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Hypercalcemia (high blood calcium), renal problems, anemia and bone problems, also known by the acronym, C.R.A.B. — reflects the typical symptoms of multiple myeloma.

City of Hope patient Donna McNutt recalls her agonizing battle against these symptoms, and how she turned despair into courage and resiliency.

How One Woman Climbed Back from Myeloma
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City of Hope’s James Lacey, Ph.D., is leading an ambitious effort to digitize data that’s been collected by more than 133,000 women over the past 20 years as part of the California Teachers Study.

Moving forward, the study — which is designed to understand why female teachers have higher rates of breast and other cancers — will allow Lacey and investigators like him to disrupt the field of...
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Women’s Cancers: Digitizing 160 Million Bits of Research Data
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Steven Rosen, M.D., Arti Hurria, M.D., Linda Bosserman, M.D., and Kim Margolin, M.D. have been named fellows by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Four City of Hope Doctors Earn Coveted Distinction
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Relapse is one of the most common fears among cancer patients. “I had this monster that was in me and I will always live with the reality that it could come back,” said City of Hope multiple myeloma patient Donna McNutt. Recently, Donna shared what it was like to live, and cope, with the anxiety of relapse.

Read Donna’s story at [ Link ]. #StoriesofHope
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The stars are beginning to line up for the 2017 City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game presented by Staples. Joining us to perform the National Anthem will be award-winning country music singer, actress and author Reba McEntire!

Full details: [ Link ].

Purchase game tickets: [ Link ]. #StrikeoutCancer17
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Even when you feel perfectly fine, it’s vital to undergo certain exams that can detect cancer early.

5 Tests Every Man Under 55 Needs
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The 2nd Annual Symposium of the CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network is coming to City of Hope on Thursday, March 23, 2017.

Join us for this exciting symposium that will highlight the goals of the CIRM ASCC Network, and feature TED-style talks presented by a broad array of members from City of Hope, UCLA, UCSD, and UC Irvine — including investigators, patient advocates, regulators, payors,...
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City of Hope's Robert Kang, M.D., M.P.H., is an assistant clinical professor in our Division of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. He brings his highly skilled surgical expertise in advanced facial reconstructive and microvascular procedures to patients with complex and challenging head and neck cancers.
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Dual-trained pediatric oncologist and scientist Leo Wang, M.D., Ph.D., is working in the lab to understand how blood cells develop and grow, and plans to use that information to help patients with cancer live longer and experience fewer side effects of treatment.

Meet Our Doctors: Leo Wang is Revolutionizing Pediatric and Blood Cancer Treatment
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City of Hope's Bart Roep, M.D., and former patient Elizabeth Jenkins, M.D., appeared on Good Day L.A. to discuss Type 1 Diabetes, and our goal to find a cure in six years as part of the Wanek Family Project for Type 1 Diabetes. #CureT1Din6

WATCH: City Of Hope's Dr. Bart Roep & Dr. Beth Jenkins on Type 1 Diabetes research
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Our Department of Supportive Care Medicine is a tightly knit unit that takes supportive care for patients just as seriously as medical treatment.

According to Matthew J. Loscalzo, L.C.S.W., Executive Director of the Biller Patient and Family Resource Center, “You cannot be the best supportive care medicine department in the world if you don’t have your values stated, and our values are very...
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Beyond Chemo: Supportive Care at City of Hope
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“My research focuses on decreasing morbidity after breast cancer surgery. I’m looking for ways to be less invasive with our surgeries, and to get patients back to their normal level of functioning quicker.” — Veronica C. Jones, M.D.
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Amazon is celebrating its #1 ranking in customer satisfaction by the ACSI! Today, March 16, Amazon will donate 5% (10 times the usual donation rate) of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to City of Hope.

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As part of National Doctors’ Day this year, we want to send a message of support to every doctor at City of Hope!

That means we need as many supporters as possible to say 'Thank You' to a City of Hope clinician, surgeon, or psychiatrist. Follow the link below to thank a City of Hope doctor!

Thank A City of Hope Doctor on National Doctors' Day - March 30
More women than ever are surviving breast cancer – 2.8 million in the U.S. to date – only to die of secondary brain tumors years after they’ve been declared cancer-free. City of Hope's Rahul Jandial, MD, PhD and his team of researchers have discovered how this happens.

Breast Cancer Cloaks Itself in Brain Proteins to Invade the Brain
Feeling the weight of cancer? Speak your mind, whether you want to vent your frustrations or send uplifting words of encouragement, on the Sound Off Board.

Sound Off on Cancer |
The California Teachers Study, a more than two-decade long study of more than 133,000 teachers, started in 1994. James Lacey, Ph.D., who now runs the study, is taking on the role of disruptor, as he transforms how study data is collected and shared.

Inside the California Teachers Study: The Disruptor
An award-winning instructor and researcher, Laleh G. Melstrom, M.D., is certified in robotic surgery and specializes in the treatment of pancreatic cancer and melanoma. She has published dozens of scholarly articles and is a sought-after speaker at national conferences.
The stigma associated with prostate cancer often prevents men from seeking emotional help. [ Link ]

Men and Prostate Cancer: The Emotional Impact
Want to make an impact on the lives of people affected by lung disease? Join City of Hope’s Dan Raz, M.D., at the American Lung Association's annual Fight For Air Climb on Saturday, April 8.

Join, or donate to, Dr. Raz’s team here! [ Link ].

Fight For Air Climb | Join Dr. Raz's Team