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WATCH: This VIRAL Video Shows How WRONG Maddow Was Predicting The Election
Remember when The Left & NeverTrumpkin pundits said ...
'Trump REALLY won't build The Wall?' Yeah, me too. Check this out. [ Link ]

IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump Gives DHS A Direct Order – BUILD THE WALL
'They're sweet immigrants' ... they said.
'They wouldn't hurt a fly' ... they said. [ Link ]

Look What Was Found At TEEN JIHAD Suspects’ Home
This pretty face hides some VERY ugly sentiments about Jews.
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What This TX MUSLIM Teacher Tweeted About JEWS Got Her REMOVED From Class
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LOL: 'Not My President's Day' Protests FAIL in Most Epic Way - Girls...
TRUMP WAS RIGHT: CNN Forced to Pay Lawsuit Over Fake News

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: CNN Forced to Pay Lawsuit Over Fake News
'Trump's insane' ... they said.
'There's no problem with migrants' ... they said. [ Link ]

Sweden’s PM Condemns Trump For ‘Migrant Violence’ CLAIM – Look HOW...
Can you say, '72 pieces for 72 virgins?' Watch numbnuts go SPLAT in this feel good video. Enjoy and share.

HAJJI GOES, ‘BOOM!’ Watch Suicide Bomber Blow HIMSELF Up Before Reaching His Target
We love how this old farmer handles a slick salesman when he sees his chance to set things right.

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Farmer Feels Cheated After Buying a Car From A Slick Salesman, Then He Sees A Chance For Revenge ⋆ US Herald
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DEAR PATRIOTS: Do YOU Think ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Are Bullcrap?