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Could ASAP’s Chief Engineer have taken the Hotwings® before they made it to space? Her polygraph test might give you a clue. Visit
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If you really love Hotwings® you can spot them a mile away, right? Prove it by spotting the Hotwings® box in this image.
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Log on to Twitter now! We need you to tweet using the hashtag #AskNasa to find out if they know #WhoGotTheCraving. Who’s going to do it?
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We need your help. We want you to #AskNasa on Twitter at 8PM tonight #WhoGotTheCraving. In the meantime, visit to narrow down the suspects.
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Soul® isn’t just something that is found in our meals or in the people that enjoy them. Soul® is a creative expression; a passionate energy; a vibe. Maybe it’s...just the taste? Uhhhm?! #Souligami
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Classified information on reveals that the VAYA2 mission was compromised. Find out who stole the Hotwings® before they got to the Afronauts.
Do you want everyone to gravitate to your smouldering hotness? Try our SoulFire® sauce and let your soul radiate for miles. #LetThatSinkIn #Soulfire®
Show your significant other that they mean the world to you. Share a plate of Hotwings® with them this Valentine’s day. Or don’t! #LickenLove #Heartwings
Could ASAP’s Junior Technician have taken the Hotwings®? Maybe his polygraph test will give you a clue, visit
ASAP Headquarters - the most technologically advanced facility on the continent - has Africa’s smartest scientists, engineers and technicians who spend countless nights trying to figure out how to get CHICKEN into outer space. Visit to view the latest mission
Find out if Tshabalala really deserved to go from hero to zero by following his epic journey at
We sent a man to space to satisfy his craving. How far would you go to satisfy yours? To watch Tshabalala’s epic journey, visit
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…wait, its Hotwings®! #Soulfire®
For more Hotwings® in space visit
A rocket piloted by two Afronauts is travelling at a constant velocity of 265 m/s in a spacecraft weighing 30.5 tonnes with a gravitational pull of 6 x 1024 kg. How many Hotwings® will the Afronauts need to complete their journey? #CalculateTheCraving
Did Tshabalala really eat the Hotwings®? Or did he just take the fall? Visit to find out.
Who really got the craving?
To solve the mystery of the missing Hotwings®, visit:
No matter where you go, the craving will get you!