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The PNC Festival of Lights will be closed tonight but will re-open tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving ~ From your Cincinnati Zoo family.
You can interact with our friendly goats every night during the PNC Festival of Lights starting at 4pm.
Takins have several adaptations to help them stay warm. Their large, moose-like snout has big sinus cavities to warm up the air inhaled before it gets to the lungs. Without this adaptation, takins would lose a large amount of body heat just by breathing.
Congratulations to Security Supervisor Joe Desjardins on being selected as Cincinnati Zoo’s Hi-F.I.V.E. (Freakin’ Incredible Visitor Experience) award winner! This award is given quarterly to an employee that has excelled in supporting our goal to “Provide the best visitor experience in the nation by connecting people through genuine and memorable moments”. Joe can be found anywhere and...
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Please help us welcome female polar bear "Anana" to the Cincinnati Zoo! Three polar bears from three different Zoos traveled a combined 1600 miles to their new homes yesterday. After vet checks and some time to get comfortable in her new home, visitors will be able to see Anana and male, Little One, in the Kroger Lords of the Arctic exhibit. If all goes well, they could breed this spring and...
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Cincinnati Zoo Welcomes New Polar Bear – The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

One area of the PNC Festival of Lights that is often overlooked is Gingerbread Village. Peek inside and find the mouse hiding in each of the 4 gingerbread houses.
Congrats to Andrew Hook. We chose his caption "Jim, did you take care of the red pandas? All it says in your progress report is 'logged'" as the winner. Enjoy your tickets to the PNC Festival of Lights.
Cincinnati Zoo's Sumatran rhino breeding program ended a year ago when Harapan, the last of his kind in the Western Hemisphere, moved to the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary to find a mate. CREW scientists were at the sanctuary last week and have confirmed that he is fertile! There's #HopeForHarry to contribute to the survival of his species. Learn more...

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Also called the pygmy chimp, the bonobo is slightly smaller than the common chimpanzee. Sharing more than 98% of its DNA with humans, the bonobo is our closest living relative. Like humans, bonobos live in family groups and are highly intelligent.
Sly the arctic fox sporting her new winter white coat.
Tonight is the first night you can use your half price coupons for the PNC Festival of Lights. You can pick up coupons at local Skyline Chili locations. Coupons are valid Nov. 21-23, Nov. 28-30 & Dec. 5-7.
The Cheetah Cubs are now about 7 months old. Check out what's new with them.
Visit local Skyline Chili locations to pick up half price coupons for the PNC Festival of Lights. Half price coupons are valid Nov. 21-23, Nov. 28-30 & Dec. 5-7.
The Cincinnati Zoo was the first US Zoo to open an exhibit devoted to insects in 1978, and was awarded the American Zoo and Aquarium Association’s (AZA) Exhibit Award. Many significant achievements in husbandry, breeding and display of particular species, including the bullet ant, Peruvian fire stick and giant water bug, have received special awards over the years. Who else loves our World...
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The 34th annual PNC Festival of Lights opens to the public tonight!! NEW this year - you can now visit with Santa starting at 4pm! Buy your tickets online to save time and money.
Upside down red panda cub! Does it get any cuter? These animals spend most of their lives in trees and even sleep in the treetops.
We're kicking off the 34th annual PNC Festival of Lights during our Members Only Preview. The event opens tomorrow November 19 to the public. #fblive
PNC Festival of Lights at sunset! Spectacular!
We will be #fblive tonight during our Members Preview Night as Santa lights the tree and officially kicks off the PNC Festival of Lights! Tune in around 6pm.