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Classic Cars magazine
yesterday at 12:55. Facebook
It seems hard to believe that the Lamborghini Miura is 50 years old. Some designs seem quite antiquated by the time they reach the magic half century, but the Miura still looks fresh and radical.

Even its performance is still impressive today, but the way it goes about it does betray its age – the ergonomics, handling quirks, flaky build quality and reluctance to trickle around town...
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Classic Cars magazine
12/04/2016 at 08:00. Facebook
After owning two TVRs in the past I still have the urge for another, so I can never resist the pull of the TVR Car Club stand at the Classic Motor Show. This year it was this recently restored 1961 Grantura MkII that won me over.

I've had a Taimar (138bhp, 3-litre V6) and Griffith 500 (340bhp, 5-litre V8) but these lightweight early cars with modest four-cylinder engines are just as much of...
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Classic Cars magazine
12/01/2016 at 14:25. Facebook
I was scrolling through my old pictures from Monterey classic car week back in the summer when this shocker had me staring in disbelief. Beneath that vast – and it was only when I walked up it at the Gooding sale and peered over the door tops that I realised how vast – body that looks like Barbie's pedal car lies a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI.

It was started in 1971 by Frua of Turin but changes of...
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Two more ALFA ROMEO concepts that should have made production - spotted at the Alfa Romeo Museum.
One of the most beautiful cars ever made?
Some more highlights from the Alfa Romeo Museum at Arese - this time, concept cars. Which would you choose?
Some highlights from the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese. Which is your favourite?
This 1942 Jeep is one of the 361,349 built by Willys – the other 277,896 were made by Ford – to an American Bantam design because they had the capacity to make enough vehicles quickly.

It was one of those car that, like the BMC Mini, was designed to meet a strict set of utilitarian criteria but turned out to be fun to drive quite by accident. Both needed up having an enduring legacy,...
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A record €2.7m Maserati MC12 at RM Sotheby's Milano AutoClassica - rarer than an Enzo. But would you choose one over the Ferrari?
This Triumph Italia was one of six on the club stand at the Classic Motor Show, quite and achievement for a car made in such small numbers (329) and of which very few ended up in the UK.

It was styled by Giovanni Michelotti for Vignale, and underneath those Maserati-like curves lies the chassis and running gear of a Triumph TR3A. You can see how the rear end predicted Michelotti's design for...
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It's always a thrill when the first copies of the new issue land in the office.

In this one we celebrate 50 years of the Aston Martin dynasty that started with the DBS, evolved into the mighty V8 and encompassed Volante, Lagonda, Vantage and Zagato variants. Our 19-page group test of the seven key models is a landmark story.

It’s followed up with 200mph drive of a McLaren F1 to mark its 25th...
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The Maserati Club put on another impressive display this year at the Classic Motor Show in Birmingham with a mixture of road and racing cars.

It included the reconstruction of the Tipo 151 that was wrecked in Lloyd Casner's fatal crash during the 1965 Le Mans practice.

Its 430bhp, quad-cam, 5-litre V8 had just 975kg to propel. Hairy.
Although my heart lies with the curves and chrome of the Sixties, this 1979 Porsche 935 was one of those one-more-look-before-I-go cars at the August Gooding sale.

It was driven to second in the 1979 Le Mans 24 Hours by Dick Barbour, Paul Newman and Rolf Stommelen, then to outright wins at the Daytona 24 Hours in 1981 by Rahal/Redman/Garretson and the 1983 Sebring 12 Hours by...
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Time was when this 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB four-cam would have succumbed to a respray in resale red, but when it popped up for sale this summer at the Gooding Pebble Beach auction it was prized for its correct Nocciola – hazelnut – paintwork.

If you'd described this colour on this car to me before I saw it, I would have had my doubts, but when I saw it in the metal I was transfixed. So was the...
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I've been hankering after a handsome Thirties saloon with a six-cylinder engine for years but they all remain defiantly beyond my budget, so I console myself by stalking them when they come out to play at events.

This 1935 Triumph Gloria Vitesse, one of seven built, would look splendid in my garage and event better when viewed from the driving seat on my annual run down to Le Mans.

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