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Jesus Fernandez and I getting some in Barcelona yesterday. With Manolo Robles..
Chris Haslam
02/14/2017 at 20:54. Facebook
Glassy Sun Haters
Chris Haslam
02/14/2017 at 09:57. Facebook
Happy Valentine's Day friends
Had to repost this photo of Jason lee, Rodney Mullen, Shiloh Greathouse and Chris Pastras .. the homie Marc McKee posted it today and it got me stoked.. ca:1991
Spent an afternoon at Ultimate Distribution a while back and skated their sweet ramp setup.. BONES WHEELS Independent Trucks
Javier, jesus, wieger and i having a jolly ole time in BCN these past few days
New pro BONES WHEELS coming out soon.. it's neat✌#bones #boneswheels #lunchlady #lunchladyland
Here's one of my shirts from my line #thenoblestragglers. Check out all the latest turbokolor gear at
Some more of the same with the @welcomesk8madrid friends. Rainy day indoor massage❄
If you are in Berlin at the Bright Tradeshow go check out the booth.. they've got some nice goodies✌
Some old clips cause she's a bit chilly and wet to skate today haha ✌
A sweet old trip to Crete.. with Red Bull Skateboarding skateboarding and some friends.. thanks for the trip friends.. so awesome..

Savour the Greek sizzle as we skate Crete
New trajectory up on The Berrics site... #thenoblestragglers #visciouskids happy 10 years Swanski ✌✌

Get all the latest additions to #thenoblestraggler line from at .. it's cold outside these days, they have some super neeeeeeeaaaaatttt keeping warm gear.. ✌
@collinswoodfb made a fingerboard for me.. now I just need to finger out how to use it.. ✌✌thanks man..