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Friday nights are burger nights! Stay in and make this delicious recipe tonight.

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A recipe that both the kids and adults will enjoy!

French Onion Chicken Bites - Eat Love Share
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A cosy Autumn take on the classic bruschetta.

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It's lunch time! Today we're opting for something light and fresh.

Smoked Salmon Baguette - Eat Love Share
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Pop in the fridge tonight and enjoy tomorrow!

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On Monday's we like to keep lunch simple!

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Happy Monday dippers!

Some of our favourite recipes are now online at EatWell Magazine! Check them out below.

Eat Well: Chris’ Dips
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We're busy doing some organising with our terracotta pots!

How are you using your leftover pots at home? Share your pics with us below.
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Have you ever met a person who could say no to chips?

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Try our Warm Pear Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing next time guests pop by.

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Combining baked potatoes and canapés - what could be better?!
Dippers! Now's your chance to stock up on our Heritage Dips, which are on sale at Coles for $7 each for a limited time.

Find them at your local Coles Supermarket or shop online: [ Link ]
You'll need:

✔ Chris’ Dips Traditional Hommus Dip
✔ Crusty Baguette
✔ Char-Grilled Capsicum Slices
✔ Pitted Marinated Olives
✔ Basil Leaves
✔ Cracked Pepper

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Need to satisfy some serious sweet cravings? You're in luck! Our Heritage Desserts are on sale at Woolworths supermarkets nationwide for $4.

Find them in the chilled section, or shop online now: [ Link ]
Greek coffee is a must as an after-dinner treat.

But how can you make it at home?

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Looking for a simple and delicious mid-week meal? Try this tasty lamb dish tonight.

Lamb Kofta - Eat Love Share
Don't feel like cooking tonight? We've found the perfect recipe to make!

No-Bake Taramosalata Pizza - Eat Love Share