Today, black rhinos remain Critically Endangered because of rising demand for rhino horn, which has driven poaching to record levels. More reason why Seyia's upcoming birth is so important to this species. She is due this summer.
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It's getting hard to tell the pups from the adults!
Tiger cub staring contest. #Caturday
Have you always dreamed of going to the Galapagos Islands? Join the zoo for the trip of a lifetime this August! Click below to learn all about this amazing experience.
Fiona starts to explore larger spaces to get exercise and gain muscle strength. She even tests out her speed.
Happy 8th Birthday to Sally the takin! Sally just gave birth to her second calf on March 18th. Look for them to be outside soon.
The Cincinnati Zoo is excited to share that in early February, an ArmonΓ­a expedition discovered a new breeding area of the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw. The Zoo helped fund this important project as part of our mission and commitment to saving wildlife and wild places. Click on the photo to read the full story.

Discovery of breeding area for rare blue-throated macaw raises hopes for survival in the wild
Did you know you can support the zoo AND get up close encounters with some of our residents? We're taking you on a sneak peek of our new Friends on the Farm behind the scenes tour during this #fblive! Learn more: [ Link ]
It's Photo Caption Friday! Come up with a clever caption for this photo of Fiona and we will choose our favorite. The winner will receive 2 tickets to see Matilda The Musical on Broadway on April 5th at 7:30pm courtesy of Broadway in Cincinnati. Matilda the Musical will be coming to the Aronoff Center in April.
They love their caregivers!
Water play is an important form of exercise for Fiona. As you can see, she enjoys this activity and has learned how to go up and down the ramp to her smaller water tub all by herself! #TeamFiona
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Look who showed up today! Our first tulip of the season! This is an emperor tulip one of the early blooming variety of tulips. We will keep everyone posted on when peak week will be.
Fiona is learning to be more independent and spending less time physically touching her human caregivers. This is all part of the plan to transition her to being in the hippo bloat. Find out more from head keeper Wendy by clicking the image below.

Hippo Blog #6: From Humans to Hippos | Cincinnati Zoo Blog
Check out this #FBLive from Sumatra of Delilah the 10-month-old Sumatran rhino. Delilah's father is none other than Andalas who was born here at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2001. Andalas was sent to Sumatra in 2007 in order to breed and help save his species. Sumatran rhinos are the most critically endangered large mammals on earth!
It's World Water Day! In 2006 The Cincinnati Zoo launched a major initiative to reduce water usage. Since that time we've saved well over 1 billion gallons of water as well as over 5.5 million dollars in water bills. #GreenestZooInAmerica
Listen to an interview with our Director of Animal Health, Dr. Mark Campbell about the extensive care provided to Fiona as well as what it takes to keep the 2,000 animals that call the Zoo home healthy.

The Care Of Baby Hippo Fiona And All The Animals At The Cincinnati Zoo
Takin arrives right on time! Seven-year-old takin Sally gave birth to a healthy calf on Saturday, March 18. Her previous calf, born in 2015, had to be hand-reared due to medical issues, so this is her first real attempt to raise offspring. Her care staff has observed multiple nursing sessions and reported that the calf looks good and strong. Click below to learn more. [
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Baby Takin Arrives Right on Time – The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Fiona tipped the scales at 101 pounds this morning. This significant milestone puts her closer to becoming a real hippo! She has a great appetite and is now consuming hay and grain in addition to formula. Go #TeamFiona!