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Our thoughts go out to the victims of Wednesday's terrorist attack in London and their loved ones.
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"I think one of the things with terrorism, one of the motivations is notoriety, and I think we have a duty not to remember their names but to remember the names of people like PC Palmer who gave his life defending our values and our Parliament," Brendan Cox, the widowed husband of former British MP Jo Cox, tells me following Wednesday's attack in London.
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"I'm not going to respond to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr., I’ve been doing far more important things over the last 24 hours," London Mayor Sadiq Khan tells me following Wednesday's attack in Westminster.

An increased number of officers will be seen across London after but the Mayor insists it is "the safest global city in the world."
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In headscarves and baseball caps, this team of Palestinian women is taking on America's favourite pastime in Gaza.
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He defied the Assad regime and smuggled tens of thousands of photos of people allegedly tortured to death in government jails.

Speaking out in his first TV interview, the Syrian defector code named ‘Caesar’ tells me how he did and that he “was terrified every day.”

Watch the full interview: [ Link ]
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EXCLUSIVE: This Syrian defector code named 'Caesar' smuggled tens of thousands of photos that allegedly show evidence of torture by the Assad regime. Here is his message for President Trump. More at 3pmET/8pmCET on CNN International
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"We've entered into a different phase of the relations between Europe and the United States, that's quite clear,” the EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini tells me: [ Link ]

[ Link ]
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“We're all on the same planet. We have to help these people, for our good as well as theirs,” Martin Bell, UNICEF UK Ambassador and former BBC war correspondent, tells me.

Syrian refugees 'dream of going home' - CNN Video
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In New Zealand, the Whanganui River is now recognized as a living entity with legal rights equal to those of human beings, the first-ever river with such recognition.
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“She [Merkel] will try to convince Donald Trump that Europe is actually an asset for the U.S. and not a liability,” former German ambassador to the U.S. Wolfgang Ischinger tells me ahead of Chancellor Merkel’s first meeting with President Trump: [ Link ]
As Iraqi forces fight to push ISIS out of western Mosul, CNN's Ben Wedeman brings us the desperate voices of those who are fleeing.
"My message to the world would be: we stopped populism here in the Netherlands," says GreenLeft leader Jesse Klaver, one of the big winners of Wednesday’s election.
U.S. commanders will have "more latitude" in their field decisions in Syria, Senator John McCain tells me as war reaches 6-year anniversary.
“Of course there is a lot of attention for the party of Mr. Wilders, but I think that we can stop populism right here right now in the Netherlands with other parties bigger than Mr. Wilders,” Alexander Pechtold, leader of the Dutch centrist party D66, tells me.
Six years of war in Syria. Six years too many for them.
As Dutch voters prepare to head to the polls, CNN's Atika Shubert looks at Geert Wilders' campaign promises and fiery rhetoric.
"There were people on the street who said to me, 'If he's a fascist, then call me a fascist too.'" The Rotterdam politician who presaged the rise of the Netherlands' Geert Wilders, who is poised to make big gains in the election tomorrow: [ Link ]
The Dutch election tomorrow will be about "the identity of the Netherlands," Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb -- himself Moroccan-born -- says. "It will not be about the economy; it will not be about jobs."

The Netherlands: The identity election
Young Muslim consumers “want to go on to the high street and have products and brands that talk to them just like everybody else, they want the same sophistication,” author Shelina Janmohamed tells me.
Watch the full interview: [ Link ]