Just 3 of the 100+ gargoyles we have.
Riding the "North Slide" before we open at 9am.
Progression of Mary's spider staircase.
Monstro after hours.
Ash's two headed rattle snake.
Slide inspections
Yes it will be a lovely weekend, but no the roof will not be open. As you can see it's not ready yet.
It never stops...
Another hole????
360 view of the 4th floor slide entrance.
360 view above the 4th floor slide exit.
Just doing some pre-opening inspections. Also known as climbing around.
@studiotolentino has started working on his mural. The sculpture is by #tonycragg called Spark @thaddaeusropac
Here is another 360 view, this time of Beatnik Bobs.
Here is view from the mezzanine on the main staircase.
360 view of the caves.
Psychogeography 92, 2016 Glass, Collage, Acrylic
71 x 27 x 15 Inches
New @dustinyellin is installed On view now.
Yo @dustinyellin - It's install day w/ @anchorandcanvas
Climbing around on a closed day.