece set from Chicco. Apart from allowing your baby to build various vehicles, it also helps him/her discover augmented reality, with the help of 3D animations, 3D tablet and special app blocks.
U-Go Trike Ducati has a sporty and edgy design, with 2 modes of usage - Push 'n' Go and Free Pedalling. It has a steering lock, safety belt and free wheel on/off system for protecting your baby.
While feeding your baby, make sure that you don’t give him/her pieces of food that are too large. In addition, make sure the food isn't too hot.
Chicco's Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo is designed for you baby's delicate skin. The softening oat properties and parabens free formula further make it ideal for your little one's sensitive skin.
Whether you understand your baby's babble or not, it is important to start talking to him/her from an early stage. This helps in introducing a rich and varied world of sounds.
For soft and velvety skin, apply Chicco's Body Lotion on your baby's skin every day. It contains sweet almond milk, which has softening and nourishing properties.
Chicco's No Tears Formula is ideal for the daily care of baby's delicate skin and fine hair. It is free of parabens, dyes and alcohol, and tested on sensitive skins.
With a delicate formula comprising natural ingredients, Chicco's Rich Cream is ideal for sensitive skins. It contains Omega-3 and Vitamin E, and nourishes baby's skin deeply.
Chicco's Talcum Powder refreshes and protects your baby's skin, making it soft and velvety. It is free of parabens, dyes and alcohol, thus, safe for your baby.
Don't you just adore that moment when you little one strikes random, unknown conversations with toys?
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As your baby's skin is different from an adult, you need to take special care of it. To avoid reddening in the nappy area, you should change the nappy frequently, clean accurately and use a soothing lotion.
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The daily stroll is more than just a source of entertainment for your baby. It helps in soaking in new experiences and stimuli while observing the world around.
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Your baby can be fed with your milk even when you are not around. Breast pumps enable naturalfeeding by helping you store the milk for later use.
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