It's hard to feel blue when Papa Smurf and Hefty Smurf visit!
While Corrie recovered after a liver transplant, wearing her pajamas made the hospital feel more like home. This year, Corrie and her sisters made a special delivery to the hospital—100 pairs of pajamas!
Mason came in to undergo open heart surgery for SVAS repair, aortic valve replacement, unroofing of the left coronary artery and an aortic graft. He’s leaving with a happy heart—and a prom date.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
To celebrate the 11th anniversary of his liver transplant, Jackson organized a toy drive and delivered more than 100 gifts to kids in the hospital!
To all the kids who've lost their hair to chemotherapy—this one's for you! This weekend, a team of our doctors, nurses and staff shaved their heads in honor of the patients they care for every day.
Next on the agenda: dogs! Bella and Sophie—two of our service dogs from Canine Assistants—spent the day at the Georgia State Capitol where they were recognized for their work with our kids.
Hooray! For the 12th year in a row, we're one of Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For." Thanks to everyone on our team, as well as the families who trust us to care for their kids, for making it possible to love what we do!

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Ranked Among Top 100 Employers For 12th Year in a Row by Fortune Magazine | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
After three months in the NICU, Jadon is heading home to his big brothers for the first time!
They don’t get much tougher than this. At 6 days old, Evan underwent open heart surgery to repair holes in his heart. Today, he’s six months into a fight against cancer. In the words of his mom, “He’s had to fight his entire life but always keeps a smile on his face."
It's back! Stop by your local IHOP this Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to enjoy some pancakes with a purpose. Since 2006, National Pancake Day has raised millions of dollars for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals—locally, those funds come to us!
This weekend, Atlanta United FC will make history. This week, we’re proud to share that our experts will support the team on and off the field as its official pediatric healthcare system and pediatric sports medicine program!
As an infant, London battled bacterial meningitis, an infection that can cause brain damage and hearing loss. After a scary few days on a ventilator, she began responding to antibiotics. Today, with therapy to combat hearing loss, the 2-year-old is a smiley preschooler!
"Ear tube surgery. What, like it’s a big deal? That was so six hours ago, Mom and Dad!” – Marin
This year, Josiah will complete the last of three surgeries required for HLHS kiddos. But he underwent his first open heart surgery at just 8 days old, when his heart was the size of a strawberry!
Officer Karma is on the case! The City of Atlanta Police Department made this cancer fighter an honorary part of the force.
While therapy isn't all fun and games, sometimes, it's just that! Mehki took to the track with his therapists to practice the skills he's been working on in the CIRU.
Matthew suffered a traumatic brain injury and a collapsed lung after being involved in a car accident that took his little brother's life. Today, Matthew continues to push himself in outpatient physical therapy and plans to return to playing baseball to honor his brother’s love of sports.
Imagine a place where being different is the norm and where challenges become triumphs. Every summer, we partner with Camp Twin Lakes to host camps for kids with unique medical and physical needs. This year, we especially need male counselors! Learn about volunteering:
Because nothing shows strength quite like a scar.