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The backdrop always changes.
Regardless of the city, you can find me either in a mess of cables or where the good coffee & beautiful humans are. ❤
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Yes, we know they're rubbish. Read it for why.
It's the reason I'll be pressing vinyl.

*As was pointed out, however, they tested the unforgivably compressed stuff ... Not all MP3s are created equal..

File compression format found to alter timbre of music causing loss of some emotional context
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"England derives more revenue from rock music than coal."
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Final days of production for the soundtrack of the upcoming masterpiece from the great Wong Kar Wai

(Who da grandmaster ? )

Exhausted, a little dizzy, maybe a bit hungry, jubilantly grateful ...
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Thanks for your glorious support over the last couple of years, Ableton. And thanks for making the stuff that allows me to translate Idea into Sound with the lowest amount of latency.

(Wow. Kinda sounds illicit but really isn't)

Love to all.
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He says he feels viewers are "reconnecting with a planet whose beauty is blemished and whose health is failing..."

[I love a pleased Attenborough ❤]

More young people are watching Planet Earth than The X Factor and David Attenborough is very happy
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Very proud to have worked on the soundtrack of this gorgeous gut-wrenching series starring Leila Bekhti & Gustaf Hammarsten

(Airing right now in France ... ! )
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Very surreal. Madly arranging strings last night in Paris, then watching them online being recorded this morning in Bangkok for the soundtrack of the new French - Swedish series "Midnight Sun".

To my brilliant guide, Nathaniel Mechaly - thanks for trusting me with your original Beauty.
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The Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Social Network and mastermind behind The West Wing reacts to Donald Trump being elected the 45th president of the United States in a moving letter written to his 15-year-old daughter Roxy and her mother Julia Sorkin.

Read the Letter Aaron Sorkin Wrote His Daughter After Donald Trump Was Elected President
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This makes me gasp for air. I would have helped this little guy. But then I perhaps would not be inspired to grow up to be a fish.
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Dear friends, it's terribly flattering that anyone would feel like my music is "some of the only real music left out there". Except that it is simply not true. The world is teeming with incredible art. It always has & it always will be. The good stuff is EVERYWHERE. You just have to be more willing to see it then you are willing to bitch about the impoverished state of the spirit of humanity....
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"Music has an unparalleled ability to pull all of one's pain into a single frame, inviting us to relive it with all of the joy of experience .. And none of the suffering"
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Still can't believe it happened. Thought I'd be terrified but ending up just being a little choked up. (Not sure that my opening phrase was even audible ) To all of you who cause this to be a world that exists even on the outside of my head, thank you a million times over.

TEDxPerth ❤
Photo by Andrew Kilburn
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Love this rig. Love this room. ❤
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"we can be certain that the military , the b corporate world , the government and so on are going to use tech and I feel it is important that the artist helps define it and mold it . because who else is going to put humanity and soul into it ?" - Björk