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Before my night ends I wanted to post this video of one of my workouts in my Fitplan because everything I post I 120% do. Sometimes the simplest of exercises give you the best results with the right form, intensity and healthy eating. I make sure not just my Fitplan but all my programs including my ebooks are exactly what I did at one time or another and are updated with the time and of course...
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Christina Vargas
12/05/2016 at 19:37. Facebook
Late night workout trying to get myself motivated in this Chicago weather. Stealing Kai Greene exercise the jefferson squat and super setting it with a full body movement squat to shoulder press. You need to hold yourself accountable for gains not made. Truth is in life you have to be a little selfish to be happy. You need to put time in yourself not just do for others or you will never...
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Christina Vargas
12/03/2016 at 17:52. Facebook
Christmas picture day with my girl. The love of my life. I promise nothing else matters but your happiness.
Christina Vargas
12/02/2016 at 23:25. Facebook
I do not normally share a lot of posts but when I see things that are meaningful and touch my heart deeply I like to share them with the world. You have to love yourself for who you are and never look at someone else's life like it was your own. I hate people who break others down and maybe that is because when I was very young I was broken down by bullies. So now I do things that I love and...
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Christina Vargas
12/01/2016 at 01:00. Facebook
Someone's a walker and she just turned 10 months on the 27th love my big girl. She started walking at 9 Months on the 24th but I couldn't catch a video. Now she's walking much more. Life's way of showing you your riches. #MyBella
These two pictures mean a lot to me. The one on the right I was 1 Week Postpartum and I still looked pregnant. Some women can just have the baby and after they deliver they look skinny again. Well I ended up with over 8 bags of IV and swelled up that whole week. I was so embarrassed and emotionally upset with how I looked I couldn't even look at the camera. I tortured myself with taking these...
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Bedtime for this girl but I am so stoked my hair stayed. I usually don't get dolled up. I am lazy and boring. lol So it's a must post before the night ends. #Vargas
Let me take a selfie. I am feeling myself a little with this fire red hair. On my much needed date with the hubby. #Vargas
Cyber Monday Starts Now! All my EBooks are 25% OFF. When you purchase my Mommy Makeover Fitplan you receive 50% off any of my ebooks. Don't miss out on this special deal. #Vargas
Nothing like a good pump for #flexfriday because we all know that fitness is life. #Vargas
Black Friday is finally here. After feasting our hearts out for Thanksgiving it's also time to get back on track before Christmas week. All my ebooks are 25% off with coupon code blackfriday. Anyone who purchases my Fitplan gets 35% off my ebooks. Don't miss out on this one time deal! Happy Shopping #Vargas
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. ????❤
Those booty gains thou. Working hard to reshape and tone the booty. I always get asked what I do. Since it's #humpday there is no better day to answer those questions.

Here are my 3 favorite booty exercises.

• Squats
• Barbell Hip Thrusts
• Reverse Lunges

Happy Wednesday and happy Booty lifting. #Vargas
I get a lot of requests inquiring how I got my stomach to bounce right back after having a baby and it's pretty simple. Proper meal plan I created for myself, dedication to working out which I created for myself and keeping proper form. I like to keep a lot of my movements simple and easy. Here are two ab workouts I do in the gym religiously. Nothing like a 6 pack after having a baby to give...
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She is the purest form of innocence. Has no knowledge of the world. Carries no opinions of people has no hate in her heart and loves. Innocents is beauty and I plan on teaching her the true meaning of beauty. Seeing people and life for the good not materialistic things but things you can only feel from the heart. Happy Saturday my loves. #Vargas
My morning is filled with so much joy because of this cutie pie. I hope your Friday is beautiful too. However if not remember love is all around us and you just have to want to love it back too. Good morning everyone make sure to smile today even if the sun is not out. #Vargas
Before I go to bed I want to remind my ladies you have 3 days left to join my #VargasChallenge . There are so many of you who’ve started my @Fitplan_App and I’m so excited to be on this journey with you. All you have to do is download my app, and subscribe to either of my workout programs. Stick with me for 90 days Link in my bio Nite Nite #Vargas
Since it's #humpday it's only right to post a booty combo I did late last night. This is my upgraded home gym but you can do this at home or at the gym. It's persistence and wanting to give up but never do. I keep getting asked what keeps me motivated. It's the point when you want to give up is when results start to happen. Plus my mini I need to be strong for her. If you think babies are easy...
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