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Pleased to announce the newest addition to The Jericho Network... The Raven Effect with RAVEN!! Every Monday, Raven spews the news and his views and you won't stop laughing!! Subscribe on iTunesand PodcastOne NOW!
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NOW on Talk Is Jericho... Suicide Silence! The new, self-titled album is out (despite the petition ordering them not to release it), and singer Eddie Hermida and founding guitarist Mark Heylmun are addressing the fan concerns, the petition, the new music, and working with legendary producer Ross Robinson! Check it out NOW here: [ Link ]
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On March 24, BLOOD DIVISIONS — a collaborative project of heavy metal musicians with proceeds going to Rock And Rescue — will release its new EP, "Cardinal One", via Metal Blade Records. Featuring ...

CHRIS JERICHO's BLOOD DIVISIONS To Release 'Cardinal One' EP In March
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When you don't get credit for inventing the #ManBun.... circa 1998
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We're raising money for JDRF and JDRF Tampa Bay Chapter! Join #TeamAsh as we work together to create a world without Type 1 Diabetes! WE WILL TURN TYPE ONE INTO TYPE NONE! Visit this link to learn more and donate: [ Link ]

Help me create a world without type 1 diabetes.
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NOW on Talk Is Jericho! Team Tiger Awesome are back for another round of ridiculous conversation! Nick Mundy, Clint Gage, and Michael Truly join Y2J to reveal the most embarrassing stories about their highschool years. Check it out HERE: [ Link ]
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Fozzy at Rocklahoma, 2017!!! All details at
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Congrats to my good friend, the LEGENDARY Diamond Dallas Page!!!

DDP to enter WWE Hall of Fame
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It's 5 o'clock somewhere...
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Tremendous chat with the amazing Penelope Spheeris on Talk Is Jericho NOW! She's sharing amazing stories on Wayne's World 25th Anniversary! Check it out HERE: [ Link ]
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Have you ever accidentally sent a text message to the wrong number? We’ve all done it at some point in our lives, and I’m sure we’ve also all been on the receiving end of a text message sent to the wrong number. Most people just respond to wrong number texts with a simple “you’ve got the wrong numbe...

Top 28 Funny Responses To Wrong Number Texts
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The human body is a truly amazing vessel that many people take for granted. Whether you’re laying in bed or out for a jog your body is doing tons of amazing

16 Unusual Facts About Human Body
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Certain large pieces of machinery or equipment require major transport operations to move them across cities, countries, or even seas. It’s no easy task transporting such large loads, and each person and piece of machinery involved in completing these epic transport operations all play a major role…

7 Most Epic Transport Operations In History
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Have you ever taken a photo and thought it was completely innocent, only to find something terribly wrong with it after uploading it to social media?

28 Photographs With Something Wrong With Each One Of Them
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Designing breeds for a more desirable outcome has had incredibly negative effects on the dog itself in the past 100 years.

How 100 Years Of Breeding Changed These Popular Dog Breeds
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The internet is full of ridiculous and hilarious pictures. It’s hard to find just a handful of them, when there are so many amazing ones to choose from.

16 Random Pictures Because We Want You To Have A Good Laugh
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Kevin Owens' betrayal of Chris Jericho was brutal and unexpected, but it might have been a case of karma finally catching up to the G.O.A.T., all the same.

Did Chris Jericho fall victim to a longstanding curse on Raw?