Kalaya Lynn 6 months old!
Our debutant Jezza@ 18 from philiphines
Baby Lauren, 2 years old
My Dapper Dawson
Madison is all ready to go see Mickey and Minnie at Walt Disney World. She loves going there! Seeing Disney through her eyes is pure magic!!!
Ola is 8yrs old, nursery school graduate and will be enrolled into primary school by September. Down's syndrome is not limiting her. Lives with parents in Lagos, southwest Nigeria
I just wanted to tell you a little story about my son and the Laville youth football team. We moved here a year ago from New Jersey so our kids can be with all their cousins aunts uncles and grandma. My son Max has Down Syndrome. My son is a football fanatic. At the age of 3 he could sit there and watch the super bowl and not once move out of his seat. He loves football I mean really loves it....
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Hopey on holiday in Bulgaria xx
My 3 year old daughter, Chloe
Éli, 5 years old, from Montréal, Québec, Canada
This is my son Kristian Taylor & he will be 4 in September. I'm so proud of all he has achieved! He has proved doctors wrong when they said there are things he may not be able to do. He survived open heart surgery at 6 months he achieved acceptance into main stream school . He is thriving & he warms everyones heart he meets. What an amazing little boy!
Just wanted to share our great news with you all! Becky Houlihan, my little sis , came 1st in the world championship in cork did weekend!
This is Aleksandar. He is 17 years old from Macedonia.
This Is my sister Nourhene from Tunisia & she's 15 years old
This is my son Lance Josh & he is 7 years old
Photo shoot with Kalaya Lynn! #T21&Proud #Diva
Cascade's graduation!
Hi khalil I'm Elaie from Tunisia too and I'm 10
Kalaya Lynn showing off her pretty outfit aunt Jen got her!!!! 4months old!!!
Almost 4 months old!