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Chivas India
12/04/2016 at 08:30. Facebook
Travel with the right spirit! #Chivas
Inclusion of others in your success makes the process more fulfilling. #WinTheRightWay
Distilling, maturing, blending. We’ve done our part, It’s in your hands now…
Winning the right way will lead to success. It comes down to YOU!
Together any WIN is possible. Alone the same will be a challenge. #WinTheRightWay
"The best negotiations end with both sides winning. Take others forward with your success”
Trust and partnership go a long way in Winning the Right Way
Our whisky is yours to enjoy. Did you know adding a drop of water or ice can release richer, deeper notes to your whisky?
Chivas is served best when shared. #WinTheRightWay
Extend a hand to those who need your guidance. The Winning team is the team, which grows together. #WinTheRightWay
Walking ahead, taking your team with you is the biggest virtue. #WinTheRightWay
A great gift for the ones who matter, This Diwali, Celebrate with Chivas. #WinTheRightWay
The smallest praise can take your team a long way. Your team is your strength. #WinTheRightWay
Chivas 18 is perfect neat, or with ice. Using it in a cocktail is just the cherry on top.
Battles in life cannot be won, on your own. #WinTheRightWay
Teamwork has always been and will always be the key to Winning the Right Way! #WinTheRightWay
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. - Henry Ford #WinTheRightWay
Congratulations Pawan. Celebrating GQ - Men of The Year Awards! #WinTheRightWay
Congratulations Pragya and Nitesh on Winning the Right Way at GQ - Men of The Year Awards! #WinTheRightWay