Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings
yesterday at 07:35. Facebook
[4.25 Facebook Update]

Greetings, my Lords! In today’s PC update, we’ve brought more functions to the game. Check them out NOW!!!

Hero Purification Optimization
- You will get 2 free chances of Hero Purification; which can be used on any hero. The free purification time will reset every day, and cannot be added to the next day.
- Now you need to click “Save” to make the hero purification...
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425 Facebook Update Greetings my Lords In todays PC update weve brought
Morticia A. Addams
Jon Togores
Asad Shah
Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings
yesterday at 07:28. Facebook
Dear lords,

We are so happy for those of you who have achieved the new p6 castles! Congratulations! The war is so brutal during the conquest stage of the Strongest Kingdom event, surely the spoils of victory are so sweet now! If you did not win the event, do not worry, you can have your revenge in the next round.

Some lords are concerned these new castles may have some ability to attack...
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Dear lords We are so happy for those of you who have
Dianne Kelly
Maximus BattleReady
Lovely Rabia
Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings
04/24/2017 at 13:00. Facebook
Griffin knight is a cool girl? #GoodMorning
Terry Batchelor
Carrie Kiki Lynn
Ernest Allen
Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings
04/23/2017 at 23:53. Facebook
In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, we want to hear from all of you! 192 countries around the world participate in Earth Day events to remind us to take care of the planet in various ways.

Some people plant trees or flowersOthers recycle ♻ old materials to create new items like jewelry, or even playgrounds for children! Earth day is a time to remember to take care of the land we live...
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In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd we want to hear
Roger Butts
Craig Lubomirski
Joespha Beck
Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings
04/22/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Weekend is for THE WAR!
Feed your dragons and get prepared!
Weekend is for THE WAR
Feed your dragons and get prepared
Lee Brande
Denise Turbyfill
Jon Togores
Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings
04/20/2017 at 12:35. Facebook
[4.20 Flash Update]

Join the coming "Battle for the Throne" and check the new surprises your King may send his best subjects!!!

King's Gift Pack (The gifts the king can send after winning the Throne)

Previous resources - 2M
New current resources - 65M

Previous Speed up-hours - 55 hours
New current Speed-up hours - 200 hours

Previous Prestige Badges - 0
New current Prestige Badges -...
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420 Flash Update Join the coming Battle for the Throne and check
Marin Vukelja
Doc Corvette
Doc Corvette
Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings
04/19/2017 at 13:47. Facebook
New DLC: "A Feast for Kings" is coming soon!
Puts on your headphones and feel the amazing show right now!

Don't forget to update game version to 2.39.0 and click fountain to check all the cool troops! With the new DLC coming to you, resources, Speed up, Prestige badges are increased in the event greatly!

Go inside the Castle to find out!!!
Aileen Sanchez
Carrie Kiki Lynn
Peter Howell
[4.18 Facebook Update]
Hello, my lords! Good news today! We have updated new PC version for our Facebook players!
Check the new functions here!

1..The hero optimization--Prison&Cemetery

-This dark and dank Prison is a good place to lock up enemy heroes. Any hero you capture in battle can be locked up here.
-Upgrade the Prison to unlock more Prisoner Slot!
-The Cemetery can be used to revive...
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418 Facebook Update Hello my lords Good news today We have updated
Sanket Patil
Paul Paul
Adrian Lewis
MONDAY IS GATHERING DAY! Be an industrious lord!

As you know, the rewards for each stage of the strongest kingdom have been increased greatly too!
Check the following details too see how much you could earn after a week of the Strongest Kingdom Event! Reap the benefits of the harvest today!

Previous resources - 400M
New current resources - 1G
Previous speed-up hours - 1630 hours
New current...
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MONDAY IS GATHERING DAY Be an industrious lord
Ufuoma Okpako
Cody MacDonald
Kristal Carpenter
Happy Easter! #ClashofKings
Happy Easter ClashofKings
Paul Paul
Stephen Rauch
Lee Brande
Big news for my lords! Check NEW Dragon Campaign Reward in game NOW!

Dragon Campaign
Previous resources - 0
New current resources - 30M
Previous Prestige Badges - 0
New current Prestige Badges - 300
Previous Speed-up hours - 0
New current Speed-up hours - 100 hours

Along with the coming of new troops, we have increased the rewards from events to help all players grow...
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416 NEWS FLASH Big news for my lords Check NEW Dragon Campaign
Correy Sigley
Patryk Motorek
Ćuřtiš Ćyŕiľ Ťelã
Get ready for The Mineral Vein War!!!

More rewards have been added into this mysterious Vein as of TODAY!
Check out the newest rewards here:

* All of the data shown represents the maximum reward a single player may earn in the event.

previous speed-up hours: 60 Hours
current speed-up hours: 520 Hours
previous Prestige badge: 0
current Prestige badge: 600

Fight for The Mineral...
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Narendra SIngh CHaran
Becca Purcell
Silviu Matei
[April Event]

Write a short&Cute moment of Clash of Kings in couple sentences/dialogue!
Winner will get the first batch of FB special name plates!!!

What? You need an example?
[--No worries, Your Clash of Kings’ acc will be safe with me! ...(and my hundreds of friends..)

Never share your acc with anyone!!!
April Event Write a shortCute moment of Clash of Kings in couple
Ivana Mitic
Kristina Y Hamm
Muhammad Abdul Rehman
Good News!

To say thank you to all of our Fan Page Fans, we prepared something special for you!!!
It is...The Active page lord’s Special Name plate!!!
Keep active on our Facebook, any Like, share or comment will bring you a chance to get it for free!

Facebook is the only way to obtain it, do you want one?

Btw: The name plate in the pic is only an example, the special one will come soon!
Good News To say thank you to all of our Fan Page
Daniel Barsan
James Harrison
Tony Harwood
[An interesting quiz]

If we put your alliance into a fair condition of Dragon Campaign Battlefield which has the same gold, troops, castle level, hero and any other items,

Which country do you want to have a bloody fight with?
An interesting quiz If we put your alliance into a fair condition
Deepak Kumar Hota
Josh Short
Chanchal Hansda
Hey, my lords!

The strongest kingdom event will begin soon! Don’t miss it!
The strongest kingdom has 9 stages, they are:

Gather Resources
Kill Monsters
Upgrade building
Research Technology
Train Soldiers
Kingdom Conquest
Event truce stage (3 days)
Event matching stage(1 days)
Event preparation stage(3 days)

Each participation will bring you amazing reward! Don’t miss it!
Hey my lords The strongest kingdom event will begin soon Dont miss
Honey Cok
Anthony Watson
Charles Bialon
My Lords!
Happy April Fools' Day!

Who's the most adorable lord you've ever known in Clash of Kings and why?

Share his/her lovely story with Alice! Can't wait to read it!
My Lords Happy April Fools Day Whos the most adorable lord youve
Helen Lewis
Gina Striegel
Flora Al
A lovely video for you to celebrate your beautiful Friday!!
Have a nice day, my lords!

Btw: The girl in this video is not Alice.. Thanks for asking, haha.
Poposki EmiGoce
Erick Rivera
Hey, my lords!

We know you all love the dragons!

Here are 3 drafts of a New Dragon Castle Skin. Our colleagues love them all but we have to choose just one of them to make it into the game!

Which one is your favorite? Vote for it now in comments below! It is all up to you! You will have a chance to get it for free after we finish it!

Is that amazing?! ^-^
Hey my lords We know you all love the dragons Here are
Dyon Strijk
Guy Dudely
Juwon  Son
Hey, my lords!

This last troop is my favorite one! It looks so powerful and so cool! I love the original design and can’t wait for the real troop to come in game!

Here is some info about the Gronde Siege!

In the northern kingdoms, there is an untraversed basin which has a huge hole in the ground. The local people call it Horst Hole. The sound of bursting magma reverberates from every...
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Hey my lords This last troop is my favorite one It looks
Paul Henley
Dyon Strijk
Jon Togores