Chris Birch
02/26/2017 at 06:13. Facebook
Had a shocker yesterday at the National Enduro. The carb float stuck open and I ran out of gas, pisser. I was on the pace on the first two tests but yeah... Nice to race the 300 again then spend sme quality time in the pits.
Chris Birch
02/25/2017 at 08:49. Facebook
Darryl from the world's greatest pub has been the victim of bike theft. He works really hard to keep all the local trails open for the dirt bike community around Urbanville. Some of the guys have started a go fund me page to get him rolling again, if you have the means please help out. [ Link ]
Chris Birch
02/22/2017 at 22:46. Facebook
Airoh Helmets NZ launch happening at my house today. Stoked to be back in Airoh Helmet
Chris Birch
02/22/2017 at 07:48. Facebook
On Friday 17th of March I have an adventure bike school at our spot in Thames. Open to any road legal and off road capable bike with good tires. It's all about learning off skills relevant to off road and gravel adventure riding. We also have two KTM 1190 Adventure R that can be rented for the course and KTM Dirt bikes as well. For more details Good times guaranteed.
A bit of #wheeliewednesday action from last weekends KTM Australia Adventure bike school in Brisbane. Danny Wilkinson Mitas tires hooking up.
Always enter in style! I think this might be the best pub in Australia. I'll be back! Can we do fun stuff like this in Peru next month KTM Factory Racing? Steve with the fancy bike
Too bloody hot to ride in Brisbane today so me and the boys went to the pub...
My current mission on the KTM 1190 adventure is to get these slow wheelies dialled in. No practical use at all but it's good fun. Not a bad training area eh!
Last year I did the XROSS challenge in Serbia. It was good times. The guys have made this video of the race, if you like watching people battling against hard enduro terrain you'll like this one! [ Link ]

Xross Challenge 2016 - Full Video

Prestani da dišeš. Pokreni video. Odvrni zvučnike. Uživaj. Diši. Prijavi se na Xross Challenge 2017: Predivno je biti deo najveće srpske h...

Keep an eye out for the next DRD Magazine. There's an article on my new favorite bike, my 2017 KTM300EXC
So Dave from MAD TV promised me this footage would stay off the net... that didn't happen so an explanation of that jump. I was planning on landing nice and gentle back up the hill but gave the big girl a bit much and soared all the way to the bottom. I thought I was screwed, wrist or ankle for sure but apart from slightly sore feet it was all good and the bike took it. I'll give it a little...
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New Zealand KTM Rallye long play coming soon.

Some footage of the last day of the New Zealand KTM Rallye. The long play video is in the final stages of production.

Day three started with a transit section to Sydney and ended with exploring a new bit of forest on the 350EXC
Had a good ride in Woodhill, it was great to ride some sand. The second I got back to my parents farm Zoe asked to go riding, she didn't want to miss #wheeliewednesday
Day one of six days in a row on bikes, kinda like a ISDE but way more chilled and no four minute tire changes. Woodhill forest tomorrow, me old stomping ground.
Good times on the 1190 Adventure R in Victoria Australia. Thanks to KTM Australia for putting on a great two days training.
Anyone out there been doing the #BeABetterRider challenges? I just got called out to have a crack at the figure of 8. Here’s how I went - harder than it looks on a big bike and a lot of people struggle on smaller bikes too.

@RideForeverNZ are putting a bunch of these challenges so have a go yourself. You can always improve your skills. Me included. Check out their Facebook page.

If I win the...
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Check this out. XRC have got the 2017 two stroke enduro bikes sorted for protection. Clutch and ignition covers that I can't even dent let alone break. I ran the new ones at the weekend and they are mint! They are made of some seriously solid aluminum and can take the biggest hits.
Took the win at the Waimihard Enduro today. It was a tough four hours bouncing off tree roots and dodging pine trees. The new 300 is mega!
I had a bit of fun today with DRD Magazine. We were supposed to be taking photos of the KTM300 but I couldn't resist a skid on the 1190.