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Yet more evidence of Australia's housing affordability crisis today. Sydney the second least affordable city in the world and most of our major cities in the least affordable list. When will this Government act on negative gearing?
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Scott Morrison is in the UK to see what they are doing about housing affordability. The Conservative Government in the UK has scaled back negative gearing. Will Scott listen to the message? My media release here:

MORRISON BLIND ON UK HOUSING REFORMS - All News - Chris Bowen - Federal Member for McMahon -
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Ollie Bowen status update: Sunday afternoon swim in the pool with the Old Man, then drying off with a sleep on his lap. Just to keep him company. #olliebowen #adogslife
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Australia has a problem in that its many highly accomplished female economists have not been able to break through to the leadership roles they deserve and our nation is accordingly missing out on the potential contribution they have to make as our most senior economic policy makers.

Labor's Chris Bowen pushes for more women in senior finance roles
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Help! They've taken me to this strange place they are calling "The Vet". I don't like the look of it. #olliebowen
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Ollie Bowen status update: just helping the old man sweep the back decking. #helpfulollie #olliebowen
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When the boss interrupts your policy meeting to wish you a happy birthday. #thanksbill
44th Birthday Breakfast with these guys at Granatas Pemulwuy. But the birthday boy isn't the one having pancakes and maple syrup! #halfwayto88 Photo credit ( Bec Mifsud).
"Moog aur Palak Ki Dal" (Dal with spinach). #dadscooking #tastesbetterthanitlooks
A special helper in the office today. He says the air conditioner is cool but the paperwork is boring. #olliebowen
Thanks to Leonie Cusick for using Facebook to recommend the West Wing Weekly podcast to me. I'm loving it!

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Ollie Bowen status update: tyre on rope situation under control.
Ollie's first day at home. And he fell over himself with excitement at being given his very own old shoe.
Last morning bike ride of 2016. The old Prospect Water Canal cycle way. #loveit
Welcome to the latest member of our family, Ollie Bowen.
Today’s mid-year Budget update has confirmed Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison’s economic plan is in tatters, leaving Australia’s gold-plated AAA credit rating at real risk
Today's economic update the latest bad report card on the Turnbull Government. They promised budget repair and have delivered more budget damage.
The Turnbull Government's economic plan is in tatters.
SloMo should heed credit rating downgrade warning.