Happy #WorldTurtleDay! Do you remember BB, the Hawksbill sea turtle that our team rescued, rehabilitated & released this past December? Inwater Research Group recently encountered BB about 60 miles north of us! BB is in great health and has even gained 2 lbs since her release. It was amazing to see that all of our hard work paid off and that she is doing very well!
Happy WorldTurtleDay Do you remember BB the Hawksbill sea turtle that our
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Happy #WorldTurtleDay! Meet Chex, one of our current rehabbing sea turtles & learn his unique rescue & rehab story. Watch Chex LIVE on our web cam before his release @ [ Bit.ly Link ]
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“Keep your friends close, anemones closer.” Watch this clownfish try and try again to feed his sea anemone BFF until finally the anemone accepts the gift and scarfs up the shrimp! #CMAinspires
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Our team was so excited to be a part of this beautiful proposal. A day this couple will never forget! We offer a truly unique experience for proposals, weddings, birthday parties and more! Details @ [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our team was so excited to be a part of this beautiful
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One little seahorse became worldwide news after people heard her amazing story of survival & all the people who came together to save her. Here is Cheeto, the lucky seahorse’s journey from rescue to rehab to release! #TeamCheeto
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In honor of Endangered Species Day, check out our new live web cam of Chex, one of our endangered sea turtles currently undergoing rehab here at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Learn Chex’s rescue tale & watch him live on our web cam @ [ Bit.ly Link ]
In honor of Endangered Species Day check out our new live web

Rehabbing Sea Turtle Live Web Cam

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Just in time for Endangered Species Day, two rescued loggerhead sea turtles, Alvin and Simon made their way home to the ocean! All thanks to the hard work and dedication from our amazing Sea Turtle Team. #CMAinspires
Just in time for Endangered Species Day two rescued loggerhead sea turtles
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Nicholas popping in to brighten your day! #CMAinspires
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After a plane ride from Massachusetts and 5 months of rehab at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Alvin & Simon are ready to head home! The pair will be released tomorrow on the east coast of Florida. Bid them a happy farewell and stay tuned for the release footage! #CMAinspires
After a plane ride from Massachusetts and 5 months of rehab at
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Our team was shocked by what they discovered in one of our rescued sea turtles. *Warning: graphic content*
Our team was shocked by what they discovered in one of our

How Your Balloons & Plastic Are Killing Sea Turtles

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LIVE: Cheeto’s big day! We are out on a boat in our local waters to release Cheeto, the lucky seahorse. Help us welcome her home to the big blue! #TeamCheeto
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In this episode of Rescue-Clearwater, our rescued baby dolphin’s story continues. Watch her amazing journey through rehabilitation and learn just how much work goes into caring for a dolphin calf in critical condition. Watch the episode now @ [ Bit.ly Link ]
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After a successful rehabilitation, Cheeto the lucky seahorse has been approved for release! Tune into Winter Dolphin's Facebook page on May 16 around 2:30pm EST to help us send Cheeto home live.
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Happy #MothersDay to all the "turtley" awesome moms out there!
Happy MothersDay to all the "turtley" awesome moms out there
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Our rescue team and several other organizations joined efforts to rescue a mother manatee and her calf this week. The pair were safely rescued and transported to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo for rehabilitation. #CMAinspires
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Who else is excited for the weekend?! #FridayFeeling
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Go, Cheeto, go! #TeamCheeto
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LIVE: Cheeto feeding time! Watch our lucky rescued seahorse eat her evening meal of some yummy grass shrimp! Learn Cheeto's amazing rescue story here: [ Seewinter.com Link ]
Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Clearwater Marine Aquarium
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Dolphin calf rescue: Clearwater Marine Aquarium participated in a multi-agency disentanglement of a bottlenose dolphin calf. The calf was successfully disentangled, removing all fishing gear that could have caused life-threatening entanglements and immediately released back to mom. Another important reminder to always properly dispose of fishing gear! #CMAinspires
Dolphin calf rescue Clearwater Marine Aquarium participated in a multiagency dis
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Did you know? The ocean contains more than 97% of our earth’s water! This makes it crucial that we protect our ocean and the creatures that call it home. Celebrate Mother Ocean Day by sharing these simple tips that can make a huge impact on the great big blue!
Did you know The ocean contains more than 97 of our earths

11 Simple Tips for a Healthier Ocean

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