Clash of Clans
03/26/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Clash of Clans
03/25/2017 at 08:01. Facebook
Slow yet durable, these warriors are best used to soak up hits! Giants can be trained at 90% off this weekend, make sure to complete the multiplayer challenge too!
Clash of Clans
03/23/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Beautiful Archer

Fan art by [ Link ]
Clash of Clans
03/22/2017 at 13:58. Facebook
⚡ Electrocute your enemies with bolts of lightning! ⚡ Cast this spell to damage buildings and units inside a small area. Brew Lightning Spells at a discount throughout this event!
LOVE Clan Wars and Charity? Tune in on Galadon’s Clan War livestream Dark Looters vs War Whales! All proceedings go to fight against cyber bullying!
Watch Now: [ Link ]

Galadon - Beam
This terror of the skies was born out of Dark Elixir! Share your best Minion strategies & tips below - remember that you can train them this weekend at 90% off!
Time for another art contest! Submit your original artwork for a shot at 3k gems! Any theme goes as long as it's Clash of Clans related!

More info & submission at: [ Link ]

[Art] Fan Art Competition! • r/ClashOfClans
Join a Clan today - it's a blast!

Share your clan tag & requirements below so that other Clashers can find you! Let everyone know why your Clan is the #bestclanever!
10v10 Friendly War Forum Cup

Interested in a fun & casual Friendly War competition with other Clashers on our Forums? Town Hall 10s and 11s are still needed to fill the rosters - join us! :) Rules and sign-ups in the link below!

The Forum Cup (March 31st) - Sign up thread
Turn this Spell into a pop-up army! Brew Clone Spells at a discount until Friday!
A master of the two-handed axe - she can shred several troops or buildings at once with her whirlwind blow! Train Valkyries at 90% off during this weekend's event!
Check out this amazing Clash of Clans wall art!

Credits: [ Link ]
Maintenance complete!

Read more about the new balancing changes (now live!) [ Link ]
In this balancing update, we're giving some love to lesser-used troops and further developing the TH11 air game!

Read more:

March 2017 Balancing Update | Clash of Clans
Get your army ready, Chief - it's time for another double Star Bonus event!
It's the last day of the GoWiWi event! Have you completed the challenge yet? ;)
Destroy villages with the classic GoWiWi strategy! Train Golems, Witches and Wizards at 50% off throughout this event!