Chris Birch
01/21/2017 at 06:45. Facebook
Good times on the 1190 Adventure R in Victoria Australia. Thanks to KTM Australia for putting on a great two days training.
Chris Birch
01/17/2017 at 02:15. Facebook
Anyone out there been doing the #BeABetterRider challenges? I just got called out to have a crack at the figure of 8. Here’s how I went - harder than it looks on a big bike and a lot of people struggle on smaller bikes too.

@RideForeverNZ are putting a bunch of these challenges so have a go yourself. You can always improve your skills. Me included. Check out their Facebook page.

If I win the...
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Chris Birch
01/15/2017 at 06:17. Facebook
Check this out. XRC have got the 2017 two stroke enduro bikes sorted for protection. Clutch and ignition covers that I can't even dent let alone break. I ran the new ones at the weekend and they are mint! They are made of some seriously solid aluminum and can take the biggest hits.
Chris Birch
01/14/2017 at 05:49. Facebook
Took the win at the Waimihard Enduro today. It was a tough four hours bouncing off tree roots and dodging pine trees. The new 300 is mega!
I had a bit of fun today with DRD Magazine. We were supposed to be taking photos of the KTM300 but I couldn't resist a skid on the 1190.
Not much better than exploring this country on two wheels with Mrs Birch.
Happy 2017 face book friends! My first coaching event for this year is in Victoria Australia with KTM and Nick Selleck. The next weekend we will be in Berrima NSW then we do it all again in QLD. We had great feed back from last years KTM Adventure Schools so dont miss the chance to spend the weekend with KTM Adventure riders and grab some new skills for the new year. If your worried its going...
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KTM Adventure Training Series: Victoria

We are spoilt in this country!
Caught out lifting and pushing rather than riding and roosting.
Testing out the new Touratech suspension it's a good thing!
Some good keen man has made this video. I don't know who he is but nice one dude!

Chris Birch - Technical work - Hard ENDURO
Feeling the two stroke love! The new KTM is a weapon.
The Waimihard Hard Enduro is back again on January the 14th. This year was a ripper, who's going to win next year? Last years winner Jake Whittaker is busy pushing a pram, Liam Draper is too busy on dating apps to train and the Mac brothers can't get up from the south island because the roads are still busted! Maybe one of Australia's finest might come and race a real enduro?? Maybe I could...
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#wheeliewednesday on the home stretch of the #KTMNZRALLYE
I'm pretty stoked with the KTM Rider Rally. One day to go and only happy riders. Well a few tired ones but still happy. It's been a lot of work arrowing every day but today we squeezed in a lunch break for the first time.
Two days in on the KTM Rider Rally New Zealand edition. It's going well, some epic scenery as you can see. It's a.big job putting the arrows up fast enough to stay in the front! The touratech suspension is really good.
Practice for the pro log. Get it?
Workshop Graphics have got my KTM 1190 Adventure R looking sweet! Thanks guys
Next week the New Zealand KTM Adventure Rally kicks off in Papamoa. For the riders visiting New Zealand here is a guide to understanding New Zealanders unique take on English Language. See you fulla's next week

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The Ultimate Traveller's Guide To New Zealand Slang