Don't forget there's a new Samurai Jack tonight on adult swim.
On certain Friday afternoons.
From the Cartoon Network magazine.

Did anyone else use to own this magazine?
Or better yet, still have it?
Make sure to catch Toonami tonight, aside from a new episode of Samurai Jack as well as their regular programing, Toonami might have something special for their 20th anniversary.
You're in Ireland and this guy tries to kiss your Blarney Stone. What do you do?
Toonami's 10th anniversary montage.

Though it would be terminated a little over a year later, the ride was far from over.

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Today in 1997, it was St. Patrick's Day.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It was also the launch date for a block on the Cartoon Network made for action shows. A block that would build a strong fan base that would one day bring it back from cancellation.

Happy 20th anniversary Toonami!

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What is your favorite Toonami show and moment?
Don't thank me, thank Justice Fruit Pies!


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Happy Pi Day!

If you missed it or don't have cable.
You can watch the latest Samurai Jack here!

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Adult Swim Streams
It's almost time!
What is your favorite Samurai Jack episode, so far?
I like how they didn't show the theme song until the episode after the movie premiere (which is now the first three episodes).

It makes Aku's summary of the battle more epic.

Will they use the same theme song for season 5? Find out tonight at 11/10c!
Get pumped for the season 5 premiere of Samurai Jack by remembering how Cartoon Network pumped us up for the original series premiere.

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Without women, classic Cartoon Network could've been pretty different.