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These people are among the most vulnerable in the world today.

Amanpour: What my son and I learned at a Syrian refugee camp
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With Bannon ranting about the press again, read this conservative's chilling and timely warning about Trumpland.

Don't Dismiss Trump's Attacks on the Media as Mere Stupidity
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"We are not obligated to cooperate with the United States in any of those issues."

Calderon: 'Don't take Mexico for granted'
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"Don’t take Mexico for granted.” Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon tells me his country should use every "instrument" it has to gain an upper hand in possible negotiations with the US -- including intelligence sharing. [ Link ]
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The Atlantic Council policy research center documented what it says was the deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure in Aleppo. I spoke to Maks Czuperski about it: [ Link ]
The report can be found at [ Link ]
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So proud of my son Darius for his compassion and curiosity during our trip to a Syrian refugee camp, where we met people his age whose lives have been so much more difficult and dangerous than his.
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Using limited police resources to go after “housekeepers and gardeners” rather than criminals is neither “smart” nor “tough,” says the former mayor of the border-town of Nogales, Arizona.
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Child marriage happens "across cultures, across religions," says the executive director of Girls not Brides. It's "driven by the fact that girls/boys are not seen as equal."
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By age 15, she had already been married and divorced. I met her in Jordan's Zaatari Refugee Camp. Watch the full story: [ Link ]
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So, what did happen in Sweden? Ivan Watson reports.
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Girls, not brides. At the Za’atari Refugee camp, there’s been an alarming rise in child marriages. But also a concerted effort to keep them in school, as I found out during my visit.
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Refugee vetting here is about extreme as it gets.
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"Up popped a photograph of a dead, bloodied brown-skinned man, lying on the ground next to an AK-47 assault rifle. The audience began to cheer — first hesitantly and then with gusto. Gorka’s booming voice filled the room.

"'We can win now,' he thundered. 'We can win!'"

For a Trump adviser, an odyssey from the fringes of Washington to the center of power
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"We should be taking more [refugees] because it's the right thing to do. The humanitarian thing to do. It would be good for our diversity. And the way that the ban was set up before, it was a gift to ISIL," Madeleine Albright tells me.

Albright: US must accept more refugees, not fewer - CNN Video
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Donald Trump – “a showbiz guy for 15 years” – is “still in campaign mode,” his long-time friend Chris Ruddy tells me.
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“Life.” That’s what Abu Muhammad, a Syrian refugee, told me he’s hoping for in America. I met him last week in Jordan's Za'atari Refugee Camp. A day later, he landed in Chicago.
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Jordan is home to over 600,000 Syrian refugees. As President Trump fights to implement his ban, I went and spoke to some of the people hoping for a new life in America. Tonight, on CNN International.
"Mistakes were made in the beginning," the Iranian foreign minister told me in response to a question about his country's support of Bashar Assad. "But the worst mistake of all was to arm a group of terrorists who are not only a threat to Syria, but a threat globally." Watch the interview: [ Link ]
"You cannot find any Iranian who has committed a single act of terror against Americans, in any of these atrocities that have taken place," Iran's foreign minister said. He called President Trump's ban "an affront to the entire nation."

Iran: No to US in Syria, nuclear deal stays
"Where was the 'defensive nature' of your intervention on behalf of Bashar Assad in Syria?" I asked Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.