This attorney is turning down clients, all so he can do this... amazing. [ Link ]

People not Politics: Martin Harry
Some may have thought it was an impossible task... but we've actually done it.

We found a U.S. Congressman who willing to put the country before his own personal gain. [ Link ]

US Congressman: We need more than a Balanced Budget Amendment
Three of our fearless leaders were up before dawn, ready to storm the Missouri state capitol. #COSOnTheRoad
Don't worry, people of America. There's actually a way you can defend the U.S. Constitution without setting yourself on fire. [ Link ]

BREAKING NEWS: Man sets himself on fire to protest Trump's disrespect of...
Wow. When he read those words from Justice Scalia... powerful. [ Link ]

West Virginia senator: Scalia got it right on Article V
Would you move to another state if it meant lower taxes and more freedom? [ Link ]

Americans are flocking to these states with lower taxes
Headed to Missouri to meet with legislators and Convention of States grassroots supporters. We're hosting two events in Missouri on January 19th. Click here for more info: [ Link ] #COSOnTheRoad
Are you ready to make it happen? We can do it by calling a Convention of States!
Wonder how many of these painful memories happened while he was off playing golf... [ Link ]

6 really horrible Obama scandals the media is hoping you forget
Here's the single best thing Trump can do to make America great again. [ Link ]

Government’s purpose: Will Trump get it right?
Here are a few things we're willing to bet he WON'T say. [ Link ]

What will Trump say at inauguration this week?
Wish Thomas Jefferson was alive to give the IRS a good talking too...
SHARE if you think we need an amendment that places fiscal restraints on the federal government!
The American people get nervous everytime Congress convenes... it's about time the tables were turned. [ Link ]

Congress revives 140-year-old rule that has federal workers in fear - good!
By the end of January, 45 states will be in legislative session. We plan on filing our application to call a Convention of States in over two dozen states.

Now is the time for immediate action. We need 3,000 District Captains who are willing to recruit neighbors to contact their legislators during critical calls-to-action. You can commit as much or as little time as you want.

Just know...
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3,000 District Captains needed by February 1
So this month, our goal is to have 3,000 District Captains in place by February 1st.

Here’s why. Because our resolutions are filled at the state level, American citizens have a unique opportunity to impact the outcome of a vote.

We've heard from state legislators around the country, that if they receive a dozen personal phone calls, letters, or visits on one topic, they know that it’s a big...
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Isn't it about time the federal government was forced to live on a budget like the rest of us? [ Link ]

IRS dropped $12 million on e-mail system it never used which helped Lois...
Calling a Convention of States will create the permanent change in infrastructure that's needed to ensure that the swamp is drained... and NEVER fills back up again! The best part? Congress and the Supreme Court can't do anything to stop it.

SIGN and SHARE the petition. Let's drain the swamp for once and for all! [ Link ]