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The first episode of Samurai Jack, or the first part of the movie premiere, is coming up next on adult swim.

So if you want to catch up on the show before the new episodes come without going online for it, you can start now.
I didn't know Drake and Josh made a cameo in a 1950 cartoon.
I'm so hyped for Splatoon 2!
Cartoon Network decided to enter the new millennium with The Garlic Jr Saga.

Good thing Toonami's Absolution was Y2K ready.

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Goodbye 2016!

From Popeye's "Let's Celebrake"

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This New Year's Bash,
Take out the trash.
Hello 2017

It doesn't really have as much a good sound to it as "hello 2001"

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Happy Friday!
Did you remember to update your stuff before Y2k?

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I didn't post Christmas stuff as much as I hoped, so I hope this makes up for it.
Fred Flintstone's playing Scrooge at the Bedrock Christmas play...

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This special was a Cartoon Network Holiday staple for a while.
Whether it's classic or not, what is your favorite Cartoon Network Holiday special?
While watching the Toon Heads holiday episode some 15 years ago, this poignant cartoon came up.

Peace on Earth, 1939

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Capturing the anti-war sentiment that most of the US was feeling as Europe was on the brink of another world war. So through friendly woodland critters, they remember the horrors of the first one to imagine how the next one might be like.

I really miss Toon...
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Merry Christmas!
If the CCF Christmas party wasn't enough for you

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Happy first day of Chanukah/Christmas Eve!
CCF throws the best Christmas parties.

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