Clash of Kings
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[New Troops Sneak Peak Part II]

Del Fire

Del Fire is a special task force of Lionheart Empire. They are usually deployed between Spearmen and Shortbowmen and deal massive damage to the unaware heavy-armored enemies.

With years of strict training, Del Fire become calm and cruel. As a mid-range troop, they will throw ignited oil cans to heavy-armored enemies as soon as they enter Del Fire’s...
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Clash of Kings
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[CoK Mini Series Part 3]

-Why a guy like him can find a girlfriend?

@Anyone who pays more attention to virtual world than the real world~

Remember, never upset those who love you, not even because of Clash of Kings addiction!
Clash of Kings
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[New Troops: Paladin]

We will uncover the mistery of Four New Troops one by one!
Today is the story of the most famous troop on the land: Paladin!

Background Story
Compassion, Honesty, Honor, Justice, Sacrifice, Valor, Humility, Spirituality. The Virtue of Knights also works for Paladins. As the most respected and most fearsome power on this land, the title “Paladin” is the final goal of all...
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Clash of Kings
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Hey, my lords!

A new PC version is coming! Check all the new functions in game right now!
Here is what’s new:
Hero Trial
-Check the Hero Trial in the Hero Palace
-You can get a series of hero items, including hero card, EXP, armor materials and others.
-There are different game missions in the trial, you can earn rewards by killing the monsters in missions
--You can challenge each mission...
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[Weekend Topic]
Have you seen any friend from Clash of Kings in real life?

Show us!
New Kingdom Conquest is coming! Move it!

Any idea/suggestion about the new kingdom conquest, leave a comment here!
Best suggestion will get a gift from the Clash of Kings team!!!

Here comes the SURPRISE!!! Limited time special offer at a 70% off discounted rate! Login to your game and find the "King of the World" pack NOW!
Put on your earphone and watch the funny moments!

Btw: Seriously, don't you know only one girl in the video?????
One Person, Two Roles! ^-^

Put on your earphone and listen!
This is so helpful and important!

Huge Thanks to my dear player--@DayDreamz!
PC updated again!
In this version, you will have more dragon skills!
Here is the new version info, check it out!

1.You can upgrade the dragon skill now, click the bottom right to open the skill interface;
2.You can check all the locked skills and unlock skills of the chosen dragon on the Skill interface, meanwhile, you can check other dragon’s skills there;
3.You can click the skill icon to...
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Good morning always begins with a lovely "King's Song"!
Small stories for you, my lords!
Hit the [LIKE] if you love it!

Enjoy your last relaxed time before the KINGDOM CONQUEST!!!
Happy Goddess Day to all my goddess in Clash of Kings!
Have a wonderful day!
[Hot Event]

Don't say it's a man's game any more!

You know how many war goddess are in game?

In Clash of Kings, there must be a beautiful or militant female lord around you, maybe she is the leader of your alliance, the queen of the whole kingdom... Even the one you love!

Who is she? Tell us here!
Do remember to leave BOTH your kingdom+lord name! We will choose 10 players and his/her...
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Happy Girl's Day to all the ladies!!! ^-^

Have you gotten Guardian Dolls? It is so lovely!

Use a Guardian Contract to place a Guardian Doll on the world map. You can get buffs and rewards every 10 minutes if you’re within the Doll’s range. However, if you’re out of range or the Doll is destroyed the rewards and buffs will end.
Guardian Doll duration is 60 minutes. (Can not used in the Dragon...
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[PC version research]

Hey, lords!

About the PC update, what do you want the first?
The new dragons? The Hero function? New gift pack, or weekly event?
Leave your idea here! It is so important to us!!!

Thank you in advance! ^-^
Alice received a video from a player know my feeling!!!!
[App Store Promotion]

App Store Global promotion is HOT!
30% off for monthly Subscription and the discount is only available for 10 days!
Go to the dock and check it out right now!

Don't relax your vigilance even if it’s the weekend! A surprise attack is approaching!