Chuck Norris
03/25/2017 at 16:41. Facebook
A big part of my martial arts success is because I trained with many different instructors, in many different martial arts styles.
My business success has come by learning from many different highly successful business entrepreneurs.
No matter what you have accomplished in the past, always be a student of success.

God bless, Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
03/23/2017 at 22:26. Facebook
My wife Gena and I recently had the honor of meeting Mark Parry.
Mark is a brave young man who is in the fight for his life.

[ Link ]

God bless, Chuck Norris

About Utah: Chuck Norris visits former LDS missionary diagnosed with cancer
Chuck Norris
03/22/2017 at 20:54. Facebook
A BIG thanks to all of you who took time to vote for us.


God bless, Chuck Norris

Readers name their favorite new beverage of February
Hey Google Play I heard you like challenges. Well I got one for you. It’s about my game Nonstop Chuck Norris Do it. Or else.
Several of you have left comments asking me why I am endorsing CForce water.

Well... this is not just a product endorsement. This water comes out of the ground at my Lone Wolf Ranch & is piped straight to the bottling plant across the street, that my wife Gena and I own.

God bless, Chuck Norris

CForce Water by Chuck Norris
Here's a little workout story I shared with my buddy Frank Kovacs, while filming footage for a new Total Gym commercial.
My wife Gena, our CForce Team & I, are very excited. Our CForce artesian water (that comes from my ranch) is in the finals of the contest below.

I would appreciate it if you would take a minute and vote for us.

Simply click on the link and scroll down the page until you see a bottle of my CForce water. Then click on the circle to the left of it, scroll down and cast your vote by clicking...
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Readers' Choice: New Product of the Month, February 2017 | Beverage Industry
Here's a very cool aerial shot over part of my Lone Wolf ranch.

In the distance you can see our CFORCE Bottling Company across the highway.

Thank you Robbie for the photo!

God bless, Chuck Norris
Here's a great aerial view of our beverage bottling plant. It's right across the street from our ranch.

We have a great team helping spread our CForce water across the country. God bless, Chuck & Gena Norris
We toured the Tarrant County Sheriff's office. Outstanding! We thank-you all for your service and dedication to the citizens of Tarrant County. We also attended the Tarrant County Lincoln Dinner with Sheriff Bill Waybourn, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Judge Roy Kurban and other Tarrant County Officals. Also, a photo of our dear friends, Sheriff Bill Waybourn, and his beautiful wife Laura. God...
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Today is an important day for our Kickstart Kids Foundation. Can you help? Thanks, Chuck & Gena Norris
Thanks to all of you asking where you can purchase our CForce water.

Currently it can be purchased on Amazon, Maverik stores and Brookshire Brothers Food & Pharmacy.

And coming very soon to United Supermarkets.

God bless, Chuck & Gena Norris
What is your favorite "fact" of mine? Thanks, Chuck Norris.
I made the movie "Forest Warrior" in 1996. What did you think of this one? God bless, Chuck Norris.
After "Hellbound" I made the movie Top Dog" in 1995. Does anyone remember the dog's name? God bless, Chuck Norris
From 1993 to 2001, I filmed "Walker, Texas Ranger". Do you have a favorite episode? God bless, Chuck Norris
Live with the Diesel Brothers, Nitro, the 1st four "Truck Norris" finalist, friends & fans. Make sure you visit your local Maverik store, register to win "Truck Norris" & pick up some CForce water. Thanks, Chuck Norris
Watch me on the Diesel Brothers show tonight, where we unveil "Truck Norris" for the first time. You can register to win "Truck Norris at your local Maverik store for free. Pick up some of my CForce water while you are there. Thanks, Chuck Norris