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Chris Rea
12/01/2016 at 18:48. Facebook
It's the 1st of December! Who's got #DrivingHomeForChristmas playing? You can listen to it on Spotify here: po.st/dhfc #Advent #December
Chris Rea
11/30/2016 at 18:01. Facebook
Has Chris signed any of your albums? We'd love to see them!
Chris Rea
11/28/2016 at 18:31. Facebook
For this week's #ChrisReaTrivia we would like to know how many of Chris's songs do you think have the word 'blue' (or 'blues') in the title? Is it...

A: 0-10
B: 11-20
C: 21-30
D: 31+

And how many do you think you can name?
Chris Rea
11/26/2016. Facebook
"I've got my shoe, shoes shined I'm gonna dance, dance, dance" #SaturdayNight
Chris Rea
11/24/2016. Facebook
#ThrowbackThursday to Chris performing a live rendition of 'Steel River' po.st/6kxBPN #TBT
Chris Rea
11/22/2016. Facebook
Did you know the answer to our #CompleteTheLyrics challenge yesterday? Here are the lyrics revealed...
Chris Rea
11/21/2016. Facebook
Time for another #CompleteTheLyrics challenge! Who knows the next line?
Chris Rea
11/20/2016. Facebook
The sounds of Sunday "A little bit of daylight shine on your pillow, come through your window pane"
Chris Rea
11/18/2016. Facebook
"Make me laugh and make me sing, dancing girls" #FridayFeeling
Chris Rea
11/17/2016. Facebook
"Do you still dream of summer days,
the sunlight dancing on white rolling waves?" #ThursdayThoughts
Chris Rea
11/15/2016. Facebook
17 years ago Chris released 'The Road to Hell: Part 2'. Do you have a favourite song from the album?
Chris Rea
11/13/2016. Facebook
'Gone Fishing' is one of our favourite songs to listen to on a laid back Sunday afternoon #SundaySounds
Chris Rea
11/10/2016. Facebook
Did you know the answer to this week's #ChrisReaTrivia question? The car featured on the 'Auberge' album cover was...

The Caterham 'Lotus Seven'. Here's Chris with his very own Lotus Seven.
Chris Rea
11/08/2016. Facebook
Time for some #ChrisReaTrivia. Who can name the make of car featured in the famous painting on Chris's 'Auberge' album cover?
Chris Rea
11/06/2016. Facebook
Did you know the next line of lyrics from our #CompleteTheLyrics challenge yesterday? Here are the lyrics revealed...
Chris Rea
11/05/2016. Facebook
Can you complete the next line of lyrics? #CompleteTheLyrics
Chris Rea
11/03/2016. Facebook
#ThrowbackThursday The poster for Chris's 'Fool (If You Think It's Over)' single and 'Whatever Happened To Benny Santini?' album #TBT #ChrisRea
Chris Rea
11/01/2016. Facebook
"Tears on my pillow, but I will come through.
Josephine, I'll send you all my love, and every single step I take
I take for you"

Watch in full here: po.st/i1MRWu
Chris Rea
10/30/2016. Facebook
The perfect soundtrack for this Sunday afternoon, here's Chris's 'Sweet Sunday' available on the 'Blue Guitars' album: po.st/BlueGuitars
Chris Rea
10/27/2016. Facebook
“This song was written in the foyer of the Brussels Intercontinental at 5:30am in the morning, after doing 52 gigs, and we were going on to our 53rd gig”.

#ThrowbackThursday to Chris performing a live rendition of 'Just Passing Through' #TBT. Watch in full here: po.st/2fLx86