Clash of Kings
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[Attack! The Border Mineral Vein!]

New Storm will come soon! Check it out!
Clash of Kings
01/20/2017 at 13:40. Facebook
Burn your enemy's castle to celebrate this Happy Friday!!!
Clash of Kings
01/18/2017 at 13:50. Facebook
The Red dragon has awoken its slumber and will bring a Sanguineous Fever to all!
In a word, it will be the sharpest sword against all the offenders soon!
Are you ready to feel its strong power?
Check it out! #RedDragon
Clash of Kings
01/16/2017 at 06:53. Facebook
Good morning!

Did you enjoy the streaming of final DC Playoff?
Tell us!

Congratulations to champion team LGD from kingdom 804!
Huge thanks to all the teams in DC regular and Playoff matches, you are the hero!
Thanks DayDreamz Clashofkings for giving us an excellent battle streaming even the matches started so early.
Thanks for all the players who watched our warm-up streaming and always here...
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DC playoff warm up streaming

Happy Friday!

End your day with a beautiful battle report, my lords!

BTW: See you in #DCPlayoffStreaming this Sunday!
[First exposure]

New expansion of Clash of Kings ---”Attack! The Border Mineral Vein!” will be coming soon!

Loken hill Mineral Vein will soon be ready to see for all players and it is awesome! From the Vein, you can gather all kinds of normal resources or VALUED items easily! Beyond your imagination!!!

The expansion is still under the internal test, follow our fan page to check the...
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Attention! This is the FINAL WAR!
What will happen in the last Dragon Campaign Playoff battle? Which team will be the winner?
Download and check it by: [ Link ]

Tomorrow is the Dragon Campaign Semi-final Day!

Four teams will battle it out, to determine who will be the two contenders for next weekends Championship battle!
It is a great honor for us to invite our best Youtuber- DaYDreaMz to make the special streaming! Check the matches time in game and we will share the streaming link on our Facebook!

Enjoy the bloody battle!
Hey, my lovely lords!

It is Friday Night already!

Have a nice sleep and wish you won't be waken up by morning attack!

Hold your breath, my lords!
The most exciting Semi final Dragon Campaign Playoff is coming!
Download and watch the battles by: [ Link ]
Hello, 2017!
Lighten up your surroundings with your sweet smile!
The last day of 2016!
Look back to your 2016, how was it?
Here's a toast to all things wonderful!!!
Free download by: [ Link ]

Hey, my lovely lords!

How do you like our Christmas Streaming? Alice has sent the messages to all the winners and lucky players by Facebook chat already! Do remember check your chat pls!
One more thing we want to remind is the big snow BOSS will appear in our map soon!

Wonder what's in the big guy's pocket?
Beat him!

Enjoy! Love you!
Christmas Streaming has begun! Come to join us!#MerryChristmas
Free download by: [ Link ]


Thanks everypone in the streaming! Love you!
Merry Christmas!!!
Have you gotten the snowman castle skin already? ^-^

See you in tomorrow's special streaming!#ClashofKings
Love you!
Hey, my lovely lords!

We decorated the Christmas tree in the office and want to share the happiness with you!

Happy Friday!