Children's Rights
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This incredible woman championed for our world’s forgotten and invisible children. She will always be the queen of our <3’s. #womenshistorymonth #princessdiana
Children's Rights
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When injustice becomes law, activism becomes our responsibility. Join Children's Rights and urge #congress to think of the 400,000+ youth in #fostercare who can't afford to lose good health care coverage under #Medicaid. #AHCA #ACA
Children's Rights
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As of September, 15,618 Pennsylvania children were in foster care because of a parent's substance abuse problems, a 10 percent increase from March 2013, data shows.

Cathy Utz, deputy secretary of the Office of Children, Youth and Families in PA, says a parent's substance abuse results in loss of custody in 30 to 40 percent of cases. State officials hope that more than $40 million directed...
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Pennsylvania focuses on helping opioid-addicted parents kick habit, keep their children
Congrats to Praytell on being named PRWeek's Outstanding Small Agency 2017! Well deserved!!! Children's Rights is proud and thankful to be a Praytell Passion Project.
A 14-year-old Honduran refugee, who was jailed and kept in a Northern California juvenile hall for almost a year because he had no family to return to, was finally released and sent to a loving foster home.

The boy, who is referred to as G.E. to protect his identity, traveled alone to the U.S. fleeing severe domestic abuse. He is among the more than 250,000 unaccompanied minors who have been...
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Honduran refugee, 14, released into foster care
Who run the world? To all the moms who hold it down, day in and day out, Children's Rights salutes you! #MomsRock
Calling all foster care alumni--CR is now accepting submissions for its 5th annual Fostering the Future storytelling campaign!

Each year, we feature first-hand accounts of life in state care that receive more than a million social media views. Our 2017 theme is the state of education in foster care. Here’s your chance to speak your truth, educate the nation about what foster care is really...
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Children’s Rights salutes Carol Bellamy and all women who strive to make a difference in children’s lives. #WomensHistoryMonth #FosterTruth
The Louisiana Department of Children and Families is calling on the state for increased funding to extend foster care services to age 21.

If Louisiana raises the age, it will join 23 other states and one federal tribe that have already done so across the country.

Youth aging out of foster care struggle to survive in the 'real world'
Children's Rights and 10 other organizations (including Public Counsel, Juvenile Law Center, Centro Legal de la Raza, Pacific Juvenile Defender Center, Human Rights Defense Center, Pegasus Legal Services for Children and WestCoast Children's Clinic), are challenging our nation's practice of locking up #undocumented #immigrant #children. It is not okay. #theyarekids
In the Chronicle of Social Change, foster care alumni Georgette Todd, who entered state care at 14 and was moved through over a dozen homes, reflects on life in care:

“Once I entered my first foster home, I was very nervous and didn’t know what to do … I remember just thinking, stay quiet, speak when spoken to, keep to yourself and throw yourself into school. School was my escape from life,”...
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What was it like to be in Foster Care? (Part 1)
Too often, children in foster care are separated from their siblings and struggle to remain in contact.

That may soon change in Oregon -- 31 current and former foster youth have introduced a bill to give youth in state care the right to maintain contact and visits with siblings, including their right to transportation so visits can take place. Oregon legislators are expected to soon vote on...
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Children First for Oregon (via Public) / Foster Youth Fight to Strengthen Sibling Connections
Children’s Rights strongly opposes #HR985 (“Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017”), a bill that would undermine the enforcement of civil rights law-- including laws prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing and education.

The bill will be up for a vote in the House this Wednesday, March 8 – act now! Call your House Representative and advocate for a "no" vote. Text your zip...
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H.R. 985: Holding Down Civil Rights Class Actions
Sibling visitation, homelessness prevention, college access and success, and opportunities for independent living are the top priorities among current and former foster youth, according to a recent survey conducted by Foster Youth in Action. The survey included 525 youth from more than 25 states and also incorporated the responses of 176 foster parents, social workers, and other adult...
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Report Reveals Foster Youth’s Top Priorities • SJS
Public health officials are calling the U.S. opioid epidemic the “worst drug crisis” in the nation’s history, with more than 33,000 related deaths in 2015. The crisis has caused a severe uptick of children being placed in foster care, in systems already struggling from a lack of resources, foster parents and funding.

“Ultimately this epidemic creates an entire new generation of foster youth....
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How Children Are Casualties Of America's Opioid Crisis
Over 250 youth, philanthropists, social workers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and tech leaders came together this week for Silicon Valley’s “Hack Foster Care” Summit, pulling together some of the biggest minds in tech and child welfare to help find ways to improve the system.

The group addressed several key areas in much need of reform -- computer access, career preparation, health and...
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Silicon Valley Hacks Foster Care
The Seattle Times Editorial Board is speaking out in favor of restructuring Washington’s child welfare system – which they say is failing abused and neglected children – with a focus on early intervention and more rigorous accountability standards.

“Washington isn’t getting good enough results from the status quo,” said the Board. “DSHS continually lurches from one crisis to another — most...
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Restructure the child-welfare system
In a Facebook post gone viral, a foster mom describes watching the newest member of her family navigate the world.

“She walks in confidently and with a smile. She knows the drill. In her two years of life, she’s spent five months in foster care. In her five months in care, she’s been in four different homes. I get down on my knees and say, “Hi, sweetie. My name is Jamie. I’m so glad you’ve...
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This Foster Mom's Viral Post Shows The Real Meaning Of Being A "Mommy"
Research has shown that those who leave state care without being linked to forever families have a higher likelihood than youth in the general population to experience homelessness and unemployment as adults.

In this heartwarming video, an Arkansas teen who spent six years in foster care is granted his forever family.

Family Withdraws Bid To Adopt Troubled Teen, Then Caseworker Tells Him She Ended The Search
“ALL children, regardless of religion, race, sexual preference or the gender with which they identify - have the right to dream and grow in SAFE academic environments. President Trump’s reversal of 2016 guidelines to protect transgender students in schools will have devastating and long-lasting effects on the lives of countless LGBTQ children, especially those in our child welfare system.” -...
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