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Chinmayi Sripada
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Whatttttay Bull! He s semma cute!!
Chinmayi Sripada
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With Sri Ajay and Atul :):)
I am sharing a tweet from the Director of Tamizh Padam, C S Amudhan.

This man is role model material and am proud he is my friend :)

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Successfully wore a madisaar again. I get to wear it only once or twice a year and use the occasion so that I don't lose touch draping yards and yards of sari!

Wish you all a happy festive season :)
When push comes to shove, this sums it up. None of the warriors today will go to court or hire a lawyer or even TRY to use the due process of law but is ready to criticise the court and that they have no faith. (I'll stand corrected if there is someone who does work for this)
Why not everyone who wants Jallikattu to happen hire the best lawyers and give PETA a tough fight in court? Pool in...
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A couple of screengrabs from my session at the India Today South Conclave this morning :)
I'll be speaking at the India Today South Conclave on the 10th.

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I am really excited to be part of a brand new concert – Mirchi Music Nites with 5 hrs of non-stop music. It will be a pleasure to share the stage with some of India’s talented musicians like Pradeep, Shakthisree Gopalan, Thaikudam Bridge, Sathyaprakash, Gaana Bala and Velmurugan. Mirchi Music Nites on 28th January at YMCA Nandanam. For tickets, logon to
Rahul's tweet about the molestation incident in Bangalore
A Vitamin C serum thats a mix of the Skinceuticals Dupe (theacidqueenblog) and Vita-Sea-Rum (holysnails)
Tweaked the tutorials to add my own couple of things :)
If you're interested in acting, this is what you should do.
I urge you, please, please watch this.
Especially parents that insist their kids *need* the iPads and smartphones

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Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Excerpt of Simon Sinek from an episode of Inside Quest.