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Scrapping penalty rates will see the next generation of shift workers markedly worse off than the generation that consisted of my Dad (also a shift worker), all his fellow workers and all the generations before his. It is the job of each generation of politicians to move our society forward and leave the next generation better off.
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There will be an important decision on penalty rates today. Penalty rates were important to my family when I was growing up, and they are just as important today. Have a read of my piece in today's Huffington Post:

Why Penalty Rates Should Be Everyone's Cup Of Tea
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Just the latest edition of "Liberals out of touch on housing affordability" today.
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YCMIU. The Liberal Minister in charge of finally coming up with a Turnbull Government housing affordability policy says the answer is to get a "highly paid job". #outoftouch
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Labor announced our capital gains tax policy a year ago. The Liberals are still arguing about theirs. In this article, a Liberal MP actually says that Malcolm Turnbull is playing word games about it. Worth a read:

[ Link ]

Capital gains tax reform still on the table
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Michelle Grattan on the chaos in the Turnbull Government's economic "team", well worth a read:

Grattan on Friday: The 'Omnibus' puts government in a tangle and Xenophon in a jam
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Ollie Bowen status update: The Old Man got home from Canberra tonight. He reckons I've grown heaps this week.
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Last year Labor announced we would reform Capital Gains Tax. The Liberals condemned us. Now we know they want to adopt a similar plan. Now they can't even get their denial straight. Is there any economic policy decision this Government can get right?

Coalition split over plans to change capital gains tax breaks
Talking about Scott Morrison's Budget disaster.
One year ago today, Labor announced its policy to reform negative gearing. We’ve seen 12 months of botched scare campaign from the Liberals but no plan for housing affordability. Australia’s first home buyers deserve better. Check out this short video:
A year ago today, Labor announced negative gearing reform to give first home buyers a fair go. Since then house prices in Australia have gone up by 10%, and 16% in Sydney. The Liberals have had twelve months of inaction. Its time for a national housing affordability plan.
Media conference with Doug Cameron on housing affordability
Giotto Gelato, Smithfield. The best. Peter Giotto
This is getting silly.
Australia's Mandaean community isn't high profile ([ Link ] but It is always a pleasure to join Mandaean events, including Mandaean Cultural Day today.
Ollie Bowen status update: The Old Man is home from Canberra. #hugs
#morningwalk First Canberra walk for 2017. 6AM around Lake Burley Griffin with my magnificent walking buddies Meryl Swanson (Member for Patterson) and Anne Stanley (Member for Werriwa). Great morning for it too.
My interview this morning with Fran Kelly on Radio National about the Government's cuts to Family payments and paid parental leave as well as what's going on in Parliament is here:

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It's the last sitting day of the week. Will Scott Morrison today accuse Labor of increasing house prices or crashing house prices? You can never predict! Check out Tony Burke's video here: