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#BeautyAndTheBeast topped the box office with $88.35M this weekend, if you're looking for a reason to dance! [ Link ]

What did you see in theatres this weekend?
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Morph your #PowerRangersMovie ticket stub into a SuperTicket and get an early digital copy and 500 bonus SCENE Points!

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Meet Zack, Black Ranger and pilot of the Mastodon zord. Which Power Ranger are you? Tell us and you could win a #PowerRangersMovie prize pack!
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#JusticeLeague, #SpiderManHomecoming and #GhostInTheShell made headlines this past week! Catch up here...

New poster for Justice League , Spiderman:Homecoming and a Ghost in the Shell clip top our weekly round-up
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Unite your friends and watch the first official trailer for Justice League Movie!
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What colour Power Ranger would you pick and what would your zord be? Tell us for a chance to win a #PowerRangersMovie prize pack! #FanScreen

See it in theatres now! [ Link ]
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Chips, Life, and Power Rangers make Tanner Zee's what to watch weekend preview!

Weekend Preview
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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is in theatres May 5. Tickets on Sale Now. [ Link ]
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Happy Friday movie lovers! What will you be seeing this weekend?

Tickets & Showtimes: [ Link ]
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Best jump scene ever. Check out this extended clip for #GhostInTheShell!

See it in theatres Mar 31, tickets on sale now: [ Link ]
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The Cineplex World Gaming @CallOfDuty Canadian Championship Finals go down this Sunday in Toronto! #GameOn

Want to catch all the action on the big screen? Get your tickets here: [ Link ]

And for those who can't be there live, tune in on Twitch!
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Tanner Zee interviews the cast from the #PowerRangersMovie! Catch it in theatres this weekend!

Power Rangers | Interviews
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Meet Trini, Yellow Ranger and pilot of the Sabertooth Tiger zord. Which Power Ranger are you? Tell us and you could win a #PowerRangersMovie prize pack!
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New trailers for #Baywatch, #CaptainUnderpants and #GhostIntheShell extended clip top today's movie news roundup! [ Link ]

Daily Movie News Roundup
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It helps to have a tough guy on your team!

Who would you want by your side when the gloves come off? Tag your best goon friend and you could win a #Goon2 prize pack! #FanScreen [ Link ]
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Zac Efron and Dwayne The Rock Johnson are officially on duty. Check out the trailer for Baywatch Movie! See it in theatres May 26th.
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Pandas are cute. Pandas on the big screen? Even cuter. #BornInChina
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Dax Shepard and Michael Peña slip on the aviators and talk #CHiPS with Tanner Zee!

See it in theatres this Friday!

CHiPS | Interview
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New posters! New trailers! Catch up on all of the latest movie news from #DarkTowerMovie and #BossBaby here...

New The Dark Tower poster, The Boss Baby trailer, and more make our daily roundup!
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How well do you know your Power Rangers? Go go take the quiz!

Power Rangers Quiz