"The human body’s built-in endocannabinoid system (eCS) works to keep the body in its balanced state of homeostasis. While there are specific details about how cannabinoids work, in general the endocannabinoid system performs different functions specific to each area of the body. "

What Is CBG and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid? | Leafly

"Axim Biotech has contracted an ophthalmology CRO to support upcoming product development and clinical trials for its cannabinoid-based therapeutics."

Their plan of action for 2 trials will examine the ability of cannabinoids to treat glaucoma and dry eye syndrome.

Axim taps CRO for cannabinoid product development and clinical trials

"Cannabinoid acids are not known to produce psychoactive effects like THC. But they do have a variety of interesting properties. For example, many cannabinoid acids have antibiotic or insecticidal properties. This is likely related to the reason cannabis produces these compounds in the first place: to defend itself."

List of Major Cannabinoids in Cannabis and Their Effects | Leafly

"As reported, the 44-year-old stunned doctors by his progress after taking cannabis oil - while his family hoping it may have helped shrink his tumour."

Sell-out crowd raises thousands for cancer battler Jason Kamara

"Harper Grace has waited three years to be able to possibly get the cannabis oil to treat her Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, but the clinical trials will be limited to a handful of children in Mississippi who suffer from epileptic seizures."

Mother hopes child is picked for cannabis oil trials

"Her husband Simon then arranged to meet someone at a nearby petrol station to pick the illegal drug – which carries a sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment for possession. Based on her online research, Callie was then able to make the “tincture” using a rice cooker and glycerine – suitable for the vaporiser pen."

Mum reveals she gave her cancer-stricken son CANNABIS

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Peter Hitchens hits peak 'reefer madness', repeating claims that cannabis causes terrorism. The truth he overlooks is that most people, particularly young men, consume cannabis at some stage in their life.

PETER HITCHENS: There's one thing that may stop these 'terror' attacks - but no one wants to know

" Several conservative lawmakers in South Carolina have thrown their support behind medical cannabis legislation"

News from The Associated Press

"If passed, the law would allow cannabis growers to reclassify their recreational pot as medical pot in the event that the Trump administration adopts a stricter drug enforcement policy."

Colo. lawmakers weigh bill to reclassify pot ahead of potential federal crackdown

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"I spent hour after hour researching on the internet, and that’s where I came across reports of a substance called Bedrocan, a cannabis-based painkiller that wasn’t available in the UK. Surely Bedrocan had to be a better option than mind-numbing morphine?"

Mother gave her young son cannabis to help treat his cancer

"The whole matter is still regarded by politicians of the two big parties as a sure fire vote loser which indicates how far out of touch they are with the voters. It also indicates a quite astonishing level of contempt for those same voters."

The changing face of UK cannabis policy: a game of snakes and ladders

"My daughter suffers from uncontrollable seizures, and we have seen success using medical cannabis oil. This law has allowed us the opportunity to work with our doctor to determine what medicine is best for her.

Contrary to what a vocal minority of opponents say, we are not trying to legally smoke cannabis and we are not trying to make money. We are trying to gain access to the best medicine...
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Medical cannabis can ease suffering in Ga.

"Insys Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that was one of the chief financial backers of the opposition to cannabis legalisation in Arizona last year, received preliminary approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration this week for Syndros, a synthetic cannabinoid drug."

Pharma company spent $500,000 trying to keep pot illegal gets DEA approval for synthetic cannabinoid

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"Jenny and Alex Inman had helped reshape Maryland's medical cannabis laws as parent-advocates, telling lawmakers the drug held promise to tamp down Lukas' frequent and sometimes paralyzing seizures.

The boy, then 15, suffers from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a form of treatment-resistant epilepsy that surgery and drugs had failed to control."

Parents seek alternatives amid Maryland's medical cannabis stall

“Our long walk has ended in success. The Royal Victoria Hospital has agreed to allow Green Light Medicine to continue to provide Billy with the medicinal cannabis he needs to keep him alive, on prescription.
This is a first in Northern Ireland and I hope it will pave the way for other families who are desperate for the treatment, to get it.”

Billy Caldwell will be prescribed medicinal cannabis in Northern Ireland first

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"The story of how much of the UK’s cannabis is grown sounds too far-fetched to be true: an international network of traffickers brings teenage boys from Vietnam to become enslaved gardeners in British suburbs. Yet every few weeks, another farm is discovered and new arrests are made."

Trafficked and enslaved: the teenagers tending UK cannabis farms