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Domino's has announced that the garlic bread drought is over after a national recall was issued: [ Link ]

But if you're still traumatised by it all, here's a quick guide on how to make your own.

*Plastic not included.
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Would you like to see 'relaxed' lanes at the supermarket checkouts in Australia?
01/18/2017 at 22:07. Facebook
CHOICE is encouraging young Aussies to think twice before buying poor value private health insurance.

We’ve created a free website to help you decide. Take the 'health check' here:
01/18/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
CHOICE is encouraging young Australians to think twice before being pressured into purchasing poor value private health insurance.

As the premium season heats up, young consumers will face a barrage of fear-laden advertising from health insurers and for-profit switching sites designed to pressure them into often unnecessary and pricey policies: [ Link ]

CHOICE has created a free tool...
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ALDI Australia has been left red-faced after a customer posted a photo of its shoe deodoriser with a peeled off label revealing a repackaged deodorant from Coles: [ Link ]

ALDI said they've withdrawn the product from sale and they have identified the cause of the problem.

Would this make you think twice about shopping at ALDI?
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Do you have any of these garlic breads at home?

George Weston Foods has recalled a range of frozen and chilled garlic breads from Woolworths, ALDI Australia, FoodWorks, Foodland and IGA Australia due to the presence of foreign matter (plastic): [ Link ]

Consumers with these products can return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Find out if you have one of the recalled...
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Family retailer Best&Less is spruiking payday lending both in store and online, taking a cut for every customer who signs up: [ Link ]

The lender, Capfin Australia, slugs borrowers with an annual interest rate of 48% plus an establishment fee of up to $400.

In 2015, CHOICE gave the entire payday lending industry a Shonky Award: [ Link ]

What do you think of Best&Less...
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Are you worried about your super?

In this #CHOICEPodcast episode, we reveal why Australians are losing up to $1.96 billion in superannuation each year.

Plus, we explore our lust for luxury goods and put advertising claims to the test.

Download the latest episode here:
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Did you know you could recycle paint? Find out how here: [ Link ]
01/12/2017. Facebook
Have you been affected by Tigerair's Bali cancellations?

To find out how your travel insurance could help, check out this article: [ Link ]
01/10/2017. Facebook
CHOICE is aware of people reporting that they've been badly burnt after using Banana Boat sunscreens: [ Link ]

Last year, CHOICE tested six SPF 50+ sunscreens and found that four failed to meet the stated sun protection factor (SPF) claims on pack:

Have you suffered burns after using a sunscreen? Tell us in the comments below.
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Did you know each degree colder can add 10% more in electricity costs?

For more, check out our top 10 cooling tips here: [ Link ]
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New figures show consumers are turning their back on caged eggs, with "free range" egg sales on the rise.

However, CHOICE is urging consumers to be wary of "fake" free range eggs and check their favourite brand with the CluckAR app before paying a price premium:

You can also find out which free range eggs to buy here: [ Link ]

Which eggs do you buy?
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The Federal Court has ordered online gaming giant Valve to pay $3 million for breaching the Australian Consumer Law: [ Link ]

Last year the Federal Court found Valve breached consumer law after telling consumers they were not entitled to refunds.

Have you ever been denied a refund?
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Last year, the ACCC has received over 20,000 complaints about consumer guarantees, with more than a quarter around returning electronics and white goods to retailers: [ Link ]

Some of the common statements made by retailers are:
- “Sorry, the warranty on your product has expired”
- “You’ll have to take it back to the manufacturer”

Did you get a faulty product this Christmas? Make...
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In this episode of #CHOICEPodcast, we review that summer swimming staple, rashies, to see exactly how sun safe they are.

We also talk refund rights for those who've received a dud Christmas gift, and look at whether a new fitness fad for kids is all it's cracked up to be.

Listen at

CHOICE Australia podcast
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Chuck it or recycle? Test your Christmas recycling know-how.

Quiz: Chuck it or recycle?
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Did your Christmas present turn out to be a major failure? If so, it pays to know your refund rights: [ Link ]

Retailers are known for trying all manner of tricks to dance around your basic rights, such as displaying illegal 'no refund' signs, and insisting that you return faulty product in its original packaging.

Have you tried to return a faulty product and been refused a refund by...
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"CHOICE empowers me as a consumer and as a parent to make informed decisions."

Hear more from our members here: [ Link ]