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Do you have a credit card?

ANZ Australia has announced it's cutting the interest rate on two of its "low rate" cards by 2%.

While this is a welcome move by one of the big four banks, the fact is if you are carrying a balance forward you can save a lot more by switching to a credit union: [ Link ]

Do you think Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, and NAB should also drop their credit card...
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Since launching our report, Aussies have been sharing their rental horror stories on social media using the #RentinOz hashtag.

Here are some of the worst: [ Link ]

Renters Share Horror Stories #RentinOz
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Are you a Medibank policyholder?

The latest Private Health Insurance Ombudsman’s report reveals Medibank is the most complained about insurer, with almost half of all complaints last quarter: [ Link ]

Medibank's customers also reported payment problems from incorrect debit amounts to irregular charges.

Have you been ripped off by your health insurer?

To help decide if you need...
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Do you live in a rental property with a pet?

Our research found 23% of Aussie renters with pets face discrimination when house hunting: [ Link ]

Have you been discriminated against in the rental market? Tell us your story below. #RentinOz
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Do you live in rental property?

CHOICE, National Shelter and NATO have found many tenants live in unsafe or unfit homes but are too worried about being evicted to complain: [ Link ]

Have you had any problems in a rental property? Tell us what it's really like to #RentInOz
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ACCC's Scamwatch is warning people to be wary of scammers this Valentine’s Day.

In 2016, 4,100 Aussies contacted Scamwatch to report romance scams and more than $25 million was stolen.

Here are tips on how to avoid online love traps: [ Link ]
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Have you bought tickets from a resale website like viagogo or Ticketmaster Resale only to be refused entry at an event?

CHOICE is investigating third party ticketing websites and wants to hear from people who've ended up with a dud after after buying a ticket from a resale site.

Has this ever happened to you? Tell us in the comments below.
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Australians are spending billions on unproven vitamins and supplements. Do you take vitamins? Does it work?

Watch the full investigations on ABC Four Corners tonight at 8:30pm edt. [ Link ]
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A CHOICE shadow shop of 240 pharmacies including Priceline Australia, Chemist Warehouse and Terry White Chemmart has found many are recommending alternative medicines that have little to no scientific evidence for their effectiveness: [ Link ]

Worryingly, when asked about what they could recommend for stress, 26% of pharmacists recommended products based on Bach flower remedies.

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The Lego Batman Movie is out in the US today, but Australians are being made to wait 48 extra days: [ Link ]

In 2014, Head of Village Roadshow, Graham Burke said all future movies will release in-line with the US.

CHOICE thinks that consumers should have access timely and affordable content to help combat piracy.

Do you think Roadshow should bring forward the release date in Australia?
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Bad news! Health insurance premiums are set to increase again by almost 5 per cent on average on April 1.

This means that since 2009, health insurance premiums have increased by a whopping 54.6% on average.

To help decide if you need private hospital cover take our free 'health check' here:

Do you have private health insurance? Have you considered dropping it?
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Do you rent?

CHOICE is looking at the rental market and we want to hear your best and worst experiences.

If you've been denied a rental or struggled to get an issue fixed, tell us in the comments below.
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CHOICE welcomes the new country of origin food labels which passed Parliament last night! [ Link ]

The new labels will give consumers better information about where their food is grown and manufactured.

Do you like to know where the food you purchase from the supermarket comes from?
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CHOICE and Consumer Reports are calling on Volkswagen to give Australian consumers affected by the emissions scandal proper compensation: [ Link ]

VW is offering refunds to some customers in the US, but Aussies have been offered only a “technical update.”

Read our open letter below.
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Would you like to know when a product kills or injures someone?

You might be surprised to learn that when a product kills or injures someone in Australia a company can legally hide the information from the public.

CHOICE believes this information should be made public and has submitted a Freedom of Information request to the ACCC.

Join our campaign here:...
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Has your car been caught up in the VW emissions scandal? [ Link ]

CHOICE wants to hear from Aussie consumers who’ve been affected.

Has Volkswagen offered you a ’software update’ or an alternative fix? Tell us in the comments below.
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How do you like your toast?

We are conducting our annual toaster test and we use this photo to check the browning settings so you can have confidence you'll get the toast you want if you fork out up to $500 for a toaster.

For more on what to look for when buying a toaster, check out our free guide: [ Link ]

Tell us in the comments below where you sit on the B1-B6 scale.
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What's the worst experience you've had with a bank?

With the banks launching a new PR campaign telling consumers, "we hear you", we want to hear about your experiences.

With mortgage rates rising outside of RBA cycles and exceptionally high credit card interest rates, we think an independent review of competition in the banking sector is urgently needed: [ Link ]
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Are you happy with your mattress?

CHOICE tested five bed-in-a-box mattresses and one traditional innerspring model and found you don't have to break your budget to get a good night's sleep. Check out the CHOICE review($): [ Link ]

Our tests simulated the wear and tear expected over ten to fifteen years of use. We also looked at the sales tricks companies use to pad out profits: [...
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Do you use unit pricing to compare products at the supermarket?

CHOICE would like to congratulate consumer campaigner, Ian Jarratt (OAM), who has been recognised with an Australia Day honour for services to the community, particularly to the rights and protection of consumers.

Ian has tirelessly fought for unit pricing in Australia to help stop consumers being ripped off when doing their...
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Ian Jarratt from the Queensland Consumers Association gives us his tips on how to save money at the checkout.