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Christina Novelli
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Gonna send a nude to everyone that follows me on Insta today [ Link ]
Hey guys!
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CHRISTINA NOVELLI ORIGINALS + REMIXES, a playlist by Christina Novelli on Spotify
Can’t wait for this one!

Bali, I’ll be back at Sky Garden Bali this Sunday!!

Don’t miss out.
Hello from down under
“If we went back to the place where we began...”

Where We Began (Mix Cut) - MaHi Remix
CulAh Fest in Bangalore was amazing!!

Not even the rain could stop us from raging!! ❤

Shout out to Nocturnal Networks for making it happen.
Super ill, but FUCK it! It's show time bitches!!
Super excited for tonight’s show at Crystal - W Doha, Qatar!!

Are you ready?!

I'm so excited to announce I'm taking over Electric For Life tonight!

I'm on in 1 hour

Happy new year mother fuckers! Go accomplish your dreams, take no shit, be yourself, be crazy, and most of all be happy and healthy!

Love you all and thanks for all your support!!!
Thank you for having me you massive legend!!

What a great end to this wonderful year! ❤

Happy New Year guys!! ????

#EFLNY #2017
N E W Y O R K this weekend!!

Be Merry.

Happy Holidays guys!!!
Thank you to everyone who voted, you are all amazing!!! ❤❤

New Melodic Dubstep remix of Save Me by MorpheuZ!!

Available on Electric For Life 2016

[ Link ]

Save Me (Mix Cut) - MorpheuZ Remix
London we are broadcasting live!!!!!! I'm on in an hour ❤❤❤

Join me!!!!! [ Link ]