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Decision making should happen close to home, NOT by out-of-touch, corrupt federal politicians.

SIGN the Convention of States petition to place term limits and spending restraints on federal officials: [ Ow.ly Link ]
One of the biggest Article V debates ever is set to take place on December 7th. Here's how you can watch for free. [ Ow.ly Link ]

Let the debate begin! Watch Mark Meckler take on anti-Article V "scholars"

You'll never guess how many regulations he's on track to pass in 2016 alone. [ Ow.ly Link ]

President Obama looks to expand regulatory footprint

SHARE if you agree. How would you answer the question, "who should decide?" Leave us a comment below!
“It’s never been like this,” he said. “[Th]e Republicans are mad at Trump, and the Democrats are mad at Clinton. And the Bernie Sanders people are mad at everybody. When has that ever happened?” [ Ow.ly Link ]

A non-partisan solution to the bi-partisan D.C. problem

A local political leader and camp owner was so inspired by Convention of States, he did this. [ Ow.ly Link ]

NY team gets creative: Hundreds attend barn event

Our teams on the ground are working with state legislators of on both sides of the aisle - gaining their support for the 2017 legislative session.

But time is running short. In the next month, dozens of state legislatures will begin considering legislation. We need volunteers who are ready to call their legislators when the time comes. SIGN-UP today so we know we can count on your phone call...
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It's time that we, the people, demand that the keys to government be returned to us. [ Ow.ly Link ]

A Non-Partisan Solution To The Bi-Partisan D.C. Problem

Why are you involved in the Article V movement? Leave us a comment below! [ Ow.ly Link ]

Colorado volunteer: "This is why I'm supporting the Convention of States...

BREAKING: Jeb Bush is diving headlong into the fight to call an Article V Convention of States. [ Ow.ly Link ]

Jeb Bush voices support for "BBA, term limits, restraints on Commerce...

Here are a few of the erroneous claims modern research has debunked. [ Ow.ly Link ]

How we have learned more and more about the Constitution’s “Convention...

Some things just don't make cents.

Petition your State Legislators and ask them to call a Convention of States to put fiscal restraints on the federal government. Our nation can't afford for you to wait. SIGN the petition. --> [ Ow.ly Link ]
This year we give thanks . . . for patriotic parents like Mark, who show their kids how to make an impact on their local government as active citizens!
They're spending away the livelihood of our children and grandchildren. It's time to remind them who they work for.

SIGN and SHARE our petition to call a Convention of States and place fiscal restraints on the federal government. Our nation can't afford for you to wait: [ Ow.ly Link ]
We hosted a Simulated Convention. All fifty states were represented. Here are the exact amendments they proposed. [ Ow.ly Link ]

Six Amendments that could be proposed at a Convention of States

This holiday season, you can do more than complain to family and friends about the current political climate.

Join the Convention of States team and be a part of the only solution as big as the problem. Congressmen and Presidents come and go... but the results are always the same. More government overreach.

Click here to learn more: [ Ow.ly Link ]