This bad@ss Turkey just settled an EPIC rooster BRAWL!
Don't be messin' in his LAWN. Enjoy. [ Link ]

VIRAL VIDEO: Watch ‘POLICE TURKEY’ Break Up Fight Between 2 Roosters
This is low ball politics to demean the President and use the tragedy for political gain.

Mayor de Blasio's ASTOUNDING Accusation Against the President
Mom risked JAIL TIME to save her son with this cannabis cure. [ Link ]

WOW! Kid With Cancer Given Just Days To Live – Mom Gives Him WEED
OUCH: O'Reilly Reveals Megyn Kelly's Nickname at FOX

OUCH: O'Reilly Reveals Megyn Kelly's Nickname at FOX
Muslims are demanding that neighbors stop walking their dogs in an increasingly Islamic populated neighborhood as it violates Sharia.

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Muslims DEMAND Locals Don't Walk Dogs In Public - Violation Of Sharia And "DISRESPECTS" Them ⋆ US Herald
'Illegals help our economy' ... they said.
'The Wall is too expensive' ... they said. [ Link ]

BY THE NUMBERS: Why Building The Wall Actually SAVES Taxpayer Money …...
You can tell when someone just can't take anymore BS. Hillel Neuer reached that point. And what he said is pure gold! You have to check this out. [ Link ]

Arab States At U.N. Human Rights Council Are SILENCED By Israel Defender...
NY Times and CBS Try to Throw Wounded Veterans Under the Bus by Spreading Fake News

NY Times and CBS Try to Throw Wounded Veterans Under the Bus by Spreading Fake News
This is the type of IDIOTIC liberal thinking that got us into this mess in the first place!!

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Kamala Harris Says Gorsuch Isn't Fit Because He Uses LAW Not Emotions ⋆ US Herald
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Student Uses ‘THE OBAMA METHOD’ To Get An ‘A’ And It’s HILARIOUS
If you are a lover of the Second Amendment, you’ve probably come across some gun control nuts in your years. [ Link ]

How to DESTROY a Gun Controller's Argument, What Really Happens When...
Her family tree is VERY interesting. Her apple didn't fall far from hers. Enjoy.

Hillary Waxes POETIC About Her Childhood – ‘FORGETS’ To Mention The BROTHEL & SHADY Kin
These two moronic armed THUGS tried robbing the wrong store, but they didn't realize what DEADLY mistake they made until it was TOO LATE!!

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VIDEO: Armed Thugs Try To Rob Georgia Store - Realize They Made A DEADLY Mistake ⋆ US Herald
The 'Blame Russia' peeps will have a FIELD DAY with this one. [ Link ]

WATCH: Ukraine Munitions Warehouse Explosion Detonates 100s of Missiles...
Watch Jane Kleeb, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party brag about the project.
The Voter Registration Forms are mentioned at the 2:40 mark. [ Link ]

WTF: Why Are Dem ‘Refugee Welcome’ Baskets Including VOTER REGISTRATION...