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I wonder what Tex would've thought of this intro.

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He's a younger version of Eustace if you think about it.

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Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theater presents...
It's just not Friday night without Cartoon Cartoon Fridays.
Enforcing the past, to protect our future.

And to protect Tuddrussel from long term relationships.
Anyone getting into any brawls this Thanksgiving?
Corny holiday specials are nothing new.
But what was unique was how sarcastic Cartoon Network was in promoting it and then airing it anyway.

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Bone apple Ed!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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I forgot what the occasion was, it may have been the Flintstones 40th anniversary, but Cartoon Network once aired the long forgotten, never before aired (as far as I know) Flintstones pilot.
The Flagstones!

Just like a flintstone is an actual rock, so is a flagstone.

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Here's your stupid looking froo froo drinks.

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When most of your coworkers don't have a driver's license.
"Is it hot in here, or is it just me?"

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The most popular response in a previous post when I asked you who Scooby and the gang meet. And it's...

Sounds like Frank's discount Halloween costume name.
Memembering brighter days, I mean evenings.

Weekday evenings!
President elect Johnny Bravo to deliver his victory speech.

Dexter: Greetings my a fellow Cartoon Networkites, after a grueling year of campaigning and a divisive politics, the Network has made it's choice. I thank you all for your votes and a support. Now I proudly introduce you to the next president of Cartoon Network, my good friend, Johnny Bravo!

Johnny Bravo: We did it you...
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Johnny Bravo wins!