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Wages growth at record lows. Profit growth at record highs. So Turnbull and Morrison double down on a wage cut and corporate tax cut. #seriously
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Ollie Bowen status update: Big Boy now.
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Great day for "Coffee with a Pollie" in Fairfield East! Thanks to MP for Fairfield MP Guy Zangari and Councillor Anita Kazi for joining me. A great way to keep in touch with the needs of local residents. If you're nearby call in and see us at "Dough and Toppings" cafe.
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Malcolm Turnbull’s election centrepiece and one of his greatest achievements was the $50 billion tax cut for big business. The Government today could not confirm whether it will remain in the upcoming Budget…
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"So were the government to proceed with this irresponsible idea, it would potentially destroy superannuation for those, in the main, under 40 years of age, while at the same time, driving up the cost of the housing they are seeking to purchase."

Paul Keating calling out this government on their reckless plans. Hands off super Mr Turnbull.

Paul Keating: Only the most reckless government would raid super for housing
Hands off Australia's superannuation Mr. Turnbull!
Not often I think Malcolm Turnbull is right....
Hands off super!!! My doorstop today.
Very honoured to officially launch Mary Easson's new book "Keating's and Kelty's Super Legacy", a thorough history of an important Labor achievement: superannuation.
Stupidest. Idea. Ever. 2.0
Scott Morrison will give any bad idea on housing affordability a go - even one that Malcolm Turnbull called a "thoroughly bad idea" - anything to avoid taking up Labor's reforms to negative gearing.
Something a bit different...people interested in UK politics might be interested in my review of four good books which appeared in the Australian....

Politically incorrect
The Turnbull Government has dithered about negative gearing for twelve months. In this time, housing affordability has just got worse. Labor has a clear policy, the Liberals have waffle. Time to act on negative gearing.
When a year isn't a very long time in politics...
How good was Adele in Sydney? I hear you ask. Brilliant is the answer.
Congratulations to the entire WA Labor team on their massive win. A special congrats to my mate Ben Wyatt who will be an outstanding Treasurer and the first indigenous state Treasurer in Australia.
Three excited Adele fans on the way to Olympic Park with 95,000 friends. #leavingplentyoftime
Ollie Bowen status update: I normally run very fast, but the Old Man asked me to run slow.
This morning's headlines. And Scott Morrison continues to pretend that negative gearing doesn't need to be reformed.