For more than two decades, Mohamed Bzeek has served as a foster parent to terminally ill children no one else wants.
For more than two decades Mohamed Bzeek has served as a foster

The Father of Last Resort
Megan Lydia Marlatt
Patty Engstrom Boles
Melissa Shade
This past weekend, we celebrated our first, inaugural #WalkLA! Together, we raised over $336,000 for 350 programs and services, and provide critical life-saving care to every patient the hospital treats. Thank you to all the patients, family members, friends and staff who came out to walk in support of CHLA! Read more: [ Link ]
This past weekend we celebrated our first inaugural WalkLA Together we raised
Tiffany Hernandez
Kimi Marquez Dykes
Cathleen Derby Patterson
“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me.” — Jim Valvano

While still in the womb, it was discovered that Jeff and Cortney Given's baby girl had a heart defect. To be more specific, she had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, where the left side of the heart isn't fully formed.

Despite all the unknowns, her family believed their baby girl, who they...
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My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person
Jennifer Fultz
Kim McMillan-Ralph
Shannon Brandon Dalton
In the last 30 years, Jim O'Connor has donated more than 70 gallons of blood—helping countless kids at CHLA. So, on World Blood Donor Day, be more like Jim. Make an appointment today and you could save as many as three children's lives —> [ Link ]

Special thanks to the LA Kings for this piece on Jim & highlighting the importance of blood donation!
Martin Bautista
Mike Corrigan
Mary Nabors
Last season, trouble was brewing for long-jumper Palmer Naftal. Every jump came with intensifying pain until one particular jump was, quite literally, the straw that broke his back. But thanks to Dr. Skaggs and his understanding of an athlete’s mentality, Palmer was once again able to compete in the long jump and even set new personal records.
Last season trouble was brewing for longjumper Palmer Naftal Every jump came

Palmer's Leap of Faith
Christie Rice
Mary Kirkpatrick
Jerry Baker
Our Child Life team hosted our first annual Butterfly Clinic with special guest, Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins! The clinic was a "medical play" themed event where patients and siblings can take a stuffed animal to different tables and participate in interactive and developmentally appropriate activities related to the hospital environment.
Our Child Life team hosted our first annual Butterfly Clinic with special
Steven Swartwood
Bobbie Jo Sodano
Maria Rizzello
Tom Holland from Spider-Man: Homecoming swings by for a visit with the kids at CHLA!

Read more about Tom's visit: [ Link ]
Rachel Goldshine
Joel C Umanzor
Jeremiah Webster
Full circle: Abby Jackson, 16, got to meet the doctor who operated on her when she was just 3 days old.

“I might not even be here today if it weren’t for some of these people,” she says. “It’s pretty amazing when you think about it like that. This experience and all the people who were a part of it changed my life.”

Read Abby's story: [ Link ]
Full circle Abby Jackson 16 got to meet the doctor who operated

A Lifelong Impression: Abby Meets the Doctor That Saved Her Life
Giselle Dana
Dawn Dallaire
Karyn McIntyre Godbold
Valentino was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome, a rare neurological disorder, just after his first birthday. During his stays at CHLA, he was often too sick to leave his room, and those were the times one toy made a world of difference.
Valentino was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome a r

When Toys Change Everything
Carrie Randle
Irene Guerra
Shandi Ricciotti
As he recovers from heart surgery, Benjamin Clark is learning one of life’s first lessons: No one loves you like your mother.

More on Ben’s journey with his mom: [ Link ]
Starlight Children's Foundation
Katharine Alvarado
AJ Clark
Help us celebrate #NursesWeek in the best way possible! Send a note of appreciation to the nurses that are delivering the best care to our kids and we'll share it with them!
Help us celebrate NursesWeek in the best way possible Send a note

Send a Nurse a Note!
Dawn Sullivan
Windy Fabian-Brogin
Gerlie Gerald Padilla Labadlabad
100,000 LIKES?! Thank you to everyone who has come along on our Facebook journey by liking, commenting and sharing—And it's all because we get to share your stories, your moments and your triumphs!
Deanna Phillips Stark
Anastacia Escoboza
Jasmine Durden
We appreciate all the love and support we have received from Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres. Thank you for taking the time to put children's health on such a platform. ❤
Irma Franco Cueva
Angeline Deo
Kristi Kline-Winegar
Nurses are around 24/7 providing the best care for our kids, but sometimes, they’re more than a nurse. They’re the ones to encourage you with high-fives, can make a scary situation seem brighter, provide a laugh, and sometimes, they’re that special someone to be the Luigi to your Princess Peach.

Just like Samantha did, you too can share a note of appreciation to our nurses at...
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Ziva Lev
Elena Dardarian Eckroth
Kapka Prunty
Every day, countless individuals make a difference in the lives of the kids at CHLA. But did you know that some of those individuals are schoolteachers? For #TeacherAppreciationWeek, we're thanking the teachers who help long-term patients keep up with their classwork—and feel a vital sense of normalcy.
Every day countless individuals make a difference in the lives of the

Bringing the Classroom to the Bedside
Kapka Prunty
Reena Viruegas
Janel Quillen Flynn
Last night, Jimmy Kimmel described the emotional experience of watching his newborn son diagnosed with a life-threatening heart defect, and ultimately being saved by the surgeons and caregivers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. We thank Jimmy for sharing his story, and for the support he has given us. To support us as well, please visit [ Link ]
Brandon Iwai
Shannon Smith
Mike Corrigan
Fiona knows she has a prosthetic leg; She just doesn’t know that it’s supposed to matter. She dances, rides a bike, works a scooter. Basically, Fiona is unstoppable. Read more about Fiona’s spirit: [ Link ]
Adrienne Fuentes
Sue C Ochoa
Joanna Jojo
CHLA's volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, but the connections they make with our patients are all the same: special. For #VolunteerWeek, please show your appreciation for them and our highlighted therapy dog, Amber, in the comments below!
CHLAs volunteers come in all shapes and sizes but the connections they

Three-legged Therapy Dog Makes Special Connection
Shelby Page Reed
Sinceriously, Mom of an MG Teen
Michelle Baker Vanevski
Join us in Downtown L.A. on April 22 as we March for Science! We will be acknowledging the significant contributions that federal NIH funding has made to finding new treatments for the diseases that impact children’s lives.

The proposed cuts to the federal budget may bring these life-saving advances to a halt.

In addition to marching with us, please contact your congressional...
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Sue C Ochoa
Windy Fabian-Brogin
Erika Vasquez
There was a time when 15-year-old softball standout, Devin Waddell, might have let a bad game get her down. But that was before she found out about the hole in her heart. Find out how CHLA got her back on the field.
There was a time when 15yearold softball standout Devin Waddell might have

Devin’s Got a Good Arm—and a Grateful Heart
Maya Hovakimyan
Cassie Ellis
Jennifer Wing