Chicken Licken
03/23/2017 at 09:50. Facebook
What do black holes in space and Hotwings® have in common? They both have an inescapable gravitational pull. #TheScienceOfCraving
Chicken Licken
03/21/2017 at 09:50. Facebook
We know this might be a touchy subject, but for the sake of Soul®, let us know. Are you a wingette or a drumette person? #TastyDebate
Chicken Licken
03/20/2017 at 10:21. Facebook
A whole new world awaits you at, why not strap up and enjoy the ride. Oh and Hotwings® will be served on board.
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03/17/2017 at 09:50. Facebook
Which one of these are you willing to take into battle with you, when defeating a portion of Hotwings®?
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03/16/2017 at 09:56. Facebook
There’s nothing smooth about this criminal. Watch the Payload Officer try “moonwalk” his way through his polygraph test. Visit to see him beat it.
The Licken Kit: Every Chicken Licken meal is a craving altering experience. One you should always be prepared for.
We know where you can find a box of Hotwings®, but you may have to travel a bit or gaze from a distance to find them!
These are the voyages of the African Space Aeronautical Programme. To boldly take chicken where no chicken has gone before. For our latest mission visit:
What the craving wants, the craving gets and what does the craving want? To be fed!

Visit to see who answered the cravings calling.
Always reach for the stars, they taste as beautiful as they look.
The fundamental structure of a Hotwing® is one full of complexities and depth that we will never understand, until now. Visit to see how professionals interact with the elusive Hotwing®.
Did Tshabalala really take the Hotwings®? Or was it ASAP’s Launch Director? Their Junior Technician? Their Chief Engineer? Or the Payload Officer? Visit to find out.
Watch the Launch Director diffuse this situation like a BOSS. Visit to see for yourself.
We come in peaces. 10 in fact. Feed My Craving™ 10 - 46.90
Start your training at and become ASAP's new Hotwings® Afronaut.
Vote for who's craving you think got the better of them. Find out if you are right at
Could ASAP’s Chief Engineer have taken the Hotwings® before they made it to space? Her polygraph test might give you a clue. Visit
If you really love Hotwings® you can spot them a mile away, right? Prove it by spotting the Hotwings® box in this image.
Log on to Twitter now! We need you to tweet using the hashtag #AskNasa to find out if they know #WhoGotTheCraving. Who’s going to do it?
We need your help. We want you to #AskNasa on Twitter at 8PM tonight #WhoGotTheCraving. In the meantime, visit to narrow down the suspects.