Chivas India
02/18/2017 at 03:57. Facebook
Chivas Alchemy where five pioneers turn Alchemist to dabble in the craft of expression and creativity.
Witness the enchantment from February to April, 2017

#ChivasAlchemy crafted for the senses
Chivas India
02/17/2017 at 16:23. Facebook
Exploring the world of flavours. Sunil bringing his passion for TASTE with #ChivasAlchemy
Watch Vinod talk about the collaboration with the other Chivas Alchemists and explore the world of SOUND with #ChivasAlchemy
Watch Ashish N Soni foray into the world of SMELL to explain and guide you through the importance of aromas and notes with #ChivasAlchemy
L'artiste experiential Kalyani Chawla talks about the force of 85 notes in the world of SIGHT with #ChivasAlchemy
Stay tuned to watch Sussanne speak about the essence of touch and creative alchemy #ChivasAlchemy
Witness style diva and shaper of Fashion Trends create magic as an Alchemist. Kalyani Chawla. #ChivasAlchemy
Vinod Nair, a Chivas Alchemist. Witness him in the act of Alchemy. Stay Tuned #ChivasAlchemy
Vinod Nair, a Chivas Alchemist. Witness him in the act of Alchemy. Stay Tuned #ChivasAlchemy
A global trendsetter with a larger than life personality. Watch Sunil Sethi a Chivas Alchemist. #ChivasAlchemy
Stay tuned to witness the creator of inner spaces, Sussanne Khan create magic with Chivas. #ChivasAlchemy
Witness our Chivas Alchemist and renowned designer, Ashish N Soni work his magic.
Watch this space for more.
True Leadership lies in guiding others to success. #WinTheRightWay
Toast It with Those who Helped You Achieve it #ChivasRegal
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
-Michael Jordan. #ChivasRegal
Acknowledge the ones who help you reach the top. #WinTheRightWay
Climb together and succeed as One
The origin remains the same, the legacy continues. #ChivasRegal
216 months to age, 12 months to celebrate #HappyNewYear