The term ‘robustness’ is often used when describing analytical instruments, but what does it really mean? A truly robust instrument is both sensitive and precise, producing reliable measurements while maintaining flexibility to handle a variety of analyses: [ Link ]

How Robust Instruments and Workflows Can Optimize Lab Tests and Processes | Lab Manager
In this interview, LCGC spoke with Prof. Amadeo Fernández-Alba to share his thoughts on developments in GC-HRAM-MS and the prospects for the use of these powerful instruments for routine analysis in the future. Hear the podcast:

Podcast and Q&A: GC-Orbitrap™ MS Technology for Pesticide Analysis
More and more, consumers are opting for food products that they can accurately track from ‘farm to fork’. To meet this trend and enable consumers to make more educated decisions on their purchases, technologies used for the analysis of food authenticity, integrity and safety are continuously evolving. Find out what's in store for 2017:

Focus was on pesticide residues and beverage analysis - Thermo
With Gene Therapy We Could Direct Our Own Evolution ✂
Non-random, deliberate human genetic engineering is new, and it is a big deal! [ Link ]

With Gene Therapy We Could Direct Our Own Evolution
Precision medicine offers the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Read today’s blog post on #AnalyteGuru for a deeper look into precision medicine and the changes, implications and requirements that come with it. [ Link ]

Personalized Medicine Quick Guide - Analyte Guru - Post
Contamination from medicines may prove to be a defining environmental issue of our time.
Recent studies have shown that pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment are a global problem.
Read this interesting article to know more

Murky Waters
New proteomics tools are helping researchers tackle big challenges – like unraveling the secrets of gene silencing: [ Link ]
It’s easy to dismiss things outside of your comfort zone, but sometimes you stumble upon something magical! In the case of today’s blog post, that magical something is biotherapeutics. Read on to find out more about recent advancements and resources on #AnalyteGuru [ Link ]

Biotherapeutics are really boring… - Analyte Guru - Post
The evolution of Quantitation may not be present in every lab, but the effect will be felt by all in the near future. See today’s blog post on #AnalyteGuru to read more about the changing landscape of quantitation.

Gear Up for Tomorrow’s Quantitation - Analyte Guru - Post
Your brain is plastic ????. No, not the kind you’re thinking of – that grey matter which is currently processing these letters has an amazing ability to adapt and keep on learning! You too can be a memory master. Maybe. [ Link ]

Brain training turns recall rookies into memory masters
Learn about using differentiated technology in food integrity workflows in a series of new webinars starting 29 March from Thermo Fisher Scientific and New Food Magazine – first in series discusses Use of Stable Isotope Analysis in Commercial Food Authenticity Testing. [ Link ]

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Webinar Series
SelectSceince announced Thermo Fisher Scientific the winner of the Reviewer’s Choice Award ™ for Company of the Year. President of the Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Analytical Instruments Group, Dan Shine, accepted the award. Thank you @SelectScience for the great honor!

News | Scientists' Choice Awards
The dates are set for National Forensic Science Week -- what will you do to participate?

National Forensic Science Week | August 7-13, 2016
Get structural insight into protein charge variants with the resources in our online learning center! [ Link ]

Charge Variant Analysis Information | Thermo Fisher Scientific
Read the article! Soluble products from thermal dissolution of two Chinese coals were analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization orbitrap mass spectrometry.

Analysis of soluble components in coals and interpretations for the complex mass spectra
The Lab Optimization and Robustness series continues! Today we’re covering Organic Elemental Analyzers on #AnalyteGuru [ Link ]

Robustness Enhances Lab Optimization Analysis Processes – Part 7: Organic Elemental Analyzers (OEA) - Analyte Guru - Post
We are excited to announce that Thermo Fisher Scientific won SelectSciences’ Scientists’ Choice Awards® for Article of the Year at Pittcon 2017. Alexander Makarov, Orbitrap inventor & Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Director of Global Research accepted the award. Read the article below! Thank you SelectScience for the great honor! [ Link ]

Chromatography Solutions
This March 28 webinar from Thermo Fisher Scientific and Separation Science covers UHPLC method development best practices, efficiencies, transfers and more for optimization of UHPLC methods for Food and Beverage analysis.

Optimization of UHPLC Methods for Food and Beverage Analysis Form
Understand the profile of your biotherapeutic drug to ensure its stability, binding affinity & efficacy. Click here to gather essential resources so you can meet your needs for robust charge variant profiling. [ Link ]

Charge Variant Analysis | Thermo Fisher Scientific
Who says Pi Day is just for the math enthusiasts? Scientists get to join the fun, too! Today’s blog post argues that scientists might actually have MORE fun with pi! #AnalyteGuru [ Link ]

Hey Science Nerds…Pi Day Isn’t Just for Math Geeks - Analyte Guru - Post