The point of any well-stocked collection is to make sure it is shared with generosity. #WinTheRightWay
Share the wins along the way with generosity and a glass of #Chivas. #WinTheRightWay
Dickson Ochieng – Sanivation, is the #ChivasVenture finalist who will represent Kenya on the global stage.

Sanivation is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the overall dignity, health, and environment of urbanizing communities in East Africa through delivering clean, safe, and efficient sanitation services.

Dickson will have the opportunity to pitch to The Venture's global panel of...
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It's sometimes the little things that can make a big difference and change the world. What are you doing to #WinTheRightWay?
Our $1Million fund to empower extraordinary start-ups that use business to create positive social change is more than just a competition, we have an overarching mission to inspire entrepreneurial thinkers wherever they may be. Meet #ChivasVenture Judges.
Greet the New Year with a #Chivas
Usher in the new year in style. The countdown to 2017 is happening at Uptown GRILL on Dec 31st. Join us!
We are enjoying Chivas because that is one way of making Monday a great day. Are you with us?
Raising a glass to good friends, good family and good times
As the week closes, the Chivas opens.
Surround yourself with inspiration & your story will write itself.
If you didn’t see eye-to-eye, consider talking it over glass-to-glass…
A gentleman is always ready to offer a glass to a friend.
Mikul Shah will be one of the judges at #TheVenture!
Attention Social Entrepreneurs!
Did you submit your entry to #WinTheRightWay? Meet Sarah Kabira, one of the judges. #TheVenture
The design has been refined - the taste is as smooth and rich as ever...
Time to relax and enjoy the weekend.
This is how you end the day the right way.
The only happy hour we care about.
Are you a social enterpreneur trying to create a better future?
Apply here: #WinTheRightWay