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What's your favourite pancake topping? Nutella and banana's going down a treat as we Pause for Pancakes this lunchtime ahead of Shrove Tuesday. Your church and household can join in with our reflective resource: [ Link ]
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Do you know a super organiser whose efforts deserve huge congratulations? Nominate your #CAWdiamond by 17 March! [ Link ]
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Gratitude has proven health benefits and is so important in our faith. Give gratitude a go this Lent with our Count Your Blessings calendar:

Lent calendar | Christian Aid
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Will you journey with your neighbours around the world this Lent?Download Count Your Blessings today:

Lent calendar | Christian Aid
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Please pray for millions facing the threat of famine in South Sudan:

Lord of life,
thank you that word has got to us,
loud and clear
and so in turn we raise our voices
loud and clear
in lament and intercession to you.

When word of famine has reached us in the past
we have appealed for rains to come
for droughts to be disrupted
for climate catastrophe to be averted
but this...
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Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan – a country in the grip of a humanitarian catastrophe. See how we are helping and please donate to support our work: [ Link ]
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We’re there before, during and after an emergency to save lives and support people long term, long after the cameras have left.

Find out more about our work in emergencies, both the ones that hit the headlines and those which remain underreported:

Emergencies and disasters | Christian Aid
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What's your favourite pancake topping? This year, yours could do something amazing if you Pause with Pancakes - download resources today:

Shrove Tuesday | Christian Aid
We’re thankful for the contributions that our migrant colleagues here at Christian Aid make to our work in the UK and overseas. #OneDayWithoutUs
This year marks 60 years of Christian Aid Week. As we celebrate the diamond anniversary, we're also highlighting the work of our amazing volunteers. Do you know a #CAWDiamond? Nominate someone for a Diamond Award by 17 March at [ Link ]

Christian Aid Week 60th anniversary | Christian Aid
This Lent as ever we're inviting you on a journey - be there for our global neighbours like Michael in South Sudan, and give thanks as you Count Your Blessings. We've also got resources to help you Pause with Pancakes or put on a Lent Lunch with your community:

Lent calendar | Christian Aid
Lord, our God,
today we choose life.
We choose a low-carbon future. We choose to love you and all of your creation.
We choose to hold fast to you, believing you are holding us. Amen
Your church can be there for people like Michael this Lent. Order enough copies of our Lent calendar for everyone! [ Link ]
Alpha and Simon talk about the latest developments in the campaign to tackle tax dodging in Overseas Territories, ahead of next week's important vote in parliament.
Constantly craving chocolate? Suppress your sweet tooth this March and Give It Up For Lent. Whether you devour it by the bar or the box, give those cocoa beans a rest, get sponsored for it, and help fight poverty around the world.

Can you chuck the chocolate?
Inspire your whole family and the children in church with our Count Your Blessings resource. Order yours today! [ Link ]
Stuck for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? Check out our range of charity gifts that you can purchase at the click of a button.

Valentines Day | Ethical charity gifts from Present Aid
With so much happening in the world today, it's never been so important for us to continue to #showthelove for all of God's creation.

Together we can protect the life we love from climate change.
Watch and share this beautiful love song for our world.
The world can feel pretty bleak these days. Why not be inspired instead with our Lent calendar? Reflect on the blessings in your life and realise how your actions every day can change the world. Download yours today: [ Link ]
Help us to find your kingdom
in the hidden and overlooked places.
Help us to go out in joy
recognising what is of true worth.
Help us to let go of what has held us
and reinvest with hope
in another possible world.