Calling a Convention of States will allow the states to propose amendments that slash federal red tape and bureaucracy so businesses can thrive again.

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More proof of precendent for determining the rules and procedures for a Convention of States. [ Link ]

What happened at the 1889 St. Louis Convention of States
This Arizona State Senator is getting to the bottom of the issue. [ Link ]

Is DC holding the states hostage with their own money?
The answer will surprise you. [ Link ]

Who rules our nation?
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Instagram post by Convention of States Project • Feb 16, 2017 at 8:29pm UTC
Most political organizations are all talk, no action. At Convention of States, we're taking real steps towards implementing the only solution as big as the problem in Washington, D.C.

In fact, right now we have active legislation in twenty-two states. Our teams on the ground are partnering with their state legislators to advocate for this critical measure. Make YOUR voice heard by signing...
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So now the extreme left and extreme right are working... together? [ Link ]

Levin, Meckler uncover extreme left-right coalition against Convention...
Alaska, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Indiana, and Louisiana have already passed this critical legislation to call a Convention of States to limit federal power.

Several more are on the cusp of joining that list. Comment below with what state you'd like to see the join the list!
BREAKING: The North Dakota House has overwhelmingly passed our legislation to limit the feds with a vote of 69-18-7! Next up, on to the ND Senate. Congrats, COS North Dakota warriors!

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Yet another legislator stands up in support of bringing power back to the states, where it belongs. [ Link ]

How the states can smash DC's ruling class
Well, that ship has sailed.

Fortunately, the founder's gave us a method to place fiscal restraints on the federal government by calling an Article V Convention of States to propose amendments. SIGN and SHARE the petition today to force Congress to balance the budget: [ Link ]
BREAKING NEWS: Convention of States resolution SJR 2 just passed the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs with a resounding vote of 6-1.

Thank you to our more than 100,000 grassroots supporters in Texas, and to Gov Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for bolding speaking in favor of this critical legislation.
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"I think together we CAN do this. We're intelligent enough, committed enough, and I think we're brave enough." [ Link ]

Will we join George Mason and stand up with courage?