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There is no such thing as #BlueMonday with Winter & Hope Dolphin! Watch them LIVE on our web cams here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
LIVE: Watch Winter the dolphin swim with her prosthetic tail during a physical therapy session with care provider, Cammie! #CMAinspires
What a beautiful moment snapped by CMA Dive Coordinator, Brian as Nicholas enjoys some bonding time with his care provider during a beautiful Clearwater sunset! #CMAinspires
What a memorable quote from Sawyer in Dolphin Tale 2! #CMAinspires
Clearwater Marine Aquarium Summer Camp registration is open! Our week-long camps feature Winter, Hope and their aquatic friends, kayak tours, snorkeling trips & so much more! Sign up now & give your child the summer of a lifetime: [ Bit.ly Link ]
LIVE: Join us in helping celebrate rescued sea turtle, Titus’ rescue anniversary equipped with fish-filled ice treats and back scratches! #CMAinspires
LIVE: Winter was given a 2nd chance at life. Now, meet six guests from Eckerd Kids making good on their 2nd chance with Project Bridge & watch them meet Hope Dolphin! Learn more @ [ Bit.ly Link ]
Who else is excited it’s Friday? Come spend the long weekend with Winter, Hope and their aquatic family here at Clearwater Marine Aquarium! #CMAinspires
Make your trip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium extraordinary! Meet, interact and help care for our resident animals during our encounter programs!#CMAinspires
Join us in wishing Max a happy rescue anniversary! Max is our longest resident here at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. He was rescued after sustaining a severe head injury that left him mostly blind. Max is hand-fed by our interns and volunteers each day to make sure he receives a well-balanced diet!
In August of 2015, we were able to release 17 rescued loggerhead hatchlings back out to the Gulf after a successful rehabilitation! Watch the beautiful footage of these little guys finally making it home! #TBT #CMAinspires
Winter was given a second chance at life and never gave up. Now, meet six kids making good on their second chance. Come visit or tune in live this Friday on Winter’s Facebook with Eckerd Kids to watch!
When rescued sea turtle, BB arrived to Clearwater Marine Aquarium weighing just 3.5 pounds, we truly could not believe the amount of barnacles that had grown onto her shell and underneath her scutes. Watch her amazing rehabilitation journey and release! #CMAinspires
Rescued dolphin, Nicholas correctly predicted Clemson to win the National Championship! We are now auctioning off the lucky ball signed by Nicholas himself. All proceeds will support Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a non-profit working marine animal hospital dedicated to rescue, rehab & release! Place your bid: [ Bit.ly Link ]
LIVE: We are here with rescued dolphin Nicholas, who correctly predicted Clemson to win the National Championship. We are now auctioning off the lucky ball signed by Nicholas himself! All proceeds will go to supporting our mission of rescue, rehab and release. Place your bid here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Part of our mission is to educate the public on how to help protect our marine life environment! What tips do you have on protecting our oceans & the animals that call it home? #CMAinspires
LIVE: We're here with Winter and Hope talking about the National Championship! Hit the “Like” button if you’re with Winter on team Clemson and hit the “love” button if you’re with Hope on team Alabama!
Those Sunday afternoon feels...
Cooper is clearly ready for the big game! Don’t forget- we’re offering $10 admission to anyone wearing Alabama or Clemson gear through January 15th in honor of the National Championship! #CFBPlayoff

Championship Week at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The bond between these rescued animals and their care providers is truly awe-inspiring! #CMAinspires