Vulcan is heading home! Our team rescued this juvenile green sea turtle in January when an extreme drop in water temperature caused him to become cold stunned. After almost 2 months of rehabilitation, Vulcan has been approved for release. Tune into Winter Dolphin’s Facebook page tomorrow at 11am EST to watch it LIVE!
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Meet Dolphin Tale Star

CMA guest, Fernanda caught Hope acting silly in the underwater window during her visit! Plan your visit to meet all of our resident animals @ [ Link ]
LIVE: Get a behind-the-scenes look at our newest habitat, Mavis’s Rescue Hideaway & meet our resident sea turtles! You can watch our sea turtles on our latest live web cam @ [ Link ]
Winter and Hope popping in to say hello to guests in the underwater viewing window! #CMAinspires
LIVE: Watch as our Rescue Team brings in a rescued river otter!
Check out this beautiful photo taken from Shell island during our Sea Life Safari boat tour! Join us as we cruise around our little piece of paradise on our boat tours: [ Link ] #CMAinspires
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Florida Birds of Prey

It’s snack time at Clearwater Marine Aquarium! Winter is having some capelin & silverside fish. What is your favorite snack? #CMAinspires
Hope and bubbles…could there BE a cuter combination?! #CMAinspires
Many of you know Winter’s story but do you know about Cooper, our partially paralyzed river otter? Learn his unique tale & why he calls Clearwater Marine Aquarium home here: [ Link ]
How otterly excited does Walle look about his ice bucket filled with special treats that he received on Valentine’s Day?! #CMAinspires
Did you know? You can receive exclusive monthly updates on Winter when you symbolically adopt her! Learn more on our adoption packages @ [ Link ]
The always silly Hope Dolphin just…being Hope! #CMAinspires
LIVE: Have you ever seen a sea urchin up close? Check it out and learn all about our Marine Science Fest happening all day today!
17-year-old, Meghan has been blind from birth and has had to endure many painful surgeries due to glaucoma. She also happens to be one of Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s biggest fans! So, it was a dream come true for Meghan when she got the opportunity to fly down to meet Winter & Hope. There were not many dry eyes during Meghan’s encounter, which was filled with lots of tactile and vocal...
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Check out our new turtley awesome web cam! This cam gives you a beautiful underwater view of our newest habitat, Mavis’s Rescue Hideaway. Watch Dolphin Tale star, Mavis and his sea turtle friends now @ [ Link ]
Watch rescued otter, Walle’s daring escape from the Florida blizzard!
This past month, our rescue team joined efforts to rescue a dolphin calf that was found wrapped in fishing gear. This was the second entangled calf that was rescued this month. Get the full story @ [ Link ]

Rescue Mission - Reel's Dolphin Calf | Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Make your trip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium extraordinary! Meet, interact and help care for our resident animals during our encounter programs! Check them out @ [ Link ]