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01/19/2017 at 19:50. Facebook
“The endgame has come. It is better to actually proceed in a peaceful way so that the country that has always known peace will not have leaders getting to the state house by walking on dead bodies,” the spokesman for Gambia's new president Adama Barrow tells me: [ Link ]
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The one, the only -- the conductor Daniel Barenboim is back at Carnegie Hall.
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“Twitter does not work for Donald Trump,” says Former George W. Bush Speechwriter David Frum. “America’s adversaries have taken the deep measure of this unworthy man.” [ Link ]
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Theresa May "is playing chicken with [the EU]. And it has to be said, the EU holds the upper hand." - Ian Dunt, author of "Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?"
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The UK doesn’t share Donald Trump’s views on the EU but the U.S. President-elect “has been very welcoming about the prospect of a bilateral deal,” British Home Secretary Amber Rudd tells me: [ Link ]
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The Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern admits the EU is a "fragile" community but says "everybody who is a member of the Union today knows how important that is for the whole continent, for our welfare and for the political setup of Europe."
Watch the full interview on CNN International at 8pmCET/2pmET.

Austria: We're not concerned about breakup of EU - CNN Video
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“I think people are starting to get used to the communication style that the President-elect has and I think that many people find it refreshing,” Anthony Scaramucci, a senior member of Donald Trump's transition team, tells me. Watch the full interview: [ Link ]
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01/16/2017 at 17:21. Facebook
"As of Friday, he's responsible for that relationship," the U.S. Secretary of State said of Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

John Kerry: Trump's comments 'inappropriate'
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"Sooner or later, everyone in Washington will understand" that a successful EU is in their "strategic interest," says Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission.
Across Europe thousands of refugees are desperately trying to survive the winter, left wheezing and shivering out in sub-zero temperatures.
What's it like to play basketball with President Obama? His long-time Education Secretary Arne Duncan tells me "he's an extraordinary competitor, and he plays to win."
"My bottom line," he says, "was I can't tell what's true here and what's not. This needs a lot more work."

Ex-CIA leader: 'Surprised' unverified intel given to Trump
The former CIA Deputy Director says memos on Russia's role in the US election contain information he knows to be true, false & contradictory -- says this is what raw intel looks like.

Michael Morell also tells me the intelligence community may have done something "unprecedented" in a briefing of the President and President-elect, but that "we just don’t know" the full story yet.
President-elect Trump: “Well, Russia. But you know what, it could have been others also.”
Senator Marco Rubio grills President-elect Trump's pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Russia, hacking, and his ties to President Putin.
"Enhanced interrogation techniques -- whatever you want to call this," he tells me, "doesn't work."

Petraeus: Trump won't reintroduce torture
David Petraeus, who's met with the President-elect, tells me he believes Donald Trump no longer wants to re-introduce torture.
David Petraeus, former CIA Director and retired four-star general, says he would have taken a job as Secretary-of-State had Donald Trump offered it.
Donald Trump's message to African-Americans and Hispanic Americans during the campaign was "what do you have to lose." This Chicago priest asks, "When has he been to the South side or the West side of Chicago?" [ Link ]
Russian Ambassador “perfectly convinced” hacking allegations have more to do with US "domestic politics" than with Russia. [ Link ]