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Excited to announce Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, the newest addition to #TheJerichoNetwork! Join Mitch starting TOMORROW and every Monday as he brings us us in-depth interviews w some of the biggest names in rock, starting with RocknRoll Hall Of Famer Andy Summers of The Police! Subscribe NOW on iTunes Podcastone!
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Now on Talk Is Jericho... King Haku! One of my oldest friends in the biz, we were in Mexico together, Japan together, WCW together, and WWE together (and yes, there are lots of drunken, road stories that go along with all those territories)! King Haku also explains how Sumo led him to pro-wrestling, Vince McMahon, and the Haku gimmick Check it out NOW here: [ Link ]
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Bacon flavored vodka? What kind of a world are we living in?!?
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Come on down! Bob Barker is the next guest on Talk Is Jericho! Check it out now here: [ Link ]
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THE BIGGEST PODCAST EVER is on Talk Is Jericho with Mick Foley!!! Don't miss this one! Check it out now HERE: [ Link ]
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Fozzy photo shoot!
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Who is Clint Bobski and what is #SouthernChampionshipWrestling? Find out NOW on! WWE
And now... THE BIGGEST PODCAST EVER is on Talk Is Jericho with Mick Foley!!! Don't miss this one! Check it out now HERE: [ Link ]
What the world has been waiting for...#JerichoVsAli in a Battle Rap! Coming soon on TBS Network! #DropTheMic Laila Ali
A truer statement was never spoken...but the work never stops! Off to #LosAngeles to shoot a really cool show...
Excited & honored to be a part of the Tesla Motors family! I'm looking forward to no more gas stations and a cleaner world! Thanks to Seth Rollins for the heads up....