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We all ♥ Desi Chinese
Here's an all time favourite dish from Ching's...Desi Chinese Veg Chowmein. Now make it in just 3 simple steps in the comfort of your kitchen :D
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Ching's Secret
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Ching's brings to you #TheMiniTruck :D Watch your favourite bollywood celebs cook along with Mini Mathur with lots of #DesiChinese surprises :D

Ching's Secret
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Chings brings to you #TheMiniTruck :D Watch your favourite bollywood celebs cook along with Mini Mathur with lots of #DesiChinese surprises :D

Peppery, spicy and can't miss this one :D
To know the recipe, simply click here : [ Link ]
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Turn leftover rice into spicy, hot Schezwan Fried Rice with this simple recipe :D
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Hot and Spicy Paneer Chilli is a delicious delight anytime :D
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Check out the recipe here - [ Link ]
You can toss up a dish of Desi Chinese Chowmein as often as you like with this simple 3 step recipe :D Enjoy!
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Ab pyaar ka izhaar karna hai easy, just add some desi tadka to your love story <3 Happy Valentines Day <3
*celebrating love, desi style*
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Add some Schezwan Chutney zing to your dosa and give it a Desi Chinese twist. This will leave you drooling for more ;)
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Desi Chinese noodles ready! :D
Find out different ways of having your spicy noodles in a Desi style.
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Discover how easy it is to cook Desi Chinese Veg Manchurian and you’ll never have to order it from a restaurant again :D
Check out the recipe here: [ Link ]
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Here's an all time favourite starter dish from the South India that will make you drool over Desi Chinese even more than before :D
Check out this melt in a mouth recipe: [ Link ]
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Add a desi chinese twist to your meal tonight with this simple recipe :D
Check out the recipe here: [ Link ]
HAPPINESS IS.... a steaming bowl of Desi Chinese soup on a cold day :D
This Republic Day, stay desi by all means
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That was a delicious fall :p crushing on this slurrpy desi chinese noodles
Find out how you can please your taste buds with this simple melt in a mouth recipe :D

What you will need?
1) 1 packet of Ching’s Secret Paneer Chilli Masala
2) 2 tbsp of oil
3) 200g of paneer cubes
4) 100g of diced vegetables (onion, capsicum, carrot)
5) 1 slit green chilli
6) 2 cup (300ml) water
5) Chopped Spring onion for garnishing

Step 1: Add 3 tsp (20g) Ching’s Secret Paneer...
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Rock your mood with delicious Desi Chinese soups *slurrrrrrp* #DesiChinese
Wishing you all a very happy 2017 ☺ #HappyNewYear #DesiChinese #Happy2017
This Christmas, even the Santa is celebrating the Desi Chinese style !!! Merry Christmas to all :D
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