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Evangelicals are the highest-rated religious group among Republicans. They are the second-lowest among Democrats.

Americans Warm Up to Every Religious Group Except Evangelicals
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These two Asian love languages, food and sacrifice, are the two great symbols of the Christian church: Communion and the Cross. For subscribers:

My Home Has "Murder" in Its Name
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How American Christians rate officers’ equal treatment of racial and ethnic groups.
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The word “covenant” reveals much about God’s love for us. It does not suggest he is forced to love us.

Does God Have to Love Me?
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How to think forwardly—and critically—about one of your church’s biggest financial investments: technology.

What Tech Should My Church Get?
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Eight slaves on their lives and faith in their own words

Black Christianity Before the Civil War: Did You Know?
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If you’re a Christian female artist, a baby is going to change your career. But it does't have to end it.

Making Music and Babies: Christian Singers Open Up About Motherhood
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How African American enslaved Christians responded toward those persecuting them

America's Persecuted Church
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The dramatic reduction of refugees allowed to enter the US this fiscal year will force World Relief to shut down refugee offices Idaho, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, and Maryland.

Refugee Ban Forces World Relief to Lay Off 140 Staff
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On Christianity Today Podcasts this week:

During the Great Awakening, evangelists preached the doctrine of total depravity—to slaves and slave masters alike.

Why Your Denomination Is Segregated
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A little more than 100 years ago, one of the largest Christian movements got its start in Los Angeles.

Pentecostalism: William Seymour
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The history of Saint Valentine offers us a truthful window into how to understand our disappointments in light of Christian faith.

Embracing Valentine’s Day Disappointment
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We sing to ourselves songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. We hear the same gospel preached to us, over and over again. We lift the cup to our lips and the bread to our tongues.

And little by little, these rituals train our hearts.

Boring Church Services Changed My Life
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It was a shared mission to evangelize in Africa that brought black Baptist churches together

Baptist Power
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A church secret shopper gives his specific tweaks your congregation can make to better practice hospitality

6 Markers of Especially Welcoming Churches
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Actually, Lent is *not* about having your best life now.

Eat, Pray, Lent: Here's What Americans Actually Abstain From
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Many black and white Pentecostal Christians pushed for an integrated movement. Why wasn’t their vision achieved?

Why Pentecostalism's Multiethnic Beginning Floundered
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Help. How do I talk to my two young boys about death and heaven?

Talking with My Kids About Death
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LifeWay pulled Sho Baraka's album over its use of the word "penis." He responded, “There’s a reason we don’t target the soccer mom audience—because of this very issue.”

Challenging the Narrative: How Race Complicates the Latest LifeWay Debate