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Clash of Kings
yesterday at 13:59. Facebook
Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Time to back to my alliance and friends!!!

How about your Friday?
Leave a lovely comment here! #HappyFriday #ClashOfKings
Clash of Kings
yesterday at 12:47. Facebook
Clash of Kings
12/06/2016 at 13:42. Facebook
[News Flash]

My Lords!

The Dragon Campaign Playoff fight list will be published in game tomorrow! Let's guess who will be the final winner in this season!

The teams are ready, how about you?

Come to get the free ticket straight to the battlefield! #DCplayoff
[ Facebook.com Link ]

Clash of Kings
12/03/2016 at 14:33. Facebook
Have a nice weekend! My lords!

BTW: The Dragon Campaign Playoff teams list will be published soooooooon!!!
Get a ticket to the live battle through our event right now!#DCplayoff

Wish you be the lucky lord!
Love you!

The Playoff of Dragon Campaign will come soon, our Lords are looking forward to the wonderful matches, so we need some players to help us do the LIVE STREAM on the YouTube for us! If you are talented on this, please don’t hesitate to contact us, a bunch of rewards are waiting for you!

*A level 26 or higher castle
*Very familiar with the Dragon Campaign...
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New Update is here!(Version 2.22.0)

Hero Equipment
1. Now the Heroes can put on equipment, the equipment will bring extra bonuses to the heroes.
2. The heroes can only switch the equipment in the city, unable to switch them during marching.
3. One piece of equipment can only be equipped by one Hero/Lord.
4. When captured, the current equipment will be sent back to your Blacksmith...
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[DC Playoff]

The regular season of the Dragon Campaign for this year has ended! What comes soon is the exciting PLAYOFF of the Dragon Campaign!

Did you enjoy the regular season and are you waiting for the DC playoff?#DCplayoff

Tell us!!!
Thanksgiving Live Stream Sharing Rewards

Dear Lord,

Congratulations that you have been selected to win the 99.99$ pack in this event!

Thank you so much for supporting us and sharing the event post with your friends. Here is your rewards, hope you will like it.

Best wishes to you!
381 people interested · 470 going

Thanksgiving Day Streaming

EVENT - facebook.com
17 people interested · 4 going

Clash of Kings Streaming!

EVENT - facebook.com
Something you should know about [Dragon Tower]--3

Wipe out rules
1.You can activate[ the wipe out mode] once your best challenged floor is higher than the 10th floor.
2.The wipe out function will take you to the specific floor (Your best challenged floor -10) and bring the corresponding reward and points directly to you.
3.You can’t use wipe out function if you start the challenge from the...
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Something you should know about [Dragon Tower]--2

The rewards
1.The first kill every week will bring the special [Weekly First Kill Reward]. First time to pass through the specific floor (Every 5 floors) can win the extra rewards for it!
2.After you win the Weekly First Kill Reward, you will get a basic reward if you pass through the specific floors.
3.The reward will be increased every 5...
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Winter is coming. Take care of yourself pls, my lords.

Hope to see you again in the coming streaming!
Have a nice weekend.

----Clash of Kings Operation Team
Something you should know about [Dragon Tower]--1

How to enter
The dragon tower is on the right side of the dam. Click the tower to enter the first floor! You can upgrade the dragon tower to reach the highest floor.

The monsters
The Dragon tower is divided into many floors, each floor with easy, medium, difficult three level monsters.
You could get better rewards and higher points from high...
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New Update is here!(Version 2.19.0)

Hero Palace Adjustment
1. The Hero Palace opening requirement dropped from castle lv.30 to castle lv.23
2. The Hero Garrison function requirement dropped from castle lv.30 to castle lv.23
3. The Hero Recruitment Cards will be sold in the Hero Palace instead of the Store
4. Hero Trial feature is coming soon, you can get Recruitment Cards from the Hero Trial...
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New Update is here!(Version 2.18.0)

Hero Palace is here!
- You can unlock the Hero Palace located in the Torrent Valley! Currently the highest level of the Hero Palace will be lv.15.
- You can recruit heroes in the Hero Palace, each hero has unique talent and 2 special skills.
- You will get Hero Talent points from upgrading, and enhance your hero with the talent points. The hero can garrison...
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Blue Dragon skills

Ultimate battle skill: 20% activation chance - Decrease the enemy's defense by 10% for 10 rounds
Hospital capacity increase
Cavalry's charge damage is increased
Cavalry's attack is increased

You need to get 3000 blue dragon crystals to synthesize the blue dragon egg.
Players can get blue dragon crystals from the ancient dragon tower.