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Cute little jumper for the rest of the festivities from @dresmi.apparel #fashion #fashionaddict #jumper #camogreenjumper #spring #fashion
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It was only a little cold really!!
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Proud Canadian!! #polardip2017 #sylvanlake
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Im ready to jump!! #polardip #sylvanlake #polardip2017
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It's hard not to get excited when your own family gets on board with the fitness lifestyle!! This is my favourite progress picture this week! Go give my cousin some love by following him on his fitness journey at @dans250kchallenge
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It's the simple things... #bmm_recipes @bodymakeovermovement
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It's #bmm_progress Friday and I know this team has been sticking to the plan. They've got some mad goals this year. Keep it up @meus_commissum and Brittany. #bmm_fitfam @bodymakeovermovement
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02/15/2017 at 23:47. Facebook
I couldn't wait!! I was so excited to rip open this package and throw on this outfit. Perfect timing, I needed a good afternoon stretch. I'm sure you'll see this outfit again very soon. It's from @upvibe - There clothes are the best quality. I've had some of their pieces for over 5 years and they are still like new. #fitnessfashion #fitnesslover #fashionaddict #stretching #workoutclothes...
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Claire Rae
02/15/2017 at 21:58. Facebook
We raised $1125 in a few hours. Thanks a bunch for helping me with my Polar Dip fundraiser for the Women's Shelter. This Saturday in Sylvan Winter Lake, I will be baring down to my bikini to jump in the freezing cold❄❄. Wish me luck and feel free to bring hot chocolate (low fat, of course) and some heating blankets. Afterwards I'll be hanging at my favourite pub, you know where that is....
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Claire Rae
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Owie! Look at these pretty flowers. You know, it's Valentine's Day and I know there are a lot of single people out there that aren't happy about it. I am not one of them. Love is truly the greatest thing on earth. It's by far the best thing in the world to celebrate. If you have someone special cherish every second with them. Celebrate it and go all out. You have the best gift ever. If you are...
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Claire Rae
02/13/2017 at 16:51. Facebook
Never settle for less than your personal best. Always learning, always pushing forward. #bmm_90happyhealthydays Day- 13
Nothing says Saturday in Sylvan Lake like a coffee and ❤ to ❤. #bmm_fitfamilychallenge @kylienheck -Join us at @timbercoffeeco
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#giveaway #win...
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Hey gang, it's #bmm_progress Friday!! Show us how you are doing. My outfit is by @kyodanactive
Nope, no, no thank you, no not ever! Not interested, no not for me, no means no! No, I think I'll pass.

Sometimes it just feels so good to just say that simple two letter word. When we say no to the things that pressure us, control us, use us and take up our time but don't feed us. It actually allows us to say yes to goals, dreams, and sanity. #bmm_90happyhealthydays day 10:)...
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Some secrets you only share with your soul sisters
Chosen by you. Photo Artist - @ajkphotography1
#bmm_90happyhealthydays #photooftheday #eatgoodfeelgood #fitnessmotivation #fashion
Owie we love our @musclerichapparel - Great workout with this beauty!!
What can I say, I like taking pictures of my food almost as much as I like eating it. So green so lean. #eatgoodfeelgood #bmm_90happyhealthydays ????????????????