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Christi Craddick
12/07/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
On the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we remember the Americans killed in the 1941 attack, our military that risk their lives to protect us.

Pearl Harbor Survivors Gather for 75th Anniversary Reunion

Christi Craddick
12/06/2016 at 18:00. Facebook
It's an honor to serve as Chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas at such an exciting and challenging time in our agency's history.

Christi Craddick Elected Chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas

Christi Craddick
12/05/2016 at 23:45. Facebook
OPEC, Saudi Arabia couldn't predict U.S. oil would only get leaner, meaner and more efficient.

Saudis awakened a sleeping giant when they declared war on fracking

From energy to manufacturing, Obama's EPA has done little other than harm U.S. industries with unfounded, baseless regulations that kill jobs, stifle growth. January 20th can't come soon enough.

Fueling The Fire

"All U.S. tight oil plays will benefit, but none more than [Texas'] Permian Basin"

How the OPEC deal makes Texas shale a big winner | Energy | Dallas News

U.S. gas exports exceed imports for the first time in 60 years -- Texas plays a big role in helping to meet the milestone.

The U.S. Is Now a Net Exporter of Natural Gas

Texans would fare far better if Obama's many unfounded, overreaching state directives and regulations that stifle personal freedom and business growth are repealed.

What Trump Can Undo On Day One

Texas continues to be the top record setting energy producing state in the U.S. across the board, including in oil, natural gas, and wind.

ERCOT Reports Record Amount of Wind Energy Produced in Texas

South Texas to benefit from largest new U.S. oil refinery built in 40 years.

Country’s biggest new refinery since the 1970s is coming to Texas

U.S. gas exports exceed imports for the first time in 60 years -- Texas plays a big role in helping to meet the milestone.

The U.S. Is Now a Net Exporter of Natural Gas

Today, we thank God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon us. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and loved ones.
Did you know that Texas oil is used to build our roads? Safe travels as you visit friends and family this Thanksgiving holiday.
Please watch this short video from the Railroad Commission of Texas on how to prevent pipeline damage and advance public safety in Texas.

Texas811 Pipeline Damage Prevention Demonstration

A short video demonstration of a pipeline damage scenario created to facilitate damage prevention in the community and promote public safety.

While the timing of another West Texas oil boom is impossible to predict, one thing's for certain: Texas' proved reserves just grew by a lot.

Shale play could herald a new West Texas oil boom

Geologists say new oilfield in west Texas dwarfs all others found so far in the United States.

Mammoth Texas oil discovery biggest ever in USA

Great evening with Tarrant County Republican Assembly discussing Texas energy and what's to come in 2017 for one of the state's most important industries.
BIG NEWS: Obama's EPA announces it will remove Texas from the list of states unjustly forced to comply with their Cross-State Air Pollution

EPA Removes Texas from Requirements of Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

Staying up late tonight tele-conferencing on campaign finance with some of Texas' next female GOP candidates for Texas Federation of Republican Women's Candidate Development Program.
Today we honor the men and women of our armed forces who make the ultimate sacrifice. God bless these heroes and their families this #VeteransDay
Thank you to our brave USMC for 241 years of keeping our great nation safe.