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Travel light but travel right. #ChivasRegal
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Have you tried the #ChivasRegal mixology? [ Link ]
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A few drops of water enhances the flavours and aromas. Do you agree? #ChivasRegal
Succeed Together. Celebrate together. #ChivasRegal
The master story teller, Vinod Nair, presenting the sense of sound, curated the ‘Tale of Luxury’ – a bespoke wall of the luxurious firsts and the unique-s, narrating stories of extravagance. #ChivasRegal18 #ChivasAlchemy
Bringing alive the Scottish landscapes with woods, grass and moss and the rustic textures of leather and stone, Suzanne Khan deciphered the sense of touch, she curated an elegant space inspired by the ideas and emotions evoked by the origins of the blend. #SuzanneKhan #ChivasRegal18 #Throwback
Inspired by the multiple layers of flavour in Chivas 18 and what this luxury blend means to him, Sunil Sethi the curator of the sense of taste unveiled a warm, inviting setting to enjoy Chivas in its different guises. #ChivasRegal18 #Throwback
Kalyani Chawla has deconstructed the 85 flavours of Chivas 18 into an aesthetic feast – creating impactful imagery through edibles! Amid and around the decadent whisky dinner the visual art depicts the essence of Scottish heritage in opulent luxury. #ChivaslAlchemy #ChivasRegal18
A magnificent view of Ashish N Soni's creation for Chivas Alchemy where he explored perfume blending in association with three eminent British perfumeries – Floris, Bloom and Pell Wall to create three fragrances inspired by 85 notes of Chivas 18.
#ChivasRegal18 #Throwback
Chivas Alchemy where five pioneers turn Alchemist to dabble in the craft of expression and creativity.
Witness the enchantment from February to April, 2017

#ChivasAlchemy crafted for the senses
Exploring the world of flavours. Sunil bringing his passion for TASTE with #ChivasAlchemy
Watch Vinod talk about the collaboration with the other Chivas Alchemists and explore the world of SOUND with #ChivasAlchemy
Watch Ashish N Soni foray into the world of SMELL to explain and guide you through the importance of aromas and notes with #ChivasAlchemy
L'artiste experiential Kalyani Chawla talks about the force of 85 notes in the world of SIGHT with #ChivasAlchemy
Stay tuned to watch Sussanne speak about the essence of touch and creative alchemy #ChivasAlchemy
Witness style diva and shaper of Fashion Trends create magic as an Alchemist. Kalyani Chawla. #ChivasAlchemy
Vinod Nair, a Chivas Alchemist. Witness him in the act of Alchemy. Stay Tuned #ChivasAlchemy
Vinod Nair, a Chivas Alchemist. Witness him in the act of Alchemy. Stay Tuned #ChivasAlchemy
A global trendsetter with a larger than life personality. Watch Sunil Sethi a Chivas Alchemist. #ChivasAlchemy
Stay tuned to witness the creator of inner spaces, Sussanne Khan create magic with Chivas. #ChivasAlchemy