Last week, you helped secure a major victory for the US-Israel alliance. The United States Senate confirmed David Friedman to be our next Ambassador to Israel.

Most ambassador nominations are not controversial. But this one was. Many anti-Israel organizations lined up to pressure the Senate to defeat Friedman's nomination. Their chief argument was that Friedman was too "extreme" for...
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If only Abbas stopped at merely glorifying terror. He doesn’t. He and the Palestinian Authority (PA) he runs provide rich financial rewards to terrorists. In 2016, PA payments to terrorists and their families exceeded $300 million.

Read CUFI Director David Brogs article outlining how the so called 'moderate. Mahmoud Abbas has continued to embrace terror and the murder of Israeli civilians.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Embrace of Terror | Make a Difference for Israel Everyday
This Pray for Israel Sunday, let us pay for the peace and security of all Israel. Israel stands on the front line against terror and extremism, with Hizbollah, Hamas, ISIS and Iran all on its borders. We pray the Lord protect and defend Israel and its people, we ask the Lord to strengthen the hands of the IDF in the face of daily threats and we ask the Lord to bring Peace to Jerusalem, the...
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“Greenblatt is a true lover of Jerusalem,” Nir Barkat Mayor of Jerusalem

It is encouraging to see more and more top level meetings taking place between US and Israeli officials. Reflecting a renewed warmth and friendship between Israel and the United States of America. This is a true reflection of the American people, America stands with Israel.

Jerusalem mayor, President Trump’s peace envoy meet in White House | Make a Difference for Israel Everyday
When the Lord is for us, no matter of the number or the percieved strength of those who oppose us, they will never prevail.
America stand with Israel, it always has and always will.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

As we see Anti-Semitism sky rocketing all over the world, it is imperative that we remember where incitement and hatred of the Jews has led. Join Erick Stakelbeck as he takes a tour through Yad Vashem: World Holocaust Center, Jerusalem in Israel
Seek the wisdom in humility!
Tonight on The Watchman with the global impact of terror spreading daily join Erick Stakelbeck as he investigates how two of the most deadly terror goes on Earth, Hamas and ISIS are working together on Israel's border. Also as the battle for truth intensifies from the campus to congress, Erick talks to CUFI director David Brog about his new book: Reclaiming Israel's History: Roots, Rights,...
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We are awake, we are standing tall and for Zion's sake we will not be silent!!
CUFI dropped in to the Facebook headquarters in Israel and wanted to write on the ultimate Facebook wall. Naturally we wanted to say how much we love Israel. You can't like it on that wall but you can like it here.
To celebrate 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem and the jubilee year we will be sharing some great facts about Jerusalem. Today we look at the history to expose all those who deny the Jewish link to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. If there is no link, then why even today is Hannukah celebrated commenting the Jewish revolt that took place in 2nd century BC? Sometimes even the...
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#Fridayfeeling Know that the Lord has this! No matter what is going on, no matter how dark it may seem in your life, the Lord will illuminate that darkness. Trust in His love, it is unfailing and with all your heart turn to Him!
The battle against Israel is taking place all over our nation, and in ever place CUFI is there fighting for truth! Listen to CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandy Hagee Parker take a stand against BDS and supporting Texas HB 89, an anti-BDS statute prohibiting economic anti-Semitism. Texans, don’t let your tax dollars be used as a weapon against Israel.
CUFI has a video in the Inspired by Israel video contest! We need your help. Please click on the link and vote for our IC video.

Growing up in Sudan, Taj was taught to hate the Jewish State. After fleeing the horrific genocide in Darfur, he escaped to Israel. What he found there changed everything.

Thank you for your support, let us know where you're voting from.
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One man from Darfur reveals the shocking truth about Israel
“CUFI is very pleased the Senate has confirmed David Friedman to be the next US Ambassador to Israel. He is the President’s choice and is the right man for this extremely challenging post. We look forward to working with Amb. Friedman and the entire Trump team to advance our shared goal of strengthening the US-Israel relationship,” - Pastor John Hagee.

President Donald J. Trump's pick to be...
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CUFI Welcomes Senate Confirmation of Amb. David Friedman | Make a Difference for Israel Everyday
Read the new op-ed by CUFI Director David Brog, the op-ed is an excerpt from his new book Reclaiming Israel's History which available now: [ Link ]

350 Wrongs And One Right | Make a Difference for Israel Everyday
Be satisfied with what you have! It can be so difficult with the lure of the material world. But turn to the Lord and ask for what is good in His eyes and you will have plenty of all that is good!
Join us 9:30pm (EST) for a Facebook live event with Erick Stakelbeck discussing the terror attack in London today! Don't miss out on this exclusive Facebook event!