Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt
06/22/2017 at 16:50. Facebook
In one year, life finds a way. #JurassicWorld Fallen Kingdom We are 80 days into filming!! I can't tell you much except... This movie is gonna be freakin' awesome! Who's excited? @jurassicworld

In one year life finds a way JurassicWorld Fallen Kingdom We are
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HAAHAHA!!! Oh man. That's good.
HAAHAHA Oh man Thats good
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Bryan Sith'ari
I like this kid. What a great and uplifting story. Hey Preston, if you ever read this I'd like to say thank you and good job.

Flag day today. ♥

Proverbs 22:6
I like this kid What a great and uplifting story Hey Preston

11-Year-Old Boy's Heart Broke Seeing The State Of A Vet's Grave, Then He Decided To Do Something About It
Gretchen Albrecht
Kelley Flanagan
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It's officially the last day to enter our #crowdrise competition!! It's now or never!!! Click the link in my bio for an opportunity for you and some besties to be flown to Hawaii to visit the set of the #JurassicWorld sequel. You gotta understand how awesome and rare this prize is!!! Usually nobody gets to visit!!! It's a closed set! Super secretive!! But if you win, you're in! I'll tell you...
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I forgot to put the link to the crowdrise campaign in my Facebook bio. Actually. That is a lie. I didn't forget. Truth is... I don't know how to do it. How sad is that?! Hey I know!!! If you win the set visit you can teach me how!!!!

[ Link ]
I forgot to put the link to the crowdrise campaign in my

Win a trip for 4 to hang out with Chris Pratt on the set of the Jurassic World Sequel in Hawaii
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Only One Day Left!!! #jurassicworld #crowdrise Click link in my bio and enter the contest to visit me on the set in Hawaii!!! Who needs a a vacation!? Free flights. Free hotel! See me run from dinosaurs in real life!!! Somebody is going to win and visit me. Who's it gonna be!? Could be you! We'll become best friends. Maybe even blood brothers. I mean, who knows? One step at a time. First step...
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Here's John's post with all the info we couldn't really get out in my first post since we were both still breathing pretty heavy. Give John a follow if you please. He's an awesome guy. #AndyAndJim #memorialdayweekend #memorialday #murph #murphchallenge #fitness #fitnessmotivation
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#memorialday #murphchallenge #johnkrasinski
1 mile
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 air-squats
1 mile

Do it for time.
Check out the challenge and get your shirt at [ Link ]

Thank you to all fallen heroes and their families. Today we remember and honor you.
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THANK YOU!!! ♥ #jurassicworld #universal #Delta #marriott
And to everyone who entered the contest! There's still about a week left! We've raised half a million dollars!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!??
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This is another new crowd rise video "Silly blooper edition volume 1" click the link in my bio to see today's BRAND new #crowdrise contest for one lucky winner plus one guest to be flown to Hawaii to visit me on the set of the #JurassicWorld sequel from anywhere around the globe. ♥ it's only $10 to enter I think you should enter. You could be the one!!! Never forget. Like Russell Wilson says,...
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NEW CONTEST THIS ONE IS GLOBAL!!!Click the link in my bio for the opportunity for you and a friend to visit me on the set of the Jurassic World in Hawaii!!!
This is Jurassic World after all, not Jurassic United States, not Jurassic Canada, Jurassic World!!! (Check rules to make sure your country applies! Most do, some have different rules about sweepstakes,...
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And #happymothersday to my own mom Kathy. She's so funny and hard working, with such a positive attitude and a dreamers heart. She has such love to give to all her kids. Obviously me the most. But you know, I'm Starlord. It's whatever. Love you Mom!
Chris Pratt 05/14/2017
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Click the link in my bio for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii to hang with me on the set of Jurassic!
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Huge shout out to the loving staff at the Great Ormand Street Children's Hospital. Thank you for all that you do!!! #angels
Huge shout out to the loving staff at the Great Ormand Street
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Wanna come visit me on the set of the #jurassicworld sequel? In HAWAII!?!? The answer is, "YES!" Of course you do!
Click the link in my bio. $10 for a chance to enter and every dollar goes towards an amazing cause!!!!!! Click the link to learn more about the contest and the amazing charity your $10 will benefit! Enter as many times as you want. And I'll see you in Hawaii!!!

By the way I'm...
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To be or not to be? THAT is the question.
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Here I am with my new buddy Will. I'd never miss a chance to spend time with my fiends at Ronald McDonald House New York @rmhnewyork they do such amazing work. I'm privileged to have my job for so many reasons, the very best of which is the fulfillment I feel in my soul brightening the day of a sick kid and his/her family. #godisgood
Here I am with my new buddy Will Id never miss a
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#behindthescenes #guardiansofthegalaxyvol2
behindthescenes guardiansofthegalaxyvol2
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It's true... when you see the film be sure to sit through all the credits at the end. Not just for the 5 hilarious and amazing post credit sequences, but also to see the hundreds if not thousands of names, all people who've poured their heart and soul into this picture over the past three years. Actors, directors, producers... we often get the credit. But there's a crew of people around the...
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Its true when you see the film be sure to sit through
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I loved playing Andy so much. I miss my ParksnRec family. Here's a scene that was tooo long to make the episode.
[ Link ]
I loved playing Andy so much I miss my ParksnRec family Heres

Andy Dwyer - Sudden Death Song - Parks and Recreation
Rossana Diaz
Brian Thomas Kiger
Sharon Baker Elsberry