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had such a wonderful new year eve performing with Billy Joel & my favorite 11 people on the planet again! happy 2017 from my family to yours!!!!
see you there!!!!
photo by Lindsey Byrnes
glam by April Bautista
hey everyone! check out my best friend Elmo Lovano's latest inspiring Jammcard project called "how i go the gig" !!!!!
HEY SUNRISE, FLORIDA!!! I'm coming to play for you with Billy Joel on NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!!
cold rainy day in new york city.
perfect day for learning chords like "D#m7b5"
if you disagree with the presidential-elect and you're wondering what to do... take action!!! don't turn a blind eye, don't be sad, don't just vent on social media, do something. here are 7 organizations that are going to need support right now. for the next 4 years we have to ban together and help the people most at risk in our beautiful country. that is what love is. we can get through this....
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so proud to be american.
so proud to be a woman.
so proud to be able to vote.
hiiii come chat with me right now! let's talk about #whatsunderneath that makes you feel beautiful ❤
Come chat with me about #whatsunderneath tomorrow! Meanwhile, sign up for Fullscreen to watch my episode:
IT'S HERE! so honored to share my stories with you. my episode of #whatsunderneath is out now! endless thanks to Style Like U and Fullscreen for creating this movement and for reminding us what beauty really is.
my episode of #whatsunderneath
monday september 19th
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so honored to be a part of this.
so excited to share it with you.
beauty is #whatsunderneath
check out my episode on monday 9.19
thank you Style Like U and Fullscreen <3
photo by Lindsey Byrnes
glam by April Bautista

photo by Lindsey Byrnes
glam by April Bautista