ICYMI: Your Railroad Commission of Texas testified this morning before House Appropriations on our 2018-19 budget, requesting more dollars for inspectors to keep you safe.
President Trump to order rewrites of Climate Action Plan, Waters of the U.S. rules that grossly expanded federal control over private business and land.

Trump Will Issue Executive Orders To Dismantle Obama’s ‘Climate Action Plan’

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02/20/2017 at 15:46. Facebook
Today we honor the achievements of Washington, Lincoln, and others whose vision formed our nation. #PresidentsDay
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With oil and gas industry job fairs popping up in West Texas, companies are looking for applicants today.

Permian Basin shows signs of oil recovery

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02/16/2017 at 22:18. Facebook
Nearly 100 years of oil and gas records are stored at #TxRRC and are available for the public to research. Contact us to get started!
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Today, "Houston’s status as the Energy Capital of the World is indisputable."

The Evolution of the Energy Capital of the World

Hope you all enjoy a happy Valentine's Day!
Texas' Permian Basin hits "highest rig count in the nation’s most active basin since 2015" with 301 rigs running today.

Permian tops 300 rigs for first time in 2 years

Enjoyed the time this week with friends at the Texas Bond Buyer Conference discussing the importance of critical infrastructure projects in Texas.
Chairman @ChristiCraddick testifies @ #TX Senate Finance Committee on #TxRRC 2018-19 budget request. More at [ Ow.ly Link ] #TxLege
Barry Smitherman, our former Railroad Commission of Texas colleague, would make an excellent FERC Chairman.

Barry Smitherman, former Texas energy official, in running to chair FERC

Advanced energy production technologies like fracking mean an abundant supply of oil, which means lower oil prices, which means lower prices at the pump, which means more dollars for your pocketbook.

Here’s How Fracking Saved Your Family $1,000 Bucks

‪Had fun at Midland-Odessa Day today with my hometown folks and their long-time state representative, Tom Craddick (dad), talking Texas energy and the Texas Legislature.
In the heart of East Texas today talking Texas energy where it all started with one of my favorite groups who keep our government in Austin on track - Grassroots America: We The People - Thank you for all you do!
The Dallas Federal Reserve agrees with what we're hearing from industry - 2017 will be a better year for Texas energy production.

Federal Reserve economists expect an increase in Texas drilling this year

‪Meeting with experts at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas today on Texas energy sector research and outlook for 2017. After our meeting, I'm happy to report I remain optimistic that Texas energy is on the uptick.
Congress acts to undo "abusive, last minute" energy rules issued in last months of Obama administration.

GOP lines up resolutions to undo coal, methane rules

Pipelines are not only key to oil and gas development, they ensure the safest transportation of our resources.

Pipelines are necessary for oil and gas