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A new look at the bites and stings inflicted by Australia's venomous creatures shatters stereotypes about which most threaten human health.

Australia's most dangerous venom isn't what you'd think - Futurity

Are you ready for M(o)ore? #BioPharMoore episode 5 is here! Join Dr. Kyle D’Silva on tour with Dr. Andrew Feilden from Smithers Rapra and the USP, talking extractables & leachables regulations with an Indian twist!

BioPharMoore Episode 5: Cooking Up Extractables & Leachables, Indian Style - Analyte Guru - Video

Join Dr. Bhattacharyya in today’s blog post as he explores the impact of transitioning from small molecules to large molecules in the targeted world of quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceuticals that has been traditionally dominated by triple quadrupole MS. #AnalyteGuru [ Bit.ly Link ]

Transitioning from Small to Large Molecule Quantitation – It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult - Analyte Guru - Post

The Moon looks good for its age! Isotope analysis reveals the moon is hundreds of millions of years older than some estimates suggest

New evidence backs early formation theory for the moon

It is anticipated that LC-MS/MS is poised to evolve to meet future clinical needs. Download our infographic:

Is your lab prepared for a new era of healthcare?

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Analyte Guru – Your Lab’s Educational Resource

It’s time to look back on 2016 & think about what we want to achieve in 2017. Maybe you’ve added something related to “skinny jeans” to your resolution list? Maybe you’re looking for something to help face the fast-paced world of bio/pharma with ease & agility? If the latter is more your style, check out this post from Dr. Rowan Moore on her achievable resolutions. And best of luck with the...
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10 Pharma New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep - Analyte Guru - Post

Show some appreciation. Mucus is on your side.

Dear Science: What's the point of mucus?

A new study links short sleep at night during pregnancy and gestational diabetes, which can result in complications for both mother and baby.

Could better sleep prevent gestational diabetes? - Futurity

Scientists developed a mass spectrometry method to analyze intact proteins in native conditions. Read more: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Scientists are working to improve the abilities of therapeutic antibodies to flag cancer cells (orange) for destruction by macrophages (blue).

Image of the Day: Feeding Time | The Scientist Magazine®

Get the latest developments in #peptidemapping technology for the biopharmaceutical industry in this new whitepaper from @tAnaSci!

Thermo Fisher Scientific Peptide Mapping Whitepaper

Join Dr. Tim Cross for a glimpse into the future of analytical science in today’s blog post on #AnalyteGuru [ Bit.ly Link ]

Analytical Science in 2037 - Analyte Guru - Post

Have you reached your evolutionary peak? Are animals still evolving? In short, the answer seems to be yes – and some are evolving quicker than others, sometimes even a few generations can yield noticeable changes…

Are animals still evolving?

Researchers at Emory University have identified protein co-expression networks linked to Alzheimer's disease using label-free quantitation on a Thermo Fisher Scientific QExactive Plus instrument, leading to a set of new protein biomarkers and drug targets. Learn more about their findings in this article

Alzheimer's Researchers Identify Protein Co-Expression Networks Linked to Disease

Synthetic opioids like the ones mentioned in this article are some of the deadliest drugs of abuse and are part of the fastest growing class of novel psychoactive substances. Thermo Fisher Scientific continues mass spectrometry advancements, making it easier to reliably screen large drug panels and identify highly similar fentanyl analogues. Read the article:

Inside the DEA: A Chemist's Quest to Identify Mystery Drugs

One More Reason to Stay Trim: Reduce Your Liver Cancer Risk
Being overweight or obese increases a person’s risk of developing many types of cancer [ Bit.ly Link ]

One More Reason to Stay Trim: Reduce Your Liver Cancer Risk - CANCER RESEARCH Catalyst

What shaped 2016? CRISPR, Zika Virus, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence…? See some of the top stories from 2016 according to Nature.

2016 in news: The science events that shaped the year

We have a while until spring flowers pop up, but here's a flower that you can enjoy in any weather! #chromatography

Chemicals Are Your Friends! » How to make Chromatography Flowers!