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“We will walk together in Washington and all over the world but each woman will matter even more than the whole. Because chances are that in the quiet of her life, she is exerting the qualities that are required to be that single match that can light a place that has been plunged in darkness for centuries.” - #CHIMEFORCHANGE’s Managing Editor Mariane Pearl on the #WomensMarch with Global Citizen.

Why Women Matter Now
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In October last year Pakistan’s parliament passed legislation against “honor killings” after the murder of outspoken social media star Qandeel Baloch. Last week a court in Pakistan sentenced a mother to death on Monday for burning her daughter alive in a so-called ‘honor killing’. Learn more about this case, and Global Citizen + #CHIMEFORCHANGE’s #LeveltheLaw campaign here.

Pakistani Mother Sentenced to Death for Burning Daughter Alive in 'Honor Killing'
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Help Shining Hope for Communities provide quality education, psychosocial support and healthcare to girls in Kenyan slums, and disrupt the systems that hold poverty in place to build the next generation of leaders with #CHIMEFORCHANGE.

Kenya’s Urban Promise Begins with 300 Girls
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Global Citizen’s guide to the #WomensMarch on January 21. #CHIMEFORCHANGE will March for the rights of girls and women everywhere #WhyIMarch.

Global Citizen’s Guide to the Women’s March
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We’re taking action for #genderequality by joining Global Citizen at the Women's March on Washington on Saturday Jan 21. Learn more and how you can take action.

Women's March on Washington
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“Being a woman should never stop anyone from achieving their goals” – Christina Nielsen shares her journey to becoming race car driver on the Global Citizen + #CHIMEFORCHANGE storytelling platform. Read and share your story:

Fast and Further
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We stand for justice & equality for women #WhyIMarch #WomensMarch Jan 21 with Global Citizen + #CHIMEFORCHANGE. Learn more:
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Does female gang life challenge the myth of motherhood and the image of women as natural caregivers? #shortdoc

Far From Heaven
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A new report from Resolution Foundation finds the gender pay gap has nearly halved for women in their 20s via Global Citizen

The Pay Gap Appears to Be Closing for Millennial Women in the UK
Afghanistan has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world, largely owing to the custom of enforced marriage of young girls and women. Read Spengul's mother's story and share yours with Global Citizen + #CHIMEFORCHANGE.

What It’s Like to be Married at 7 Years Old
Thanks to your support MADRE opened a shelter and rape crisis center in Kurdistan that provided a safehaven for 119 young women and girls who escaped sexual slavery by ISIS. Learn more with #CHIMEFORCHANGE.

Shelters for Women in Iraq
Zambia’s law allowing female worker’s one day off a month has sparked debate. Global Citizen asks is #MenstrualLeave a sign of progress, or simply patriarchy 2.0?

Zambia Gives Women One Day of Menstrual Leave Each Month, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It
After mass molestations in India sparked outrage and controversial comments from leaders, women share stories of sexual assault on social media using #yesallwomen via Global Citizen

After Mass Molestations in India, Women 'Reclaim Narrative' on Social Media
In a culture where child labor, sexual harassment, and rape are deeply embedded social issues, two teen girls with a camera and microphone are seeking to drive change via Global Citizen

How Two Teen Girls Are Shedding Light on Breast Ironing, Rape in Cameroon
Women today are more interested in entrepreneurship than ever before. One study found that women are launching, on average, 1,200 new businesses each day. Basic tech skills like coding are crucial to success.

The Importance Of Coding For Women Entrepreneurs In 2017 And Beyond
“In a world marred with challenges and conflict, many of the issues we currently face directly affects girls - and often disproportionately so.” - Anita Tiessen CEO World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts on providing a platform for girls to share their stories with the world.

The Power And Passion Of Girls Must Prevail
Each year, 11 million infants are abandoned in India, left near railroad tracks, city dumps, and bus stands, the possibility of death all but certain. And 90% of those abandoned children are baby girls. A new program is trying to change that. Learn more with Global Citizen.

Parents Can Safely Abandon Babies With New Cradle Program in India
Dominique Matti shares her story of reconciling depressing, pregnancy and ambition on the Global Citizen and #CHIMEFORCHANGE storytelling platform. Read and share.

On Reconciling Depression, Pregnancy, and Ambition
New UN report says 71% of trafficking victims are women and girls, and one-third are children via Global Citizen

One-Third of Trafficked Humans Are Kids, UN Says
More than 300 communities in West Africa including Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Mauritania, have pledged to end female genital mutilation in public ceremonies. Story via Global Citizen

FGM Banned in 300 West African Villages in Powerful Win for Women & Girls