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Chris Pratt
11/28/2016 at 16:21. Facebook
Vote for Anna!! Vote for Anna!! Vote for Anna!!
For best TV actress in a comedy!!! So proud!!

[ Peopleschoice.com Link ]

Vote Now For People's Choice Awards 2016

Today is #WorldPrematurityDay. Did you know that 15 million babies are born prematurely in the world each year and over 1 million will not live to their 1st birthday? The @marchofdimes strives for a world where every baby has a fighting chance, Join me in supporting @MarchofDimes [ Bit.ly Link ]

Fighting premature birth | March of Dimes

We had the pleasure of hosting Courtney Marie Andrews at our house a few years ago. She's an extraordinary talent and the real deal. Congrats on making Rolling Stones Top 10 New Country Artists!

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10 New Country Artists You Need to Know Right Now

Big shout out to Jaimie Trueblood and the gang at "For The Win Project." They are doing some awesome stuff to give back and I'm honored to be part of their mission.

Click the video to meet Bryce, the newest Guardian of the Galaxy!
Awwwww so sweet! Such a good mama!

Two years later?! This sounds like it's out of a movie!

This is one VERY brave soul

In one week, Seven take on the impossible in The Magnificent Seven. #Mag7

Get your tix before they sell out!


The Magnificent Seven (2016) Times - Movie Tickets | Fandango

Well folks... The #Magnificent7 are coming!!! Now, sorry to say, I'm gonna start blowing up your feeds. Here's what you need to know...

1) September 23rd
2) Denzel Washington
3) Ethan Hawke
4) (back together for the first time since being nominated for oscars together for Training Day.)
5) Training Day!!! Was so bad ass. And it's the same director.
6) Antione Fuqua (who is somehow not an...
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We worked our butts off on this movie. I cannot wait for y'all to see what we did. I'm just so proud. A film and experience so truly MAGNIFICENT!

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Well this made me tear up. What a beautiful video, voice, moment and message.
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She Starts To Sing A Hymn. What Her Great Grandma Did Next Had Me In Tears!

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You guys, I’m so excited to welcome Kate and her daughter Lexie to the team as the newest Guardians of the Galaxy!! Thank you all for your super awesome support that will make such a difference for the teens in my hometown

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