Chris Rea
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"In the silence of the side street, in the whisper of the night" #ICanHearYourHeartbeat #TheRoadToHellAndBackTour #ChrisReaLive"
Chris Rea
03/25/2017 at 17:57. Facebook
#ChrisReaTrivia Answer: 'Julia' Bonus Point: France
Chris Rea
03/24/2017 at 18:08. Facebook
"Some girls used to kiss and run, never knew what they had done" Plymouth Pavilions 4th April 2012 #ChrisReaLive
Chris Rea
03/23/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
"Look deep into the April face, a change is clearly taking place. Looking for the summer" #ChrisReaLive
Chris Rea
03/22/2017 at 17:58. Facebook
#ChrisReaTrivia Which track is Chris playing in this 1994 live clip? (Bonus point if you can name the country where he is performing) #ChrisReaLive
Chris Rea
03/21/2017 at 17:59. Facebook
Auberge performed Live in Saarbrucken, Germany 1993 #ChrisReaLive
Chris Rea
03/20/2017 at 18:04. Facebook
What's your favourite live Chris Rea performance? How about this one... 'Fool If You Think It's Over' Zeche, Bochum Germany 1983 #ChrisReaLive
Chris Rea
03/19/2017. Facebook
"I said 'mama I come to the valley of the rich myself to sell' she said 'son, this is the road to hell'" #TheRoadToHellAlbum
Chris Rea
03/18/2017. Facebook
#ChrisReaTrivia The answer to this week's question was of course 2. Ferrari #Daytona
Chris Rea
03/17/2017. Facebook
"When I saw a fire burning brightly through the storm that raged above in the shadows of your warm and tender love" #TheRoadToHellAlbum #ChrisRea
Chris Rea
03/16/2017. Facebook
"Warm winds blowing, heating blue sky and a road that goes forever, I'm going to Texas" #TheRoadToHellAlbum
Chris Rea
03/15/2017. Facebook
"I see a rainbow, I say that's the land of milk and honey" #TheRoadToHellAlbum #ChrisRea
Chris Rea
03/14/2017. Facebook
#ChrisReaTrivia The track 'Daytona' is named after which type of super car? Is it...
1. Lotus
2. Ferrari
3. Lamborghini
4. Maserati
Chris Rea
03/13/2017. Facebook
This week we will be focusing on #TheRoadtoHellAlbum here's a clip of Chris playing #TheRoadToHell
Chris Rea
03/12/2017. Facebook
Could you fill in the blank to Thursday's #ChrisReaTrivia ? #SantoSpiritoBlues was Chris's 23rd studio album and was released in 2011
Chris Rea
03/10/2017. Facebook
"I met her in Brooklyn, she was coming from Queens. I said where are you going? She said, well where have you been?" #LastOpenRoad #SantoSpiritoBlues #ChrisRea
Chris Rea
03/09/2017. Facebook
#ChrisReaTrivia #SantoSpiritoBlues was Chris's _____ studio album
C) 23rd
D) 24th
Chris Rea
03/08/2017. Facebook
#WednesdayWisdom "It's all about money, what you think you can buy. But you're just chasing shadows, you got to ask yourself why" #Money #ChrisRea
Chris Rea
03/07/2017. Facebook
"And I don't care about the moon and the stars way above, just give me something in my pocket and the chance of love" #TheChanceOfLove #ChrisRea
Chris Rea
03/06/2017. Facebook
This week is dedicated to #SantoSpiritoBlues. What is your favourite track from the album and have you got any stories connected to it?