Chris Birch
yesterday at 21:54. Facebook
It's going great here in Uruguay, they love the big bikes here.
Chris Birch
03/21/2017 at 02:56. Facebook
Excited to announce we are definitely heading back to Canada this year!

Ontario in May with Rally Connex for all the info and to book.

All BC and Calgary sessions run August/September. For bookings and info: [ Link ]

Limited time this year so get in quick to book. They go real fast, just like you will!
Chris Birch
03/20/2017 at 08:10. Facebook
Not a bad way to spend a Monday! Good to get a ride in on the mighty 300.
Some good times in the desert last week showing the KTM true meaning of adventure (plus skids and wheelies) #ktm1290AdventureR
Did I mention I'm stoked to be wearing Airoh Helmet again?
This has got to be my favourite @iammrshit photo from Peru. #160hp sure gets the dirt in the sky.
Come for a ride with me on the 1290R and take a look around. #200kph #offroad
Another successful day in the adventure playground. #ktm1290adventure #bestjobever
The second group of Journalists suitably stoked with this amazing bike and incredible scenery.
My first day as a Peruvian desert tour guide went well. Didn't get lost, found the lunch point and got everyone back in time for tea. Better than I expected! #ktm1290AdventureR
One photo to sum up the last two days perfectly Sebas Romero
What does 160hp sound like? Kinda like a helicopter I think!
Thanks for a sweet first date you beautiful thing. #KTM1290AdventureR
My first ride on the KTM 1290 Adventure R in Peru. Mega place for riding the big bikes. The new bike is really good, the suspension is much improved and the new dash works well. This is going to be a good week!
Had a shocker yesterday at the National Enduro. The carb float stuck open and I ran out of gas, pisser. I was on the pace on the first two tests but yeah... Nice to race the 300 again then spend sme quality time in the pits.
Darryl from the world's greatest pub has been the victim of bike theft. He works really hard to keep all the local trails open for the dirt bike community around Urbanville. Some of the guys have started a go fund me page to get him rolling again, if you have the means please help out. [ Link ]
Airoh Helmets NZ launch happening at my house today. Stoked to be back in Airoh Helmet
On Friday 17th of March I have an adventure bike school at our spot in Thames. Open to any road legal and off road capable bike with good tires. It's all about learning off skills relevant to off road and gravel adventure riding. We also have two KTM 1190 Adventure R that can be rented for the course and KTM Dirt bikes as well. For more details Good times guaranteed.