As children start to spend more time outside this summer, parents need to be actively supervising their children. Participate in our FB Live tomorrow, June 23, at 9 am CT to ask your questions and find out how you can help your child if they are injured or get hurt.
As children start to spend more time outside this summer parents need
When an accident occurs, many parents don’t know what to do. This Friday, June 23, ask questions to our expert Dr. Pam Okada and The Kid's Doctor about what to do during certain scenarios. Tune in at 9:00 a.m. CT!
When an accident occurs many parents dont know what to do This
When 11-year-old Hanna was injured by an ATV that slipped out of gear, she received the first of many blood transfusions while in flight to Children’s Medical Center Dallas, the only Level I pediatric trauma center in North Texas. Hanna stayed in our ICU for almost 40 days and as a result, she collected more than 700 Beads of Courage. See more about how our Level I Trauma Center team helped...
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Stacy Pervis
Anita Heath-Reddick
Alana Beres
If you see a child inside a car, should you break the window? Call 911? Go find their parents? Find out this and many other summer safety need-to-know tips during our Facebook Live on Friday, June 23 at 9:00 am CT. Children’s Health expert Dr. Pam Okada and The Kid's Doctor will be answering all your questions and providing you with information necessary to keep your family safe and healthy...
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If you see a child inside a car should you break the
Heide Sloan
Erica Kimberlin
Jody Madrid Swartzwelder
What do you do if your child gets attacked by a dog? How should you respond if you see a child in a hot car? Participate in our interactive FB Live this Friday, June 23, to learn more about what actions to take before heading to the emergency room. Our expert Dr. Pam Okada and The Kid's Doctor will be hearing from you and discussing how to properly react. Make sure to click “attending” on the...
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What do you do if your child gets attacked by a dog
Taylor Leigh Taylor
To celebrate the new Children’s Health Specialty Center II Plano, we’re creating a photo mural – and we want you to be a part of it. Upload photos of your kids being active: [ Link ]
To celebrate the new Childrens Health Specialty Center II Plano were creating
Lindsay Wilson
What is a dad? To our patients, he is a coach, a supporter, a sidekick, their #1 fan. This Father's Day, the Children's Health Andrews Institute salutes all father figures on their special day. Watch our patients describe their favorite memories with their dads. What are some of yours?
Leslie Miccio
Light and Life Ministries
When he’s not dominating on the basketball court, Wali dreams of giving back to his community. This 15-year-old liver transplant patient wants to be a liver specialist when he grows up thanks to the care he received from his doctors and nurses. Find out how he plans to help kids just like him. #LittleDreamers [ Link ]
Sharron LaRue Young
John noticed a shallow indentation in his chest, and after a rapid growth spurt at 13, the indentation became much more noticeable. It began affecting him physically, and a CT scan confirmed his pectus excavatum diagnosis, creating a depression in the chest. Read more about how our experts in the Center for Pectus & Chest Wall Anomalies cared for John and treated his condition: [ Link ]...
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John noticed a shallow indentation in his chest and after a rapid
Getting the facts straight and answering your questions about "dry drowning" on Facebook Live with Dr. Okada.
Children's Health
Beth Frampton Swaim
Domingo Melissa Lara
We are on Facebook Live in 30 minutes (9 a.m.) to discuss what you and your family need to know about "dry drowning." Children's Health expert Dr. Pamela Okada will discuss this issue and what to look for if a loved one is affected by this. Bring your questions and we'll answer them live. Be safe this summer!
We are on Facebook Live in 30 minutes 9 am to discuss
There are many misconceptions and facts that need to be discussed around what is called "dry drowning." Join us on Facebook Live tomorrow morning when our expert, Dr. Pamela Okada, will address and answer your specific questions, including what it is and what to look for.

Tune into the discussion Tuesday, June 13, at 9 a.m. CT here on our Facebook page.
There are many misconceptions and facts that need to be discussed around
Anna Villanueva
Annette Garcia
Heather Wright
This year, 16 of our corporate supporters and sponsors in the architecture, engineering and construction industries participated in KIDstruction Week and raised $70,874! During the month of March, employees donated $1 or more via payroll deduction for every hour worked with most companies matching their employees’ gifts. THANK YOU to these companies and their employees for their generosity in...
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This year 16 of our corporate supporters and sponsors in the architecture
Light and Life Ministries
Audra Cozart
Healthy Living Lifestyle
Did you know the human heart weighs about as much as a bottle of ketchup?! Meet Dr. Ray Tsai, the Children’s Health guy, as he walks you through different elements of the human body and even takes a look at a cow heart!

Come discover facts about the human body from your head to your toes at the Perot Museum Discovery Days! On June 10 from 10 am to 4 pm, Children’s Health experts will have...
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Sondra ColtonPerry
Linda Dunlap
Katie Marwah Crosslin
Wondering how to prep for safe summer travels? Curious about the treatment of diabetes? Need information on how to help your child manage their asthma? Our newly redesigned Health & Wellness Library is ready for you to easily search through articles and find what you need in no time. Head over to [ Link ] and start a search today!
Wondering how to prep for safe summer travels Curious about the treatment
Have you checked your child’s life jacket to see if it is Coast Guard approved? Many personal flotation devices are not life-saving devices, but that often gets overlooked for a bright, fun pattern. Injury prevention coordinator Jesus Alderete offers tips on what parents need to look for when buying personal flotation devices. Watch our video below and head to [ Link ] for more water...
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Children’s Health is by your side, shaping the builders of tomorrow. Dylan dreams of inventing a video game called Medieval Times where users can create different castles. Watch future video game builder Dylan dream big as his castle game comes to life.

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According to the Youth Sports Safety Alliance, two-thirds of kids show up for sports practice at least significantly dehydrated. Noel Williams, registered dietitian with the Children’s Health Andrews Institute Sports Performance powered by EXOS, recently shared tips with NBC DFW for keeping young athletes properly hydrated.
According to the Youth Sports Safety Alliance twothirds of kids show up

Children's Health Dietitian on the Importance of Hydration
Katy Evans-Huckabee
"“The boys are inseparable when we get together. They think it’s the coolest thing that they have matching scars on the back of their necks and ribs.”

A 10-year-old from Texas and a 5-year-old from Oklahoma have matching scars and an unbreakable bond that all started with Bowhunter’s syndrome, an extremely rare vascular disorder which caused both young boys to have strokes. Learn more about...
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The boys are inseparable when we get together They think its the
Sherry Bean
Shanna Downs
Christy Coffey
Do you give your infant juice? The American Academy of Pediatrics says no more juice for children under the age of one. Denon Stacy, registered dietitian at Children’s Health, explained why and shared recommendations on some healthy alternatives when she talked with Lauren Przybyl on Good Day Fox 4. Watch the video below and check out our blog post for need-to-know info about these new...
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Do you give your infant juice The American Academy of Pediatrics says

Doctors release new juice guidelines for kids