Watch what happens when the LA Kings send their mascot Bailey LA Kings to CHLA with one job: #MakeMarchMatter.
Our friend Jack Black stopped by CHLA to #MakeMarchMatter. As you’d expect, Jack had no problem joining in our music therapy sessions and was happy to visit with our kids, their families and even made himself available for CHLA staff. Thank you Jack, you rock!
Almost 50 years ago, Brian Hacker was diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia—he was one of the first patients at CHLA to be treated for the rare disease. People with his type of CAH need to be vigilant about replacing lost salt and electrolytes when they sweat. This makes Brian’s current goal a bit more challenging—he’s training for an Ironman competition.

Finding Inspiration from one of CHLA's First Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Patient
50 years ago, Thomas Hoag was the first patient at CHLA to receive a kidney transplant—making his kidney one of the longest functioning live donor kidneys to a child in U.S. history. Now, he reunites with the team that performed the surgery and meets the most recent kidney transplant recipient. #KidneyMonth [ Link ]

50 Years Later: The Success of CHLA's First Kidney Transplant
In salute to #InternationalWomensDay, we spotlight eight trailblazing women whose contributions to CHLA have made more than an impact; they have created a path. Read more:
The best way to #MakeMarchMatter is with pancakes! Visit an IHOP in the greater Los Angeles area on March 7 to receive a free short stack and leave a donation to help the kids at Children's Hospital Los Angeles!

IHOP Pancake Day - Make March Matter
It's time to #MakeMarchMatter! Special thanks to Kim Kardashian West, our heart patient Saylor, Panda Express and the many local businesses and communities taking action to support children's health. Visit to join the cause!
Hit with every obstacle during her cancer treatment, Viviana was determined to fight—and to fight hard. Three years later, the ‘V’ in her name stands for ‘victorious.’

Viviana Beats the Odds—and Leukemia
You did it; You really spread the love to our kiddos! ❤ With your help, we were able to reach our $10,000 match from BLVD Hotels––and we received over 56,000 messages from every state and 27 countries! Thank you!
Makana Kadoguchi, 11, is one of the many patients who received Valentine’s Day cards at the hospital. But two nights ago, she received something even more special: a new heart.⠀

Diagnosed with a congenital heart block while still in the womb, Makana was expected to live a relatively normal life. Equipped with a pacemaker by kindergarten, Makana loved to run track, paint and being a part of...
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Spread a little love ❤ Send in your message and we'll hand deliver it to a child on Valentine's Day! Plus, for each card submitted, BLVD Hotels will donate $1!

Send a Valentine to a child in the hospital!
Born at just 26 weeks gestation, Indi was so tiny that her dad could slip his wedding ring all the way up her arm. But with the guidance she receives from an attentive CHLA doctor, Indi is reaching new heights.

Growth Hormone Deficiency Patient Gains Confidence with CHLA Doc
A muscle disorder has frozen her body and impaired her speech, but with every academic achievement, the straight-A college freshman delivers a message to those who can't see past her disabilities.

Connie Morales Is Right in Front of You
After 46 ½ years, CHLA nurse Tommy Covington makes one final stop at our InterFaith Center to "reflect on the years and the time and offer a prayer for the kids and their families and for Children's Hospital to continue to prosper." Please join us in wishing Tommy a happy retirement.
Twice a month, a group, known as the '6AM-ers,' rise early in the morning to give a special gift of life: blood.

The '6AM-ers' Give Life Through Blood and Platelet Donations
It's time for another Celebrity Game Challenge. Today we're flashing back to when Yvette Nicole Brown stepped into the ring against CHLA patient, Manae. Watch these two go toe-to-toe in a classic bout of Rock Em Sock Robots! Thanks for visiting, CBS Television Studios.
In a quiet corner of our Newborn and Infant Critical Care Unit, music therapist Jenna Bollard serenades baby Allison into the new year.
Help a sick child like Aiden this holiday season — your gift will be TRIPLED through midnight tomorrow!

Your gift will go 3x as far
Born premature, Saylor required multiple lifesaving procedures in the first few weeks of life—and spent about 300 days of her first 18 months in the hospital.
Chances are a child on your very own street came to us for care this year. But families also came to us from all 50 states and as many as 25 countries for the high-quality care that is available to every child right in our own backyard.