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Flawed gem.

Bless the Facel Vega Excellance. It may have been one of the most expensive and exclusive luxury saloons of the Fifties, but it struggled from the start. Great though the Chrysler V8 is, it just didn't have the rarified, silent air of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley powerplant. And then there was its structure, left seriously compromised by the doors to the point where the entire car...
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In praise of the tailfin.

Aerodynamically they may well have been proven to be about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike, but the tailfin is crucial to the appeal of Fifties automotive Americana.

These examples from Cadillac, Dodge and DeSoto prove as much - the world would be a much duller place without them.

Post your favourite tailfin below - and let us know if you've ever owned or...
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We brought along four classics with big personalities to star on our stand at the London Classic Car Show this weekend: Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, Sunbeam Tiger, Rolls-Royce Camargue and Aston Martin DBS V8.
Which would you choose?
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Really special?

Every now and then, Ferrari indulges the wishes of its clientele with a short run of special cars. It always has done - in fact at the company's beginnings in the era of separate independent coachbuilders, that's all it did.

Since the Seventies, Ferraris have become more 'productionised', but the odd few still slip through, as we saw at this recent Artcurial auction. A...
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Paid promotion
Exciting new auction at Historic Motorsport International in association with the London Classic Car Show to be held at 3pm on Saturday 25th February at Excel London. Destined to be the most important historic motorsport show in the UK. Full details and lot list at .
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To keep ourselves sane over the winter months, here in the Classic Cars office we spend a lot of time looking forward to the more classic-friendly weather of spring. Sure, there’s a buzz about seizing those bright, crisp days and giving the car a good airing, but, let’s face it, there’s no substitute for a bit of warmth, especially if your classic has a folding roof.

So we...
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Don’t miss Quentin Willson at #LCCS2017. Quentin will open his Smart Buys feature at the show’s Gala Evening on the Thursday and be on our Classic Cars stand throughout the rest of the show giving advice and tips [ Link ]
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A Strong Return.

Alpine is back, with this stunning-looking retro sports car designed to take on the likes of the Lotus Elise and Alfa Romeo 4C, and in order to celebrate Renault gathered all Alpine's rear-engined sports cars together to remember its lineage.

Alpine never really went away, of course - despite an apparent hiatus after the demise of the A610 it gave us the Sport Spider and two...
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A Classic department now seems to be a must-have for the modern car firm, and the Fiat Group has now rolled the Ferrari Classiche concept across all its Italian brands (we await to see whether they'll extend the same treatment to the Mopar/Chrysler stable in the US but it'd be great if they did).

This has resulted in some pretty spectacular restorations, including this...
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#LCCS2017 opens its doors this week! Book your tickets now to see £120m worth of Ferraris, the Jacky Ickx Tribute Collection, over 60 cars on the show’s live motoring runway and much much more… [ Link ]
Rally Spectacular.

It's been 30 years since the infamous Group B cars were banned from World Rally Championship competition, and as a result classic car shows all over Europe are celebrating their impact this year. Timely, so it transpires, as the modern WRC enters a new era of wilder cars and more exotic specifications.

It's a great opportunity to remember Group B and the crazy machinery it...
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Classic Cars magazine will showcase Quentin Willson’s latest Smart Buys on their stand throughout the weekend at #LCCS2017. On display will be four stunning cars hand-picked by Quentin that are thrilling machines to own as well as smart places to park your money [ Link ]
Greatest ever big-screen icon?

A celebration of Aston Martin 'DB' cars gave Dutch specialist Roos Engineering the chance to display a real coup at this year's Rétromobile in Paris - the genuine Aston Martin DB5 used in Goldfinger.

Despite the badges it's actually a late-model DB4 (no DB5s were ready when filming began), and the gadgets were nowhere near as slick in their operation than...
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#LCCS2017 will celebrate Ferrari road cars with an incredible display of 20 of the greatest cars ever to wear the famous Prancing Horse – a collection conservatively valued at more than £120m. Tickets for February's #LCCS2017, including entry to new sister show Historic Motorsport International are available here: [ Link ]

Photo courtesy of: Tim Scott ©.
Heavy-smoking Porsche

Tobacco sponsorship in motor sport is a thing of the past now. Whether this is a good thing or not is up to you, but one thing's for certain, it certainly made for some iconic liveries - think JPS Lotus, Marlboro McLaren and 555 Subaru for starters.

But Rothmans provided the coolest combination of colours to plaster down the side of your race and rally car. A broad...
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Vive la France!

We've just come back from the fabulous Rétromobile, where French art deco usually reigns supreme.

The art-deco delights of Delahaye and the sheer oddness of Voisin are to be expected, but the appearance of the third 1935 Bugatti Atlantic really took our breath away.

It's not considered as 'original' as the other survivors as it was rebodied in 1937 and subsequently badly...
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With a light enough body the Vauxhall 30/98 was a 100mph car, when 100mph was a big, big deal. This 1920 car was built with slightly less agile two-seater coachwork with dickey seat by Grosvenor of London, but it was still a real mover.

What was the first car that you did 100mph in?
Don't you just love the evocative names that car manufacturers dream up for paint colours? This 1969 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 boasts Cameo White with Firefrost Gold stripes.

Even before I knew what the colour scheme was called it had arrested my attention at a Bonhams sale last year. Under that twin-intake hood scoop sits a mighty 455ci V8 making 380bhp, which is metered out via a Hurst...
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