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"There's not a drug on earth that can make life meaningful."
How to get your teenager back from the clutches of substance abuse... 7 basic steps

Planning a Successful Teen Intervention
Learn these 7 de-stressing techniques to avoid relapse!

Learn Imagery Relaxation for Relapse Prevention
Learn the "4 D's" – a Simple RELAPSE Prevention Strategy

Distract Yourself! 20 Things to Try before Relapse
Methadone saves lives, but it’s a potent drug with a narrow margin of error...

Avoiding Overdose when Starting with Methadone
Heavy marijuana use in the late teen years puts men at a higher risk for death by age 60, a new long-term study suggests.
This one's for the ladies. We love you girls! Look after yourselves this weekend
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Marketed as "the key to less pain", opioid pain killers account for more accidental deaths through overdose than anything else. 4 out of 5 heroin users started out with prescription pain relievers.
Worrying is...

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