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Experience: it only gets better with age.

Watch The Intern on now.
02/16/2017 at 14:53. Facebook
The maze was only the beginning.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is now available on Cinemax.
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Wish your Valentine would look at you the way Mac looks at Joni? With Season 1 of #Quarry on DVD & Blu-Ray, you can have just that.

Get it here now
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"I must not tell lies."

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes to Cinemax at 5:30pm.
02/05/2017. Facebook
Get ready for Superbowl Sunday with a classic.

Watch Friday Night Lights at 4:30. Only on Cinemax.
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"I'm gonna have to science the sh*t out of this."

Don't miss Matt Damon in The Martian, premiering tonight at 8pm.
01/28/2017. Facebook
You can't kill her, but you can sure try.

Angelina Jolie is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, airing tonight at 10pm.
01/25/2017. Facebook
"Trying to kill him and failing...just pisses him off."

Don't miss The Bourne Ultimatum tonight at 8pm.
01/18/2017. Facebook
Fate rarely calls at a moment of our choosing.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen airs tonight at 10pm.
01/16/2017. Facebook
Every legend has a beginning.

Pan comes to Cinemax tonight at 10pm.
01/13/2017. Facebook
A new animated comedy series from Mike Judge comes to Cinemax later this year. Read more on the exciting news below

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Judge Animated Country Music Series Greenlighted By Cinemax
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What's better than seeing George Clooney once? Seeing George Clooney three times in a row. Catch him tonight on Cinemax:
8:05 Leatherheads
10:00 Ocean's 13
12:05 Solaris
01/11/2017. Facebook
"In the end it comes down to who can tell the best lie longest."

Kit Harington stars in MI-5 tonight at 10pm.
01/07/2017. Facebook
Find out where fantastic lies. Don't miss Fantastic Four tonight at 10pm on Cinemax.
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Get back to the grind with Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL tonight on Cinemax at 10pm.
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Celebrate Denzel Washington's birthday with a double feature tonight on Cinemax, ending with American Gangster at 10pm.
12/25/2016. Facebook
Come together for something extraordinary and watch A Beautiful Mind tonight at 10pm.
12/24/2016. Facebook
"It's just like taking a walk in the woods...65 million years ago."

Jurassic World. Tonight at 10pm on Cinemax
12/20/2016. Facebook
You have to get lost before you find yourself. Paper Towns Movie comes to Cinemax tonight at 8:10pm.
12/14/2016. Facebook
Awkward phases have never been so entertaining. This Saturday at 8:20pm, watch American Pie on Cinemax and get a second helping with American Pie 2 at 10pm.