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Clapfoot is hiring a conceptual artist! To learn more click here: [ Foxholegame.com Link ]

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We're working on a new game called Foxhole.

Check it out at #PAXWest2016 booth 6115.

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The Escapist gives Fortified 4/5 stars! Read the review here

Fortified Review - So Much Firepower

Fortified is now available on Steam! Get a launch discount if you buy now!

Fortified on Steam

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Fortified is coming Feb 3 to Xbox One and Steam. Watch the launch trailer here!

Fortified Launch Trailer

Here's what some gaming websites had to say about Fortified over the last two years. This should give you some impressions of the game before it launches early next year. Have a great holidays!

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- [ Destructoid.com Link ]
- [ Escapistmagazine.com Link ]
- [ Hardcoregamer.com Link ]
- [ Xblafans.com Link ]
- [ Thevideogamebacklog.com Link ]
- [ Thedgcast.com Link...
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Come check out Fortified's new steam community page! Stay up to date on the latest news, images and annoucements.

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If anyone has any questions about the game, this is the quickest way to directly contact one of the devs!

Steam Community :: Fortified

Clapfoot is in need of Playtesters for "Fortified"

If you are interested and are in the Toronto area next week, check out our Eventbrite page and register!
[ Eventbrite.ca Link ]

We really want to make this game the best we can make it, and we cannot do it without your help and input. Please forward this to anyone is interested.

Please bring any questions you have for our devs and artists!

Fortified Playtesting

Like something from a 1950's alien invasion movie, Fortified! comes out of nowhere and makes me enjoy it! Seriously, the game forced me to enjoy myself (my arms all twisted and such). Kind of like the Sanctum franchise, Fortified! is a real-time strategy/tower defense/3rd person shooter. That's a mo…

PAX Prime 2015: Fortified! Q&A With Adam Garib (Live)