Children's Rights
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Research has shown that those who leave state care without being linked to forever families have a higher likelihood than youth in the general population to experience homelessness and unemployment as adults.

In this heartwarming video, an Arkansas teen who spent six years in foster care is granted his forever family.

Family Withdraws Bid To Adopt Troubled Teen, Then Caseworker Tells Him She Ended The Search
Children's Rights
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“ALL children, regardless of religion, race, sexual preference or the gender with which they identify - have the right to dream and grow in SAFE academic environments. President Trump’s reversal of 2016 guidelines to protect transgender students in schools will have devastating and long-lasting effects on the lives of countless LGBTQ children, especially those in our child welfare system.” -...
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Children's Rights
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Child advocates in California say consistent, reliable transportation is key to solving the issue of school instability for youth in state care, who often bounce from home to home with multiple school disruptions. Research shows that on average, children lose four to six months of learning each time they change schools.

San Diego County’s Answer to School Stability for Students in Foster Care
Children's Rights
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Foster care alumni in Nevada are calling for mandated training to help LGBTQ youth find welcoming homes.

Without safe foster care placements, and without the vital support of caseworkers and other child welfare professionals, LGBTQ youth often suffer from consistent harassment and abuse in state care.

Young LGBTQ Nevadans ask lawmakers for change in foster care
In a poignant, moving video, Mic shares the story of Alexis Griffin, who entered foster care at the age of 4. She was sexually abused on multiple occasions, was placed in a home with limited access to food, and spent years bouncing between placements. Griffin, who earned her Bachelor’s and is now pursuing a career in social work, has a powerful message for others in foster care: “You can do...
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The LA Times delved deep into the life and circumstances of Monique Baker, a mother of four whose children were taken and placed into care. With rare access inside court hearings and documents, reporter Garrett Therolf examined data regarding racial disparities: Black children enter foster care at five times the rate of white children and linger there, without being returned to their parents...
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Inside a mom's months-long fight to get back her children
After entering foster care at 3-years-old, Daniel Rupert spent much of his childhood and youth bouncing from one foster home to another, never finding a permanent, loving family. Like many others across the country, at age 18, Rupert “aged out” of state care with no support network, and became homeless.

“I had nothing. I had a duffel bag on my back and that was it,” said Rupert. “Being...
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From foster care to homelessness, local man shares his troubling story
Oregon will soon vote to approve legislation that would guarantee visits between siblings who have lost contact in foster care.

In Oregon, about two-thirds of sibling groups in state care are kept intact, but the remaining third are either separated partially or entirely.

Oregon Foster Youth Fight for Sibling Visitation
Valentine’s Day is here! There is no better time to show your support for vulnerable children who need our love the most. Please consider making a donation to Children’s Rights today in honor of someone you love, and we’ll send them a special, personalized Valentine’s Day card.

Simply go to our donate page: [ Link ], check the “dedicate my donation” box, and fill out the comments...
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New York is one of only two states that prosecutes all youth as adults when they turn 16. Children don’t belong in adult prisons. We support the push to #RaiseTheAge of adult criminal liability from 16 to 18.

Young people devoured by jail
At age 18, many youth age out of foster care without support and a severe lack of resources. For foster care alumni Angela Pomaski, finding a mentor was critical and lifechanging.

“I’m very excited about the future relationship that we are going to build,” says her mentor, Carol Bennett. ”She has a lot of dreams … I think we are both going to help each other.”

Mentoring Matters: Help & Hope For Kids Aging Out Of Foster Care
Mohamed Bzeek has taken in terminally ill children in Los Angeles County’s sprawling foster care system for over 20 years. “If anyone ever calls us and says, ‘This kid needs to go home on hospice,’ there’s only one name we think of,” said Melissa Testerman, a DCFS intake coordinator who finds placements for sick children. “He’s the only one that would take a child who would possibly not make...
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For more than two decades, this foster father has served only children on the brink
Across the country, states are seeing an uptick in the number of children entering foster care due to an opioid crisis. Compounding the problem, advocates are now warning that a cut in federal funding for addiction treatment could reverse much of the progress states have made in fighting the drug epidemic.

ACA Repeal Seen Thwarting State Addiction Efforts
In today’s CR blog post, we weigh in on President Trump’s executive order to temporarily restrict immigration and bar refugees from entering the U.S.

Children’s Rights adamantly opposes the order, which stands to have a vast, detrimental impact on millions of innocent and vulnerable kids in the U.S. and across the globe.

Immigration order poses grave risk to children - Children's Rights
Right here in the U.S., some of our most vulnerable populations, including children in foster care, runaway and homeless youth, are victims of human trafficking.

Prior to Sunday’s Superbowl in Houston, a hub for human trafficking, advocates tell the Houston Chronicle they’re seeking to spread awareness of year-round efforts to fight what they call modern-day slavery in one of America's...
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Groups raise awareness of human trafficking in advance of Super Bowl
Children’s Rights applauds the Boy Scouts of America for its decision to begin accepting transgender boys to the organization. #LGBTQ #equality

Boy Scouts, Reversing Century-Old Stance, Will Allow Transgender Boys
Last year, every 40 minutes a child was removed from their home and placed in foster care by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

As part of a three-year series intended to “investigate the reasons behind the surge in foster children and the systems meant to support and protect them,” Bob Ortega of the Arizona Republic explores the information gaps that continue to plague DCS, and the...
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Arizona's DCS: Why are kids taken away? Too often the answer is unknown
Emily, a biological, foster and soon-to-be adoptive mom in Oregon, explains why she says “yes” to taking in vulnerable children.

“Kids in the foster care system have endured more hurt in their short lives than most of us will pause to think about, let alone experience, in our own,” she writes. “The next phone call will come. And my husband and I will say yes. Not because we are some amazing...
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Saying Yes to the Adventure of Foster Care
A repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement plan would cause more than 270,000 Utah residents to lose coverage, including 73,000 children, according to the Urban Institute.

Report: 73,000 Utah Kids to Lose Coverage if ACA Repealed, Not Replaced
The number of children in the United States who experienced child abuse and neglect rose for the third year in a row, according to a federal report by the Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF). Nationwide, there were approximately 683,000 victims in 2015.

Child Abuse and Neglect - Children's Rights