pretty much sums up me when I arrived home, now I can't sleep. I'm such a r tard. please gief sleep [ Link ]

Christopher Alesund (@GeT_RiGhTcs) posted a photo on Twitter
Saw this picture over at the reddit page and thought it's giving some sort of truth about me, which is nice I guess.
I do really enjoy watching CS and have since long long time, can't really put a number or say exactly how long I've done that.. but the big games, big stages, places where tours are played in makes me surprised on how big this game is and what I've dreamed to make the game that...
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like this one. #GONINJAS
Haven't heard anyone have big problems from the pros in csgo, can be hard time to time with travel but yeah [ Link ]

Maurice on Twitter
Got this from @HLTVorg from top20 of 2016. not sure what I believe about it, good motivation boost however!
#TBT #ESLKatowice #2015

by Perra "akidos" Andersen
lunch with ze team @adamfriberg7 #GONINJAS #dhvegas
"Soon our journey starts for heading over cross the atlanta for Dreamhack Vegas, I haven't yet starting to believe we're heading to a tournament soon.. since it feels like a life time ago. .
I feel that my training for this tournament have gone to where I wanted it to be. Now, it's matter of if I'll perform to the level I want to or not. Can't do anything more at this moment then just...
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something I just made on FACEIT Pro League

by Perra "akidos" Andersen