Gorgeous landscape photo of downtown Roanoke. Thanks Adam Lyon.
We love the outdoors in this valley! Liz Turkette took this photo:
The greenway and Roanoke River. Denise Mason took this photo:
The birds are out. Alissa Flannagan took this pretty picture.
A beautiful warm Monday in Roanoke!
Happy Presidents Day Roanoke!
Here's a pretty view from downtown. Thanks Constantinos Farmakis!
This is gorgeous. Photo by Terry Aldhizer.
It's a beautiful day in Roanoke!
A lot of smiling faces at Saturday's Celebrating Youth Leaders event in Roanoke!
The city and the mountains in the distance are so beautiful together. Adam Lyon took this photo:
Looking at a full moon from McAfee Knob. Tim Lewis took the photo.
Looking over the beautiful city at sunset. Terry Aldhizer took the pic.
Such a nice photo of Roanoke. Terry Aldhizer took the pic.
Peck, peck, peck! Audie Ferris caught a glimpse of a Red-bellied Woodpecker. Thanks for sharing!
We love to let the people showcase Roanoke's beauty! Adam Lyon took this photo downtown:
Moon photos are always a favorite! Rita Enoch captured this one:
We love sharing your photos. Maggie Radford took this picture:
The Hotel Roanoke is one-of-a-kind! Adam Lyon took the beautiful picture.
Another warm weather weekend is on the way! Tom Wright took this photo: