Our first Zoo baby of 2017 is a guereza colobus! This type of monkey was once thought to be abnormal because it has no thumb, or only a stub where the digit would usually be. Born last week to first-time-mom Adanna and dad Tiberius, the still-unnamed little one is strong, alert and nursing. Gender is not yet known.
Blakely is ready for his morning walk in his wet weather gear.
Today is Lucy the Bearcat's 9th Birthday! She celebrated with a special cake made just for her! Contrary to the name, it is neither a bear nor a cat, but belongs to the civet and mongoose family. Spending most of its time in the trees, it slowly and skillfully walks along branches at night while foraging for fruit and small animals.
We love warm winter days when all the animals can be outside including our baby giraffes, Zoey & Cora!
We're with the newest members of the Cincinnati Zoo's little penguin colony! #fblive #birdsareawesome
Congrats to Liz Lipton! We chose her caption "I ran so fast my eyelids are frozen shut!" as the winner! Enjoy your tubing passes to Perfect North Slopes!
The African painted dog pups are growing bigger and stronger every day.
Wolfman Jack, our new male Mexican wolf. A wolf’s howl can be heard more than five miles away.
Is your company looking for ways to have fun and take meaningful action through community service? Why not spend the day at the Zoo helping to beautify our gardens? Click below to learn more.

Volunteer – The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

It's a perfect night to snuggle up with your sweetheart! The snow leopard’s five-inch thick coat affords great protection from the cold. The coat also comes in handy as camouflage, helping the leopard blend in with the rocky terrain to hide from potential prey.
Belonging to a group known as the conehead katydids, the rhinoceros katydid sports a horn-like projection atop its head. The horn is used to ward off attacks from hungry bats. While most katydids are herbivores, the rhinoceros katydid feeds on animals as well as plants with the help of a large, mighty jaw.
Hey! It's Penguin Days presented by FirstEnergy Solutions featuring HALF-PRICE zoo admission and special animal encounters through March 10th! Come visit me!
This video shows how much the pups love raspberry extract! It smells delicious and they enjoy rubbing themselves in it and even licking this specific scent enrichment that was spread on their enrichment toys. Scent enrichment is a natural way to stimulate our animal's senses. Examples we use here at the Cincinnati Zoo include feces from other animals, old colognes and perfumes, spices or...
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Please wish Hudo a Happy 14th Birthday today! That may seem old for a lizard but a Komodo dragon can live more than 50 years!
With support from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and other sponsors, SANCCOB has bolstered wild African penguin populations by an estimated 19%! Learn more about the organization and see how the Zoo helps through our behind-the-scenes tours here:

African penguins – The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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It's Photo Caption Friday! Come up with a clever caption for this photo and we will choose our favorite. The winner will receive 2 tubing passes at Perfect North Slopes. Good luck!
Register today for NEW! Holiday Day Camps. These single-day, full-day camps are for 4-year-olds through 6th graders offered on Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day. All Zoo Camps are age-appropriate and are guaranteed to be a WILD time. Don’t delay and register today.

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Penguin Parades will happen at 11:00am & 2:30pm, Friday-Monday. The penguins will not be parading on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but meet their keepers at Wings of the World for a special encounter at 11:00am & 2:30pm! Penguin Days presented by FirstEnergy Solutions offers HALF-PRICE admission through March 10th!
By the 1970’s, Mexican wolves, a subspecies of the gray wolf, were extinct in the United States. Seen as a nuisance and blamed for the loss of cattle and property, bounties were put on the wolves, leading to over-killing. Click below to learn more about their come-back story.

The Hidden Meaning in the Howl of the Wolf: A Wolf Conservation Story | Cincinnati Zoo Blog